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Cocktail Parties – success is a fine art!


Hosting a successful cocktail party may not be as easy as you think. After a long morning of shifting stock around the warehouse we decided to have a break and a biscuit. Whilst sipping on glasses of orange squash, the team discussed the complex nature of hosting a top notch cocktail party.  Deciding what drinks to serve, what glasses to use and what music to be played caused quite a ‘stir’ in the office! We couldn’t reach an agreement in the end but we did come up with a few great ideas to improve your next cocktail party…

Have a themed bar – Focus on just a few varieties of spirits! Oh, and remember to have a fridge stocked with plenty of accompanying fruit!

Have a signature drink – Master a specific drink to really impress your guests!

Remember ice buckets – You can never have too much ice! Also fill these with glowsticks to produce stunning effects that generate a cool atmosphere.

Straws & Stirrers – Our glowing straws are a great way of adding a cool touch to any drink you serve. They can also be used as stirrers.

Got a great idea? Let us know!

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