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GLOW for Pride!

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Gay Pride is a world-wide celebrated party of colour, dancing, wacky outfits, and a whole load of fun. Many Gay Prides Parades are now promoted as a Tourist event, towns such as Brighton and London City attract over 300,000 people, with this many people in attendance Pride Parades have evolved from a Parade into a Festival. Some of these Pride Festivals provide a Carnival-like atmosphere, which coincide with Concerts, Beer stands, Food traders, Barbeques, Sports and Games.

But behind all the Glitter and extravagancy lies a deeper reason than just a reason to party

The 1960s were not welcoming times for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). It was illegal to display ‘homosexuality’ in public, for people of the same sex to dance together and people were forbidden from selling alcohol to gay people.

A Bar in New York City had set itself up as a place for LGBT people to go and completely be themselves without the risk of being arrested! However because the Bar was operating without a liqueur license, in 1969 it was raided by the New York City police. One lady was hit over the head by a police office, in which she cried out for help, the crowd became bigger and eventually turned into a full blown riot, in which 13 people were arrested.

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Police officers came from all over the city to help control the riot, they managed to disperse the crowd and control the situation. However this wasn’t the end, merely the beginning. The following six days, demonstrations continued to take place outside the Bar, with thousands of people showing up to express their solidarity.

This was a breaking point for the LGBT community, a group of activists plead the Easter Regional Conference of Homophile Organizations (ERCHO) in Philadelphia to allow them to hold a march to commemorate the one year anniversary of the raid. The proposal was for an annual march with no dress code or age restrictions. The plea had been accepted, and the activists began planning their march.

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Word spread, and San Francisco decided to commemorate the riot, by holding their own march in which 30 people attended. Since then, word has spread worldwide, with not only major cities, but towns now holding their own march. The march has now turned from a walk through the streets to a full blown festival; Pride festival, celebrating, raising awareness and campaigning for the freedom to allow the LGBT community to live their lives on a genuinely equal footing.

In 2016, 1 million people took to the streets of San Francisco to attend the Pride Festival.

For a full summary of the History of Gay Pride have a read; How Activists Plotted the First Gay Pride Parades.

Gay Pride Festivals across the world have become hugely recognised as a great big celebrated party, which usually involves lots of colour, glitter, body paint, outrageous outfits and a whole lot of dancing!

So what are you waiting for, cover yourself in Glitter and body paint, grab a glow stick or two and get yourself down to your next local Gay Pride Festival!

To find out how you can get involved with your local Gay Pride Festival; head on over to Pink UK.

We’ve also created a Pinterest Board to give you some inspiration and ideas on how you can get your bright and colourful Pride Glow this year!

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Glowing Food and Drink Treats

So you’re throwing a Glow in the Dark Party, great news! You’ve sent out the Glow in the Dark themed invitations. You’ve prepped the room and screwed in some UV light bulbs. You’ve been creative and made some awesome Glow in the Dark table decorations. You’ve designed some quirky little Glow in the Dark Games for the kids to play. You’ve bagged up all the Glow in the Dark Party Bags ready to hand out at the end of the party. But there’s just one last thing you need to think about, and it’s quite an important one. You know what hungry and thirsty disco-goers can get like!

Let’s talk Glow in the Dark Food and Drink.. Is there such a thing? But of course! And it’s pretty straightforward too.

Glow in the Dark Jelly

Lets start with every kids party favourite; Glow in the Dark Jelly. It’s as simple as; grabbing a pack of your usual supermarket Jelly, and substituting the water in the recipe for Tonic Water. Bobs your uncle, you’ve got yourself some glowing Jelly! How impressive is that? Tonic contains something called ‘Quinine’, which will make the tonic turn fluorescent under an Ultraviolet light.

Glow in the Dark Jelly
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Glow in the Dark Cupcakes

This is all in the frosting! So get baking your favourite cupcake recipe. When it comes to making the Frosting, use your usual recipe, but with an added little trick, Riboflavin and Neon Food colouring. Riboflavin also known as Vitamin B2 is often found in capsules, so just crush the capsules in your mix. The added Vitamin B2 will actually add some health support in your Cupcakes, so the Cupcakes aren’t all bad! Vitamin B2 helps the body to convert Carbohydrates into fuel, as well as metabolize fats and protein, as well as helping the nervous system function properly. So at least your sweet treats will provide the kids with some sort of health related goodness! Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is really easy to come across, you can order some capsules online, or by visiting your local health store. Just click here to follow a simple Glow in the Dark Cupcake recipe.

Glow in the Dark Cupcakes
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Glow Candy Floss

So you’re lucky enough to have hired a Candy Floss maker, or you’re going for it and making your own. Fantastic! Well if Candy Floss isn’t bright enough for you already, why not add an extra little glow, and instead of your usual Candy Floss stick, go for a Glow Stick! The Glow Stick will shine through the Candy Floss, giving it an even brighter Glow!

Glow in the Dark Candy Floss
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Gin Cocktails

Now lets not just make this party about the kids! We know you adults like to boogie on down too, so check out this little number. The world’s gone absolutely bonkers for Gin and we are just absolutely mad about this Glow in the Dark Gin & Tonic cocktail. It’s that good old Quinine in the Tonic Water that’ll glow under any UV light!

Glow in the Dark Gin
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Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes

Why not get a little creative and make your own Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes. Just simply, mix water and tonic water in an Ice Cube Tray, stick it in the Freezer until completely frozen. And BAM, you’ve got yourself some fantastically glowing Ice Cubes to refresh and cool your drink. If you’re feeling a little less creative and want something quick, easy and ready to go, you could use some of our Blue Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes. They’re made from food-grade plastic and are totally-waterproof. Just press the button to select the mode; flash, quick-flash or static and then drop one into your drink! You could even take it to the next Glow Level, and enjoy your drink in one of our Flashing LED Cups with a Glow Straw!

Glow in the Dark Ice Cube

So the Glow is now in your hands, it’s up to you how creative you get with your food and drink delights.

It may be one of those trial and error to get the best flavour and glow, but the time and effort is certainly worth it for the effectiveness

Happy creating!

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Go Glow for Wimbledon!

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  Ah Wimbledon! There’s nothing more British than stocking up on Strawberries and Pimms, gathering your friends and relatives and getting cosy round the TV to engross yourselves in the competitive ‘Loves’ and ‘Duces’ on centre court!

But have you heard of a Go Glow for Wimbledon party? You’re going to love it! A Pop-up Bar in London are throwing a UV Ping-Pong party in honour!

So why don’t you set up your own at home? Wow your friends and do something out of the ordinary to celebrate a great British Tradition. You can still supply Pimms & Strawberries of course! As soon as it starts to get dark, everyone’s feeling a bit jolly after an overload of daytime Pimms drinking, you can invite everyone outside for a cheeky game of ‘Glow in the Dark Ping-Pong’ (obviously!).

So.. How do you do it?

Ok so, there’s two ways of going about creating your own Glow in the Dark Ping-Pong.. One way is the; UV way. There are specific paints that only light up under a Ultra Violet Light. So if you’re going to go about it this way, you’ll need to be able to change your light bulbs to specific UV light bulbs. This could still take place outside, using the outside lighting or inside. UV Light Bulbs are pretty inexpensive to buy so it won’t blow the budget too much, and pretty easy to source via Ebay or Amazon.

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Once you’ve changed the light bulbs over, the fun starts! Make sure you remove any valuables if you’re doing it inside, you don’t want a rogue flying ping pong ball smashing your precious vase! If you have an actual Table Tennis table then go for it, if not then you’ll need a big table with lots of space around it.

You can either use paper, bits of card or fabric for this next part. Cut out the outline of the Table Tennis table, something like the picture here. Now this may get a little messy. If you’ve opted for the UV version, then you’ll need to grab some UV Paint to start painting your chosen material. If you’re just going for the normal Glow in the Dark option, then you’ll need some normal Glow in the Dark Paint. It’s probably a job better done outside, so if I were you I’d lay some Newspaper down so you don’t make too much of a mess! Now paint over the cut outs you’ve made. Make sure you layer it on quite thick, as you won’t be able to see the paint when it comes out, you’ll only be able to see it working in the dark or under the UV Light.

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Once you’ve left the paint to dry, you’re ready to properly turn an empty, dull, lifeless table into a work of Glowing awesomeness! So grab yourself some sticky tape, and stick down your Table Tennis outline. You don’t have to go and splash out on a fancy Table Tennis net either, just tape down some more Glow in the Dark tape like before, and voila!

Now for the bats, go for the same method as before; cut an outline in your chosen material and paint over it using either the UV Paint or the Glow in the Dark Paint. And as for the Ping Pong Ball, well they come pretty cheap so I’m sure it won’t break the bank if you cover this one in a load of paint. So just pick your colour and coat it in the paint! Simple!

You could go old school and grab a black board and with some funky chalks keep a track of the scores!

How about.. Glow in the Dark Pimms Pong!

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So of course, you’ve all heard of the infamous ‘Beer Pong’. We’ve all seen it, and shamelessly played it but have you tried it with a twist? Well firstly, let’s make it a little classier by changing the name from Beer Pong, to Pimms Pong. Has a ring to it doesn’t it?.. To start with you need to grab a load of plastic cups, you could opt for all the same size, or make it a little trickier and go for a variation in sizes. Now using some of the Glow Bracelets, connect one together using a plastic connector and place them at the bottom of the cups. The tubes of 50 or 100 Bracelets come in a variety of colours so you could make things a little more competitive and colour code the game,  so that different colours mean different points. Now paint your Ping Pong ball in UV Paint, or Glow in the dark paint and Bobs your uncle, Glow in the Dark Beer Pong is underway!

Image source
Image source

You could even cheat and save the hassle of connecting Glow Sticks, and just go straight for the glow with some funky Glow in the Dark cups. Just simply push the button and away you go, you’ve got yourself a funky, flashing LED Glow in the Dark Cup. If you want to make it into a full Glow in the Dark Bonanza, why not go the full hog and ensure everybody’s drinking through a Glow in the Dark straw, with a nice cooling LED Ice cube to top it off!

So get your Tennis Whites on (they’ll really glow under a UV light!) and get playing!

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School Disco: How To

The end of the school year is approaching, the kids are all excitable at the thought of the Summer Hols, and you’re probably looking forward to the break also! But before everybody ventures off on their holidays it’s time to celebrate the end of term with a bang!

Kids School Disco
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All schools will have a Centre for Education and Finance Management license which will cover the school for all of their curricular activities. However, as the disco will be outside of curriculum hours the school will need to hold a Music license, many schools do have this so just do a little check and make sure. This particular license covers the school for all played music outside of the curriculum hours, so for example if you’re planning on holding a school fete, fundraising event, future discos, after-school clubs that run later so if you’re school doesn’t have one of these licenses it may be worth enquiring to get your school one as they’re pretty beneficial.

Booking A Venue

Ideally you’d most likely want to hold the disco on school premises, it will save a lot of time, hassle and expense. So just check the licensing for your school as previously stated. If not, then have a search around your local area for venues, there’s bound to be plenty of sports halls, church halls, community halls in your local area that are available to be booked out for a one-off evening. The price will be reasonably cheap too, most places will offer discount if you state it’s a fundraising event.

Booking A DJ

Make sure you book your DJ well in advance, bare in mind the time of year you’re planning on holding the Disco. If it’s nearing the Christmas period, a lot of DJ’s will be booked up, and for example the summer season, tends to be wedding season, as well there being lots of festivals, and music gigs going on. A good website to check out local DJ’s in your area is Netmums You can select your area, and sift through the hundreds of DJ’s, kids entertainers etc. Finding a DJ specific to the kind of party you want to throw is vital, make sure they specialise in kids parties and kids discos, they’ll know the deal in regards to music, games, and creating a fun, exciting atmosphere for the kids!

Marketing & Tickets

Glow in the Dark Party invites
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Creating marketing material can be a tricky one, especially if you haven’t done it before. A great website to use is Canva It’s really simple and easy to use, they also provide lots of templates and a step-by-step guide on how to use everything. Just make sure the posters are really bright, colourful and to the point, you’ve got an easy target audience who will get excited by anything that looks outrageously bright and appealing! You could encourage the teachers to give mentions about the disco in morning registration, and maybe even get out and speak to the parents when they come to collect their kids for home time. If the kids are too young to handle money, it’s probably an idea to encourage the parents to come in to the Office and purchase a ticket on behalf of their little ones. It’ll save the lose of tickets, money and upset children!

It’s best to get kids to buy their tickets in advance, then you can monitor how many people need to be staffing the event. When tickets are purchased, make sure a parent or guardians contact details are taken. And when the kids arrive at the disco, they’re tickets are collected, and they sign in.

One suggestion is to include something in the ticket price, maybe a free glow stick or glow novelty, food or drink. It’ll make it more value for money, and the kids will get excited at the thought of a ‘free’ Glow Stick!

Decorating the Venue

Light up Balloon Walkway School disco
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The opportunities are endless when it comes to using Glow Sticks to decorate a venue. Start by blackening the room as much as possible; switch off the lights, close all the curtains. (Just make sure you can still see what you’re doing!). You could decorate the room using these flashing LED Balloons, tie a bundle of balloons together to make a cluster of colour to hang in the corners of the room. You could even make a flashing LED Balloon entrance to hang over the doorway, for when all the kids arrive. Or how about making a flashing LED Balloon walkway leading to the hall or venue, just tie some string to the balloons and hang them from the trees leading up the pathway.

Another idea is an old simple favourite. Remember making Paper chains, cutting out the bits of paper, gluing them together and making the longest chain humanly possible. It used to look really effective! What about swapping the paper for Glow Sticks, it’s a much simpler way and far less time-consuming. The Glow bracelets come with little connectors, so all you need to do is link the bracelets, and pop the connectors on to secure them! Hang them around the room to create a really effective glow!

Tuck Shops OR a ‘Healthy Food’ Tuck Shop

Healthy Disco Food and Drink
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Healthy Disco and Party food
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If there’s one thing that’s certain, kids love a Tuck shop, all that fizzy pop and sugar, but you know what that inevitably means? Hyper, crazy kids. Yes it’s a Disco, and if kids can’t run wild at a Disco, then when can they? However, the World is becoming more and more health-conscious than ever so why not set up a ‘Healthy Food’ Tuck Shop. Trying to get the little ones to eat Fruit is a lot harder than getting them to devour a bag of Marsh mellows, however it’s all in the disguising ;).

Healthy Disco and Party food
Image source

Serving fruit on little BBQ style skewers is one option, or you could even arrange some fruit in little cupcake cases. Or how about ice cream cones without the ice cream! Just fill the cones with lots of yummy fresh strawberries, and maybe a teeny tiny sprinkle of chocolate. They won’t even notice the difference! And of course, all that dancing and running around, they’ll certainly be gasping for a nice cool refreshing drink! Cranberry Juice Sangria (non-alcoholic of course) is a great healthy alternative to fizzy, sugar filled drinks. Just throw a load of Cranberry Juice and big chunky bits of fruit into a jug, and there you have it! You could even serve the Sangria with some Glow in the Dark straws or Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes, a novelty the kids will love!

Click here to check out some more healthy treats!


glow in the dark hat for budget party bag fillersglow glassesSo you’ve set up your Tuck shop, be it healthy or not! What about if the kids are too young to handle money? One idea is to include a free drink and snack of their choice from the Tuck shop. You could also include a free Glow novelty or Glow stick when the kids arrive. Just make the cost of the entry fee a little bit more expensive to cover the costs. Glow Sticks are cheap and cheerful, and kids go absolutely crazy for them. If the kids are old enough to handle money, you could have a little Glow novelty stall, selling all kinds of funky, glowing fun; Glow Caps, Glow Tiaras etc..

Glow sticks and Glow novelties are a great way to make a little bit more profit to add to the fundraising.

Lucky Dip

As well as having a Glow Novelty stall, you could include a ‘Lucky Dip’ bucket. So just source a big bucket or container, wrap up various different Glow products in some funky wrapping paper, or you could get savvy and use Newspaper, and then just fill the container full with lots of wrapped up goodies. The kids will love the suspense of not knowing what prize they’re going to get, and then the surprise of getting something awesome like a Glow Cap, Tiara or Glasses!

Dance Competitions

What better way is there to get the kids moving and grooving than a Dance competition? For example; Musical Statues is always a winner, or you could even set up a Dance-off. Just make sure it doesn’t get too competitive, you don’t want unhappy children! You could include glow stick prizes for each children that takes part to keep it fair. If you’ve hired a DJ that specifically hosts kids parties and discos, they’ll know the score in regards to what gets the kids grooving! Take a look at one of our previous blog posts; Glow in the Dark Games, for some more glow in the dark party games and ideas.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about hosting a School Disco. We hope you’ve found it helpful.

Happy Disco Planning!

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How About…Glowing Centre Pieces and Interior Design?

Back in the 1960’s,  a Glow Sticks original purpose was to benefit the Sailing Branch of the Military for Experimental Bombs, and creating targets for airstrikes. As well as being a much safer alternative to the traditional flare. The 60’s was clearly a bright decade, as it was also around the time the LED or Light Emitting Diode was discovered by James R Biard and Gary Pittman. Because of the expense of the LED, they were only used in highly professional laboratory equipment, but since the 70’s, the price has dropped dramatically, and LED’s have slowly found their way into a heap of different things; flash lights, office lamps, giant advertising signs, Christmas Lights etc.

Nowadays Glow Sticks are typically used for Music Concerts, Festivals, Discos, Parties, Night Time Fundraising Events, 90’s Raves the list could go on and on. And it’s not all about the bog standard Glow Stick anymore either, oh no! There’s tons of variations on the standard Glow Stick, Glow Stick Caps, Glow Stick Glasses, Glow Stick Tiaras, Glow Stick Ear Rings.. And as for LED’s, they’ve found their way into all sorts of kids toys and novelties.

But have you ever thought about getting savvy, and jazzing up or should I say glowing up your house? What about a bit of Glow in the Dark Interior Design. It’s pretty effective you know!

How about creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the evening with some Glow in the Dark Balls. Just dim the lights, and place a few around the room. They’re really effective, and even glow for up to 12 hours.

These LED Fibre Optic Wands, are the perfect centrepiece for you’re Dinner Party. Just simply press the button to change between six modes, including colour-changing slow wave, flashing and intense static colours. So one suggestion you could do is grab a handful of the Optic Wands, place them all in a nice vase, set them to the static colour theme of your Dinner Party, and there you have a perfect, eye-catching centre-piece!

As well as the Fibre Optic table-pieces, you could also decorate the table with some LED Tea lights. The base is finished in a stylish glitter effect in either Gold, Silver or Red and when activated the LED golden flame flickers gently and looks amazing in the dark. The Tea Lights remain cool to the touch, so if you’ve got any little one’s running around and causing chaos, you don’t need to worry about the possibility of burnt hands!

Why not bring a little ‘Beauty and the Beast’ into your home, and decorate your living space, or dining area with these funky free standing, metal effect base and wax-look candle. The strong LED flickers gently, and looks incredibly realistic. It also remains cool to the touch, so it’s family friendly!

You could even subtly decorate the room with a few LED iLLoom Balloons. In particular the white balloons would make for a really effective look to help brighten up the room and create a delicate atmosphere. The iLLooms are super easy to inflate, and batteries are included.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas to get creative and brighten up your home.

These Glow Novelties won’t break the bank, and it’s a super effective way of creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere, especially if you’re planning on hosting a Dinner party for the evening.



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DIY Fathers Day Glow Stick Craft

It’s that time of year where we celebrate those special men in our lives. Sunday 18th June is of course Father’s Day! That’s this weekend, so If you’re running a bit behind and haven’t managed to pick up a pair of socks or a card for your Pa, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together this simple Fathers Day Glow Stick craft to really show your Dad how much he means to you! Nothing shows you’re love and appreciation like a home-made gift.

All you need to do is to get hold of a template and print it out. You could design your own by hand, on the computer or you’re welcome to download our free printable version.

Dig out a hole punch and make a hole in the top and the bottom. Snap a Glow Stick to get that glow, and pop it through the holes. Don’t forget to write your message on the back. And there it is! A simple, original Father’s Day Glow Stick craft that anyone can make.

You could even present your craft alongside treating your Dad to a nice cooked breakfast in bed, he’d definitely appreciate that!

We’d love to see some of your home-made designs, upload your images along with a special shout-out to your Pa to one of our Social Media channels, via our Facebook page or Instagram and Twitter just use #Glowtopia.

P.S. Did we mention that we can arrange same-day dispatch if you order some Glow Sticks before 2pm? No order is too big or too small.

Happy Crafting!

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Get Camping Ready With Our Top Ten Glow In The Dark Camping Hacks

The School Summer Holidays are fast approaching, and we’re hoping for a warm and sunny one this year! It’s time to dig out those old camping chairs, the whistling kettle, plastic forks and get on down to the coast for some good old fashioned back to nature, outdoorsy, typically English holiday!

We think there’s nothing better than bundling a load of essentials into the boot of your car and setting off for a weekend of walking, swimming, hiking and being at one with nature and the great outdoors.

We want to make sure your all kitted out for your camping excursion, so we’ve come up with a list of 10 absolutely essential Glow Stick hacks for your expedition!

Glow in the Dark Tent Pegs

As soon as the sun goes down, it gets a little scary out there, trying to locate the toilet, whilst ensuring to not trip up over your own tent pegs and lines. We’ve got the perfect solution. Our 4” Glow sticks last for 12-24 hours, they’re perfect little tools for you to stick into the ground around your tent pegs, and even hang across the doorway to your tent so you can find your way back in! Here’s another little hack, if you’ve got a few empty beer bottles from last night’s BBQ, place the glow stick inside one of these, it will really help it make the most of its glow.

Glow Stick Walkway

You could get the kids involved in creating a Glow Stick lit walkway to and from the toilet, so at night time they feel at little more at ease. You could also use Glow sticks to set boundaries around your campsite so the kids don’t go wondering off too far, or around the campfire to make sure they don’t get too close!

Mystical Fire Sachets

So you’ve spent the entire day venturing, and exploring, the sunlight’s starting to fade, it’s getting a little cooler outside and the kids are getting hungry! It’s time to get the fire going. But… Have you ever seen a fire burn vibrant colours of blue, green, purple and red before? You must! These Mystical Fire dust sachets create a vibrant colourful blend in the flames of your log fire, camp-fire, pit or BBQ. If used outside on wood burning fires, it has an attractive slow burn that lasts up to an hour. Who needs a TV? That’ll keep the kids entertained whilst the dinners on the go! Just make sure you use it safely and cautiously. You’ll certainly be the talk of the campsite.

Glow in the Dark Balls

Purely because they look pretty, these Glow in the Dark Balls are perfect for jazzing up your campsite, place them on the ground around some tables and chairs to create the ambiance for the evening.

Campsite games

Get everyone working up a real appetite with some fun Glow in the Dark Outdoor Games. Glow in the Dark Hoopla is great for everyone. You can either use our 12” Glow sticks as targets or you can really be inventive, so firstly get everyone out on a scout for some big old sticks, (or small ones if you want the game to be a little more challenging), push them into the ground standing up right. Now attach some of our 8″ Glow Bracelets together using the connectors, to make it a little easier you can connect two or three glow sticks together. You can also set the ‘throwing line’ boundaries using some glow sticks. Away you go! Our Glow in the Dark Hoopla Pack has everything you need to get going!

 LED Tea Lights

So the BBQ’s cranked up, and you’re cooking up a storm. Our LED Tea Lights are the perfect meal time addition. They look realistic, and you don’t have to have any worries if the kids are running around a little crazy, these LED Tea Lights remain cool to the touch, so there’s no danger of any little mishaps! Even the base is finished in a stylish glitter effect in Gold, Silver or Red! Because they’re LED they can be used inside or outside so it’s great for mealtimes with the family, or for a romantic evening in just the two of you!

Glow Stick Candles

As an alternative to the LED Tea Lights are these funky Glow Stick Candles. Similar to your standard Glow stick these candles are so simple to use, just snap and shake! They come in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow and Pink, so you can take your pick. Place them around the campfire and get everyone involved in a good old fashioned campfire singalong!

Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes

Make your refreshing beverage a little jazzier with these vibrant Glow in the Dark Blue Ice Cubes. You can place them straight into your drink, or make up a big bowl of tasty punch (alcoholic or non-alcoholic!). You could even grab a few and throw them into an Ice cooler of Wine or Beer, they’ll definitely brighten up the campsite!

Glow in the Dark Ice Cube Drink
Image source

Glow in the Dark Cups

And what better accomplice to some Glow in the Dark Ice cubes than a Glow in the Dark Cup! Just simply push the button and away you go, you’ve got yourself a funky, flashing LED Glow in the Dark Cup. You could even grab a few, and start up a game of Glow in the Dark Beer pong. Or if you’re feeling mighty creative, you could even create your own Beer Pong using Glow Sticks. Just grab some ordinary plastic cups and some of our 8” Glow Bracelets, snap them, link them together and either place them at the bottom of the cup, or wrap around the rim of the cup. Bobs your uncle, Glow in the Dark Beer Pong is underway!

Glow in the Dark Beer Pong
Image source

Glow in the Dark Straws

We really have got your covered when it comes to brightening up your drink! Add one of these cool Glow Straws to any drink, they’re sold in packs of six, and available in mixed colours so there’s enough to go around the whole family. They even last for up to six hours.


Be the talking point of the Campsite!

We hope we’ve given you some ideas and inspired you to venture out on your next camping expedition. Have fun!

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Full Moon Glow in The Dark Swim

Image source

The Full Moon Party first began on Koh Phangan Island in the early 80’s.

There’s no actual factual proof of how it all began, just word of mouth. It’s been heard through the grapevine that a bunch of hippies gathered around a campfire on Haad Rin Beach, singing, drinking and not really taking life too seriously, this carried on until the early hours.

For some reason, news spread about this ‘meeting of travellers’, and gradually year by year more and more travellers began to surface and gather on Haad Rin Beach.

The local people decided to take advantage of this influx of hungry and thirsty travelers, so they made it a commercialized event, opening up local businesses, such as bars, cafes, shops and restaurants all across the 20km strip.

People now travel from across the globe to Koh Phangan for this multicultural event, as well as other related events; Half Moon, Quarter Moon etc. Nowadays there’s approximately 5,000–30,000 visitors every full moon evening. Many travelers will predominantly base their trip to South-East Asia around this spectacle.

But if you’re not really overly keen on hopping on a flight across the globe just for one evening of celebrations, we’ve come up with a way you and the kids can celebrate the full moon!

So How Can We Celebrate The Full Moon?

The next Full Moon falls on 9th June 2017, and following on from that on 24th June is the New Moon..

So why should the all the party fuelled travellers of Thailand get all the fun,  we want in too!

An Open Air Swimming Pool in Yorkshire is celebrating the New Moon by keeping the pool open until midnight, and offering late night swims! But guess what the added bonus is? There’s Glow Sticks! What a fantastic way to keep fit this summer, keep the kids entertained for hours it’s great for all the family too. It’s okay if they have one late night this summer isn’t it?

We think it’s a great idea, and we hope the word will spread just like the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan!

Glow Stick Pool Party
Image source

But don’t let the kids be too disheartened if you’re local swimming pool hasn’t cottoned on yet. Just take a leap out of Kanye West’s book you can bring the pool to you! Just run the little ones a warm bath , and throw some Glow Sticks in! Perfect! There’s no better way to get them more enthused about Bath time!

Glow Stick Bath
Image Source
Glow Stick Bath Time
Image source

If you’re more outdoorsy, and looking forward to spending more time outside this Summer, you could always put that paddling pool that’s been cooped up in the Garage collecting cobwebs to good use! You can even get even more Glow Sticky.. and kit yourself out with all the gear, Glow Necklaces, Glow Bracelets, Glow Ear Rings.. The opportunities are endless!

Happy Splashing!

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Our Favourite Festival Accessories, For A Bigger, Better, Glowier Festival Experience

Here at Glowtopia, we’re all about that festival glow stick fun, and we know you are as well. To make sure that you feel a constant flow of glow in the dark inspiration wafting through your pleasure centre, we’re here to flood you with the most epic inspiration, so that your festival experience this year, can be bigger, better, and glowier! Bet you never knew that was a word….

So now you’re totally stoked about your upcoming bigger, better and glowier festival experience this year, we’d better tell you how to make that happen!

Here are Glowtopia’s favourite festival accessories…

Glow stick bracelets

glow bracelets for hen party in pink, purple, yellow, greenIf there’s one thing that is a priority at festivals, it’s holding one, two or five drinks (lemonade of course) at a time, and keeping them safe until you drink them. Your hands are so important, for this exact reason. So that means that there isn’t necessarily a hand free for a fun glow in the dark accessory. The solution? Glow stick bracelets! They’ll hang around your wrist looking super cool so you can do what you want with your hands! Awesome right?

Glow candles

Mixed Colour Glow Stick CandlesReal life candles just don’t have it in them to survive the glorious British summer weather (all of the rain) that usually blesses festivals. That makes finding your way around a dark campsite at night, or fumbling around for those all important wet wipes in your tent, really tricky. Sure there’s torches, but they cost a ton of money and they’re not nearly as fun as glow stick candles!

Glow necklaces

22 inch Mixed Colour Glow Stick NecklaceIf there’s one thing you need at festivals, it’s your head. Right? To talk, and laugh and sing and all that jazz. So, why not give that whole neck/ face area a bit of bling and wear loads of glow stick necklaces? Your head deserves it really.



Glow in the dark glasses

Glow GlassesPlanning a ‘school’ themed night out at the festival? You can’t be a geek without glasses! And only the best geeks wear glow in the dark glasses! Alternatively, wear them to help you see the acts better. We can’t in any way guarantee this will work but, you’ll look great while you’re trying!



Glow straws

multicoloured glow strawsWhen the pre-party or after party begins back at the tent, your priority is being able to see your drinks, above anything else. What better way to do that than with glow straws!



Glow in the dark ball

orange glow in the dark bouncy ballGlow in the dark bowling, football, catch and of course down on one knee – perfect festival games for you and your friends to enjoy to make the most of the fun nighttime atmosphere.



LED Sound Reactive Glases

led sound activated glasses greenIf there’s one place that LED sound reactive glasses are going to work perfectly, it is at a festival. They flash along to any music beat, so whether you’re bopping to Beyonce or twerking to Tinie Tempah, your glasses are guaranteed to be dancing right there with you.



LED Flashing Tambourine

LED Flashing TambourineClearly, festivals are all about getting back to your ancestral roots, being at one with the earth, knitting your own happiness etc etc. So, get involved with the rhythm of life with an LED flashing tambourine, just like your ancestors did (honestly they did).



LED Mini Fan

LED mini fanWe don’t want to get your hopes up and suggest it might be a dry hot summer full of festivals where, short shorts are justified and you might even… get too hot (optimism guys!) but it might happen. If it does, and you’re standing there sweating between other festival goers waiting for your favourite act to come on, then how are you going to find your mini fan to cool you down? There’s no way you could find it with your hands, but if its LED…. you can see it! This is total adulting. Hi five!



UV Paints

Festival body paint idea using uv body paintIf you’re going to a festival that has a ton of black lights, then you kind of have to wear UV paints. It’s, kind of festival law. So, you’ll want to stock up on some good quality UV paints to get yourself ready to light up the tent under those black lights.



We have:

UV face and body paint

UV hair streaks

UV fabric paint

UV lipstick

UV glitter body gel

UV mascara

UV nail paint

UV hair chalk

And more…. So your look can be completely UV ready if you want it to be. Maybe you’ll go tribal, perhaps animal is more your thing, or maybe even UV zombie! Whatever UV look you choose, we’ve absolutely got you covered with our UV paints and festival accessories.

Glow Paints

Glow in the dark paint stick modelGlow paints glow without UV lights and react under UV lights as well, so there’s no black light needed for you to stand out with our glow paints. We have glow paint, glow nail polish and glow hair gel, so you can light up the exciting dark festival nights in whatever way you want to! It will easily wet wipe off the next day as well, if you want it to that is!



Festival Glow Pack

Glow Stick and UV Glow Paint festival party packIf you want all your glow in the dark fun ready and set up for you, and you want it at a crazy low price for four people, then you need to take advantage of our festival glow pack. You get:

10 X 12 inch mega glow batons

4 X glow caps

4 X glow glasses

50 X glow bracelets

2 X glow paint sticks

2 X glow hair gel

If that isn’t enough to get you and your friends completely set up for a festival, then nothing ever will be. This is the ultimate pack for a bigger, better, glowier festival experience guys, don’t miss out!

Hopefully you are feeling totally inspired by our incredible list of some of our favourite festival accessories. From UV glasses, to brilliant glow bracelets, there’s loads of choice to help make your festival bigger, better and glowier! You just have to glow for it now!

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What Is Glowsticking?

a man performs glowsticking next to a river
Image source

Glowsticking is a form of dance where the performer uses glow sticks, or LED sticks to enhance their performance. Think of fire eating, ribbon dancing or poi but with glow sticks.

There are two different types of glowsticking, stringed or non-stringed.

Stringed Glowsticking

Stringed glowsticking is where the performer dances with a glow stick or glow sticks attached to strings, allowing a wider range of movement and expression. The wide range of movements, styles and concepts have a lot in common with other arts that involve stringing, such as yo-yoing, martial arts and rope darts which are all performed with an instrument at the end of a string. Some people use handles to greater increase the range of movement available.

One of the trickiest things to learn if you get into stringed glowsticking is how to tie your strings. This video tutorial goes into more depth about how to get it right.

Freehand Glowsticking

Freehand glowsticking can often be confused with things like juggling. But if someone chose to juggle with glow sticks you may be tempted to call it glowsticking – but that wouldn’t be correct. Only when glow sticks relate to dancing, is the act considered to be glow sticking. Freehand glowsticking doesn’t involve strings and there are lots of movements and concepts involved in the art. Terms you might come across in relation to freehand glowsticking are:

  • Tracing (where the person runs the glow sticks along their body)
  • Taps
  • Tossing
  • Stalls
  • Threading
  • Figure-Eight


Check out these incredible examples of glowsticking:

The History of Glowsticking

Glowsticking is said to have started out in the 80’s in New York and in the UK. In the 90’s it became more widespread and popular in the rave scene, although glow sticks were also used for glow wars many years before. Since then, it has become most common at festivals and in the electronic dance scene.

Some claim that glowsticking is the ancient cultural art of poi but with added glow sticks, suggest that glowsticking actually has roots going hundreds of years back into New Zealand history.

The truth is that glow sticking did originate from the poi art form, because those practising poi performed at raves using glow sticks and many poi moves are used. But, glow sticking purists will say there are specific movements that only come from the art form. Whilst a performer might integrate some poi techniques, glowsticking is an art form stands in its own right, with its own set of moves and rules.

The art of glow sticking continues to grow and be enjoyed by many people in many different settings and cultures. If you’re interested in learning the art yourself, you can find a lot of tips at Or simply checkout the many glowsticking videos available on Youtube, which are super fun to watch, even if you don’t fancy having a go yourself.

Buy glowsticks for glowsticking here