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Stay Safe This Halloween!

Halloween is one of the most eagerly anticipated nights of the year for children, but with an excess of sugary sweets and excitement it’s a good idea to have a safety plan in place!!

Check out our top tips on how to stay safe this Halloween…

  • Never decorate costumes with fairy lights. These can overheat and can even catch fire. Glow sticks are a safe and fun alternative!
  • Avoid placing candles around your home. These are especially hazardous when you have young children in the home. Try LED candles instead, they are a fun and safe alternative and like our pillar candles, some are very realistic!
  • Make sure costumes are the correct size and opt for short designs instead of long trailing outfits, this will reduce the risk of trips and falls.
  • Be pet aware! Keep anything your pets should not be gnawing on out of their reach and especially be careful of sweets and goodies, and well meaning little monsters who want to share their sweet loot with the moggy or pooch!
  • If you need to pop out in the car after dark DRIVE SLOW and keep your eyes peeled for little witches, warlocks and the like that might run out into the road without looking.

    If you’re trick or treating….

  • Carry torches, glow sticks and wear reflective strips to ensure that children can be seen.
  • Plan your route: choose well lit, familiar streets that are not on busy roads, avoiding alleys and shortcuts that may be potentially dangerous.
  • Only go to houses with the lights on, preferably with Halloween decorations visible, and make sure your children know NEVER to go inside!
  • TOP TIP! Feed your kids before they go so there will be less room to overload on a whole tonne of sweets on the night (yes you’l thank us later for this one!)
  • Wear comfy shoes!
  • Above all ALWAYS always supervise your children when trick or treating.

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Did You See Us On National Television?!

It started as a fairly ordinary week for the Glowtopia team but things took a rather exciting turn when a potential customer got in touch with us! We’ll give you a clue …. Did you watch Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV? That’s right, Glowtopia got an awesome feature on the hit entertainment show!

We were thrilled when the show got in touch to discuss their glowstick needs! We were able to help them with their order straight away and provided exactly what they needed with plenty of time to spare! All audience members could be seen waving our premium quality 6” sticks throughout the show, it looked like a great party with some awesome glowing colours bursting on to Television screens across the nation! We couldn’t be happier!

Hopefully we will be on TV screens again soon!

Ant and Decs Saturday Night Takeaway Glow Sticks

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Fun glow stick ideas for kids

Clearly we think glow sticks are great, but we know you guys do as well. Which is why we’re inviting you to celebrate all that is amazing about glow sticks with us in this article about glow sticks for kids. We adults do love a glow stick or five to wave at a rave or twirl at a festival, but kids get just as much from these simple, yet brilliant glow in the dark beauties, if not more. We’re sure these fun glow stick ideas for kids as will have you and your kids glowing crazy for glow sticks like never before.

a girl waves pink and blue glow sticks in circles at a party
Image source

Fun glow stick ideas for kids

Birthday Parties

Kids might like unicorns or mermaids or rockets, but if you want a unique party theme that’s really easy to pull off, try hosting a glow-in-the-dark party. Glow in the dark parties usually suit any child, and all their friends, because kids love a novelty. Activities like glow in the dark bowling and glow in the dark face painting usually go down really well with children.

Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Kids love the abundance of chocolate at Easter, but that won’t keep them entertained all day. One great way to take an easter egg hunt indoors – which is useful when the weather is so unpredictable – is to hand out glow in the dark bunny ears to the kids for them to wear, and hide glow in the dark eggs (paper mache works well) for them to find and collect. They could even have made the eggs themselves with you that week, and decorated them with glow in the dark paint, which prolongs the fun of Easter even more.


Glow sticks can be used to illuminate the tent, which may help children nervous of the dark feel more comfortable at night. Because you’re surrounded by the darkness, and torches are quite a strong light, you might want to get the glow sticks out to take children on a glow stick lit walk, to make a game out of finding the way to the toilet, or to play glow in the dark games.

Night Lights

glowing glow sticks as night lights
Image source

Some children are nervous when it comes to the night time at home, and a glow stick may be just what they need to enjoy a gentle reassuring glow in their room, hopefully comforting them to sleep.


Your children might not be able to go to a real festival, but they sure will love a mini festival in the garden! Get a couple of hay bales, make some mocktails, give the kids some glow sticks, play some music and have a mini glow stick war! Sounds like fun the adults will be envious of!


Kids have a lot of energy. What better way to burn some of it off than with a mini-rave? Stick on their favourite music, get them to dress up in their best rave gear (of which we are sure there will be some creative interpretations), give them a glow stick and get them moving. Its great exercise for them, it will help tire them out, and they will have tons of fun.

Glow In The Dark Balloons

Kids love throwing balloons around and playing with them, and they also love anything ‘magical’ and glow in the dark. Why not combine the two and put glow sticks into balloons?

Glow Sticks In The Bath

Glow sticks are waterproof so, why not enjoy a glow in the dark bath? They will certainly add a fun element to their usual bath time play. Plus all the celebs are doing it.

Glow Stick Bowling

Glow sticks for kids are meant for games like this! Simply fill some empty pop bottles with glow sticks and arrange them for knocking over. Line the ‘alley’ with glow sticks and then use a glow in the dark ball to knock your glowing pins over. And you can play without novelty shoes!

Glow In The Dark Noughts & Crosses

Noughts and crosses is a brilliant game for kids of all ages to play, and you can play it for free using things like chalk on the concrete in the garden, or just a paper and pen. Another way to add novelty to the game is to play it with glow sticks for kids, as a glow in the dark version. Simply connect sticks into circles, and then have a pile of single sticks to arrange as crosses, and then turn the lights off and play!

Glow Stick Hoopla

multicoloured glow in the dark hoopla game

All you need to play this game is a stick (it could literally be a kitchen towel holder, or you could use one of our mega 12” glow sticks) and then some kids glow sticks made into rings. This is one of those games that easily gets very competitive!

Glow Stick Candy Floss

Glow sticks should never be broken open, and the insides of a glow stick should never be put in the mouth. However, a clean sealed glow stick works perfectly well to make glow in the dark candy floss! Use a candy floss maker to wrap the candy floss around the activated glow stick. It makes the coolest glow in the dark candy floss.

Glow Stick Word Art

Glow stick word art
Image source

Writing happy birthday with glow sticks on the lawn for your child to come home to, or a birthday message for an evening birthday party is a fun idea. You can also attach them to the wall, they look very cool!

Glow In The Dark Learning

All kids are learning continually but it can be hard to think of fresh ideas to make homework fun. One great way to get them more into learning is to enjoy glow in the dark learning, which makes it a novelty. You could write out glow in the dark maths problems for them to answer with glow sticks, get them to add the missing letter to a word with glow sticks, or get them to spell out words with glow sticks. Glow in the dark learning is much more fun than normal learning!

These are just a few easy glow in the dark ideas of fun things to do with glow sticks for kids. Really a kids glow stick can be anything you want it to be, it is only your imagination stopping your creativity. Just remember to supervise children at all times when they are playing with glow sticks, for safety, and also, so you don’t miss out on the fun!

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Body Paints– All you need to know!

We are proud of our incredible range of products, recently we have been focussing on the UV cosmetics side of things. These products are perfect for all manner of occasions, especially discos, concerts and festivals. One of our top sellers is our selection of body paints… carry on reading to find out why?

Our UV Face & Body paint is manufactured using a wax based technique, it is this that gives the product a smooth, thick and creamy application to the body.  Not only do our paints produce stunning visual effects but they are also produced with 100% organic beeswax, carnauba wax and coconut oil. This gives the paint a moisturising, nourishing and regenerating effect.  Check out the product page on our website to see some of the awesome effects that have been produced using our product.Quality is important when it comes to party cosmetics, make sure you consider that when purchasing for your next event

We also sell  glow in the dark body paintt –  this is different to our UV paint. This product does not require UV light! Charge the paint with a light source and then watch the colours burst into life when you step into a dark room. That’s not all… this product is a unique 3 in 1 paint. This means it glows in the dark, is a neon colour in daylight and also glows under UV lighting. This is a true party favourite and is suitable for children and adults!

We forgot to mention… we have an awesome choice of colours across our body paint range!

Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White and Violet! There truly is something for everyone. Don’t delay, order yours today!

*QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE – see our product page for more details.*

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Fundraising? Glowsticks are the key to success!

Glowtopia continues to grow into one of the UK’s leading party superstores, with more and more products being introduced, we are looking forward to another big year! Whether its UV cosmetics for a dazzling fancy dress outfit or glow bracelets for a night-out, glowtopia has it all!

We have seen the demand for glowsticks shoot through the roof, so we decided to do a little bit of research.  We found that returning customers choose to purchase through Glowtopia because of the high quality products, reasonable pricing and quick delivery times. We have also found that an increasing number of customers are using glowsticks as part of their fundraising campaigns. Glowsticks are a great way to raise funds, primarily by re-selling them at events. Glow bracelets and necklaces are particularly popular sellers at concerts, festivals and discos.


Let us help you fundraise … through our website you are able to access wholesale pricing directly.

Got a question? Get in touch and we will gladly help you out!

Did you know we tailor orders to the needs of your event/function?!

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New Product Monday

Happy Monday Glowtopia Fans,

As mentioned on our Facebook page, this week is set to be a cracker as we have some awesome new products to release! We are hoping to make ‘new-product-Monday’ a Glowtopia tradition so make sure you keep your eyes on our website in the future!  In the mean-time, check out these two awesome new products….

Glow in the Dark Rubber Bounce Balls:  

These are perfect for camping, parties, festivals and any outdoor event you can think of!  Combined with our UV body and face paints, you could have an awesome game of night-time rounders! Identify your teammates with UV cosmetics and mark out the pitch with larger glowsticks… great fun for kids and grown-ups!


Glow Stick Tiaras:

Fancy dress can be a headache, especially if you simply lack inspiration. We have spent a lot of time researching the best fancy dress accessories and can confirm that our new glowing tiaras are a must have!  These tiaras are perfect for hen nights and children’s fancy dress… Don’t delay, order one today!

Got a glowtastic idea? Let us know!

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Get set for summer: Camping!

The weather in the UK seems to have taken a shock turn towards sunshine and clear skies! Time seems to be shooting past and we are well on our way to Spring & Summer. The team have taken advantage of the better weather and have been cycling to the office… long may it last!  The better weather caused quite a stir in the office this morning as we started discussing our favourite summer activities; boat trips, cycling, hikes, BBQs and much more! However, one thing stuck out as our all-time summer favourite … camping!

The UK boasts some incredible camping spots! Whether you are keen to pitch up on a site in Cornwall or go wild-camping in the Scottish Highlands, camping offers great fun for everyone (even if you do get caught in the occasional rain shower)! Regardless of who you are and where you are camping…we have some great tips for you

Are you a serious walker? Taking on a challenging expedition! Be sure to take a few glowsticks in your pack! They are an ideal source of light for night nav, identifying yourself or marking a path. We have a wide range of products available, be sure to check them out here!

Taking your dog with you on a camping trip?  Glowing dog collars are a must have! Make sure you can identify your pet when its dark!

Going on a short break with family and friends? Camping is great fun for children and adults alike! Why not take along some glowsticks for a game of glow rounders or just use them for dazzling fun around the campfire!

Got a fun idea? Get in touch & let us know!

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Cocktail Parties – success is a fine art!


Hosting a successful cocktail party may not be as easy as you think. After a long morning of shifting stock around the warehouse we decided to have a break and a biscuit. Whilst sipping on glasses of orange squash, the team discussed the complex nature of hosting a top notch cocktail party.  Deciding what drinks to serve, what glasses to use and what music to be played caused quite a ‘stir’ in the office! We couldn’t reach an agreement in the end but we did come up with a few great ideas to improve your next cocktail party…

Have a themed bar – Focus on just a few varieties of spirits! Oh, and remember to have a fridge stocked with plenty of accompanying fruit!

Have a signature drink – Master a specific drink to really impress your guests!

Remember ice buckets – You can never have too much ice! Also fill these with glowsticks to produce stunning effects that generate a cool atmosphere.

Straws & Stirrers – Our glowing straws are a great way of adding a cool touch to any drink you serve. They can also be used as stirrers.

Got a great idea? Let us know!

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Spring Is Right Around The Corner!

It looks like we won’t be testing some of our awesome new stock outside today, once again we find the warehouse being pounded by incredible wind and rain, this time from Storm Imogen.

It may be miserable weather but the Glowtopia team aren’t letting it slow them down on another busy Monday! We are super excited to have our new stock arrive and orders are flying out from our website. Some orders are even being sent to the far corners of Europe. Did you know that our glowsticks are particularly popular in Norway, Denmark and Italy?!  We’ve also been busy today working on some new promotional material, you can keep up to date with that by following us on Facebook and Twitter. Our social media profiles are also the best place to find the details on our latest competitions!

The wind and rain can be a little disheartening on a dark Monday in February, so we’ve been discussing why we are excited for spring and summer! Long warm days are perfect for days out, camping, beach trips, BBQs and much more! We came up with a few ways you can use glowsticks for outdoor fun…

  • Glowing team games – Spruce up your game of football, rounders or hide & seek with glowsticks. You can use them to identify players, mark pitches and more! Or you could use fabric paint to create teamwear!
  • Glow stick hula hooping – Our bracelets can be joined to form giant hula hoops! Great fun for all ages!
  • Glowing scavenger hunts – Perfect for long summer evenings where you can use glowsticks in an enchanted scavenging adventure!
  • Glow stick ring toss – A colourful twist on a great garden game! Use our mega glowsticks as pegs and our necklaces as hoops! Great fun for the whole family!

Stay tuned for more fun ideas!


Have an idea you want to share with us? Please get in touch!

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Glowstick Workouts – catch up on the latest gym hype!

Who would have thought that glowsticks would be the magic behind the latest gym craze? Up and down the country gyms, healthclubs and dance teachers have turned to glowsticks to add a funky twist to their classes… the result is an incredible glowtastic calorie burning madness!

One of the pioneers behind this is ‘Clubbercise’, three friends dreamed up this incredible new activity that is the biggest dance fitness concept since Zumba! We absolutely love the idea, it combines two of our favourite things; fitness & glowsticks!

Here is how it works…

You attend a class at your local leisure facility where you are given a set of glowsticks! The lights are then darkened and you begin dancing to some of the best pop anthems… whats not to like?!  Whilst dancing in the dark with lights and  funky glowsticks you’ll tone your muscles and burn calories! It sounds great to us! Why not check it out?

Fancy buying your own glowsticks and giving it a go yourself… checkout our product range here!