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How To Plan A Glow Run Fundraiser

runners in glow sticks and UV body paint at glow run fundraiser
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We all spend the beginning of the year doing things for ourselves: losing weight, treating ourselves to a new set of clothes, booking summer holidays – usually to get through the doom and gloom that is a UK winter. Now we edge our way towards spring, it’s a really great time to plan to do something for others. What better way to improve yourself this year than by helping to improve the lives of those in need? Good karma and all that right?

A walk or a run as a fundraiser is a pretty great idea, because it is healthy, it makes the event very visible and builds a real sense of achievement. Planning a glow run adds an entirely new element to the run or walk, because it’s unusual and more exciting than a daytime event.

If you’re planning a glow run fundraiser, follow these tips for success:

The Run/ Walk

There are so many different things to think about when you plan your run or walk, especially if it is in the dark.

  • Route: The route impacts everything else, including safety, signage, parking, and enjoyment. Consider the route, and consider if it is suitable for glow in the dark run.
  • Safety: Without even thinking about the glow in the dark aspect of the run, the safety is paramount. Think about things like traffic, construction sites, pedestrians who aren’t in the event. Have a deep think about potential hazards.
  • Resources: You’ll need to think about things like bins, food, drinks, toilets, signage, rope and barriers, sound systems, lighting (specific to this type of event) and staff.

The Legal Side Of Things

When you do a charity walk or run you may need permission to use the area you set up in or use. Insurance, regulations and lots of other red tape may apply so speak to your local council and get advice from the charity you are supporting.

Getting People Involved

Marketing is key if you want anyone to turn up to your event. Clearly you can advertise in local papers and so on, but the best thing to do is get out and about locally, and utilise social media because it is so far reaching.

Getting People Registered

It is so important to make it easy for people to register, otherwise they may be put off. Online registration via your social media and website presence will work best. You might want to think about an incentive to sign up, such as a free glow stick for the run. You will also want to set up emails and communication with them up until the date and afterwards to get them to sign up for next years event, perhaps for a discounted early bird rate.

Glowing Fun Run

As you are doing a glow in the dark run, you have special things to think about. Primarily make sure that you really go to town on the marketing, highlighting how special and cool it is because it is glow in the dark.

You could also integrate a special aspect like ‘warriors’ or 90’s rave to suggest dressing up and using UV paints and accessories. Look at current charity glow in the dark runs like London’s Glow In The Park and RNIB Glow Neon Fun Run. Safety is also so important with an event like this, as there’s nothing fun about people tripping and falling in the dark – the route needs to be clearly outlined, and any potential hazards need cordoning off or lighting up.

The Glow Sticks

Glow Bracelets

And of course, no glow run fundraiser would be complete without a multitude of glow sticks. That’s where we can help. We supply all our items at wholesale pricing with price breaks between various quantities. And if you order before 2pm Mon-Fri we’ll dispatch your order that same day. That’s one less thing to think about when you organise your glow run!

Hopefully you’re feeling super inspired to organise your own glow run fundraiser, we are certain it’s glowing to be a big success!

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Do glow sticks last longer in the cold?

snowflakes - do glow sticks last longer in the cold

A lot of people are curious about whether or not glow sticks are temperature sensitive, and particularly ask the question ‘do glow sticks last longer in the cold?’. It isn’t a silly question, especially in relation to what is, through all its fun uses and attractive aesthetic, a chemical reaction in a tube.

Perhaps you have heard that placing your glow stick (activated) in the freezer will make it last longer? Maybe you’re genuinely curious about how your environment, when using your glow stick, will affect the strength of brightness, and the amount of time the stick lasts for?

Well, we’re here to answer your questions once and for all.

So, Do glow sticks last longer in the cold?


The short of it is yes, it is true that glow sticks last longer in the cold. No need to ask yourself ‘do glow sticks last longer in the cold?’ any more, because you now know it is true. Yay!

Chemiluminescence is a chemical reaction that occurs within a glow stick, it creates the glowing effect in any glow chemical product. Temperature directly affects glow chemical products, whatever form they are in. The reason an activated glow stick lasts longer in colder temperatures is because the colder temperatures slow down the chemical reaction. By placing a glow stick in the freezer you freeze the chemicals, slowing the reaction right down. Freezing a glow stick is like ‘turning off’ the chemical reaction that causes the glow effect. This is the case for any glow chemical product. Do bear in mind though that prolonging the glow does in turn result in a dimmer glow effect.

Does Putting The Glow Stick In Cold Water Work As Well As Freezing It?

Putting a glow stick in cold water will also slow the process down, just not to the extent of freezing it.

How Does Heat Affect A Glow Stick

So, as you know cold slows down a chemical reaction in a glow stick, it makes sense that heat would do the opposite. Having a glow stick in a hot environment creates a brighter glow, which is great, but it does speed up the process, therefore shortening the glow effect of the stick exposed to heat.

Can I Defrost A Glow Stick In The Microwave?

No! Please don’t! This is extremely dangerous and could cause your glow stick to explode or melt. Instead run it or sit it in warm (not hot) tap water to defrost the chemicals inside.

How Long Will My Activated Glow Stick Last Without Freezing It?

If you just want to enjoy your stick for its natural lifespan, expect it to last for at least 12 hours. This is dependant on the manufacturer, the storage, the packaging and your use of it.

So, do glow sticks last longer in the cold? Yes they do! How great is that, a really easy way to prolong the life of your super-fun accessory. With this information, there’s glow stopping you!

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14 Glow in the Dark Valentine’s ideas for the 14th

glow stick hearts
Image Source

Ever the romantics at Glowtopia, we’ve put our heads together and come-up with some ideas to use glow stuff to make this Valentine’s day special. Bet you never knew that a few glow sticks and a tube of UV body paint could be THIS romantic.

As February the 14th approaches, those of you who are single are likely to already be avoiding smug couples, having stockpiled enough food to last you until you can visit the supermarket again, without having to pass by a sea of sickly cards and fluffy gifts.

The loved-up amongst you, clogging up the supermarket aisles at this time of year, are likely to be spending this Valentine’s Day with a new date, with a partner, a wife, a husband or even a plethora of cats. Whoever you happen to be in a relationship with, now is the time to plan the Valentine’s to beat all Valentine’s.

Forget flowers, or chocolates, teddy bears or mix CDs. What you need is a glow in-the-dark Valentine’s. It may have never crossed your mind, but after you read our glow-in-the-dark Valentine’s suggestions, you’ll wonder why you never did it before! There’s never been a better reason to turn the lights off and whip out a glow stick…

1. Glow Stick Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is a playful game, which brings out the inner child in all of us. You could play it in the daytime, but it is much more fun to play it in the dark at home. Using UV body paint, have fun painting each other before you turn the lights off and one of you runs off to hide whilst the other counts to 30, then play glow in the dark hide and seek! Clothes – optional….

2. Glow In The Dark Bath

Ditch the candles and opt for a romantic bath with glow sticks, which actually create quite a nice lighting effect for a Valentine’s Day couples bath.

3. A Glow In The Dark Valentine’s Party

glow in the dark straws and cups
Image Source

Perhaps you want to enjoy a Valentine’s Day with your friends this year. In which case, romantic music and flowers could be a bit weird. Instead of weeping over a chick-flick or moaning about past exes, go for something unique and cool, like a glow in the dark party. Use glow sticks to light up the entire table, get hold of some of our glow stick straws, and maybe give a pot of UV paint out with the invites so all your guests can glow for it with their outfits. Check-out these glow-in-the-dark party ideas for more inspiration.

4. Glow Stick Chandelier

If you want to swing from the chandeliers in a completely unique way this year, why not gift your partner with a unique chandelier they will never forget. Hook these glow stick lanyards onto a hoop and hang from the ceiling. Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make your own glow in the dark chandelier.

5. Neon Love Note

Love message written on wall in glow stics

If you have written a lot of love notes for your significant other over the years, you need to give them an extra reason to be excited about your glorious love-laced scribblings this February 14th. Why not scrap the paper, and write a cute message in glow sticks like this one by Smile and Wave DIY. You could do this on the living room floor, or even stick the glow sticks to the wall outside to proclaim your love to all.

6. Choose Life, Choose A Private Rave

Did you meet in the 90’s? Are you both fans of the original Trainspotting soundtrack? Do you both like to nod your head, blow your whistle and wave your arms about to the same beat for hours? Start your own glow stick war at home and have a private rave together, for nostalgia and an excuse to listen to ‘so awful they are great’ 90’s acid house tracks.

7. Body Painting Class For Couples

pot of UV body paint and paintbrushes
Image Source

It’s alright getting some UV body paint and making each other look like life-size versions of your kids’ art on the fridge, but if you can look more arty, why not? Many places offer paint in the dark body painting classes for couples, which not only gives your painting a sense of occasion, but provides a shared experience which is always a good thing.

8. A Private Festival

If you met at a festival, or maybe you both like going to festivals together, and the wet and windy weather is getting you both down, the perfect solution for Valentine’s Day is a festival! It could be themed around your relationship, and you can host a glow stick war to your favourite festival anthem, you could decorate wellies together, create a little VIP area in the living room, make flower garlands, drink beer, UV paint each other – what’s not to love about a private festival?

9. You’re Turning Neon, Body Art

glow in the dark body art
Image Source

Why not make some body paint art together? Get some large pieces of paper and put them on the wall or on the floor, and get making the next masterpiece!

10. Find The Glow Stick

To encourage some playful physical contact, why not play find the glow stick? Where you hide it of course, is up to you – in your armpit, under your back on the floor, etc etc…. the trick is that the person finding the glow stick is not allowed to look for the glow stick with their hands or feet.

11. Glow In The Dark Charades With Rewards

Write notes that are rewards for him and put them in a jar, then make a jar of her rewards and a third jar of sports actions you can translate, then play glow in the dark charades with glasses, sticks and other accessories. When a charade is correctly guessed, the player gets their reward. Clearly, as it is Valentine’s Day, rewards are romantically themed…

12. Sexy Glow In The Dark After Work Surprise

If you are planning on investing in some sexy underwear to surprise your partner when they come home from work, why not light the path upstairs with glow sticks? Or, you could tell them to leave all the lights off when they come home, and use only a glow stick to find their surprise.

13. Photo Glow Stick

Glow stick photography

Image Source

Together, make cute glow stick photos, waving them around in the dark to create a pattern in the air. Or, why not make your own photo with a friend outlining your partner’s first initial, or a heart, and frame it as a cute valentines day gift.

14. Glow In The Dark Path To Al Fresco Dining

If you are making the effort to cook your beau a special Valentine’s dinner, why not set up some chairs, blankets, hot chocolates and other treats outside. Let your lover find this beautiful spot under the stars via a glow in the dark path made from glow sticks.

We hope that our glowing recommendations for neon activities have set your mind alight with ideas for this upcoming Valentine’s. Happy February 14th!

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5 Insane Festival Light Stick Moments


Festivals are a chaotic and wildly fun explosion of mud, celebration, music, food, drink and friendship. They are also the most epic opportunity to wear the most outrageous clothes that would look absolutely insane in almost any other setting. Wellingtons and short shorts, floral macs, flower garland headbands, and of course: everything UV and glow stick. There’s never a bad reason to wave your festival light stick around like it ain’t no thang!

Some folks agree with the freedom of light stick fun so much, they’ve created some of the most insane light stick moments in history. While you wait to waft your own glow stick around in a muddy field to epic music (hurry up summer!), we’re going to give you a warm glow on the inside, with these 5 insane festival light stick moments:

1.   The Very First Glow Stick War 1971

The very first festival light stick war

You might not know that glow sticks actually started out as a military technology a very long time ago, but the public didn’t get to know about these incredible inventions until the 1970’s.

In Connecticut in New Haven, at a venue called the Yale Bowl, a Grateful Dead fan decided to make this gig ‘lit’ in a way no other gig had ever been before. The fan happened to work in a factory that finished off the assembly of glow sticks, for an American company. He stored hundreds and hundreds of sticks at his home over the summer, and on the night of the gig, got 6 of his friends together, and everybody loaded up backpacks with the glow sticks.

They struggled to keep the sticks away until the gig started, but managed to wait until a few songs into the Grateful Dead playing. You can get a feel for the style of the band on an actual recording of the band at the gig here. They then started handing sticks out and telling people to break it, shake-it-up and throw it. This caused absolutely chaos and astonishment as most people had never ever seen a glow stick before, including the band.

Soon, the sheer crazy sight of glow sticks flying around made the gig fall to a complete standstill. Soon after the frenzy had died down, the band started playing again but this time with glow sticks in hand. Jerry Garcia was known to say “I don’t know what these are, but they’re pretty f****** cool.” as he held some up to the crowd.


2. Top Phish Glowstick War 1997

Insane festival light stick moment at phish gig

In 1997, at Great Went Phish Festival there was one stunning, epic and unforgettable occurrence that secured that particular festivals place in the history books, and that is the world famous glow stick war that occurred throughout the Harry Hood set.

Glow sticks and glow rings have always been a part of Phish events throughout history, but this was by far the most incredible spectacle that had happened so far. As the band settled into an improvisation section of their set, they requested the lights go out so everyone could enjoy the moon and the burning sculpture at the festival.

With the moonlight glowing down on the crowd, one fan decided to throw a glow stick, as did another, and another, until eventually the entire sky was filled with thousands of glow sticks flying around.

You can listen to a recording of the event here.

The visual spectacle of the glow sticks was further enhanced by the band shaping their music to the movement of the glow sticks. Fans still talk about that set today and how magical the combination of the fans, the moonlight and the glow sticks, and the music together, made something completely unique.

3. Staithes Festival Light Sticks On The Beach

The Mighty Glow Stick Extravaganza Saturday 20:50 – 22:30By popular demand, the glow-sticks will be back this year,…

Posted by Staithes Festival of Arts & Heritage on Sunday, 4 September 2016


Staithes, a small fishing village, isn’t exactly the kind of place you would expect to get even a whiff of a glow stick. However, in September 2016, the beach of Staithes was well and truly lit. Perhaps in a slightly less thumping fashion than the examples we mention elsewhere in our article, but lit nonetheless.

Musicians and bands did indeed fill the Festival Of Art with music, but visually, the usual sculptures, crafts and glass creations that fill the village were overshadowed, by a beach covered in glow sticks.

Light artist Mich Stephenson decided to create a massive beautiful glow stick installation, which created light that formed shadows onto the cliffs where Sculptor Emma Stothard had sculpted dinosaurs, and Ste Iredale placed wooden carvings of a fish shoal emerging from the sea. Check out the awesome images of the spectacle here. It might not have been a ‘crazy’ moment, but we’re willing to bet the village of Staithes will never be that full of glow sticks lighting up the beach again.

4. Xylobands From Coldplay Integrate The Crowd Into Their Gig

Coldplay performing in front of crowd with festival light sticks


Coldplay’s Xyloband wristbands, which they have been using since 2012, managed to make a very muddy Glastonbury last year into a very beautiful one.

During his set, the wrist bands play glow either red, yellow or blue all synched with the timing and music set by the band, so everybody wearing one gets to be part of the show.

The wristbands are like an advance on lighters which were usually lit during Coldplay ballads, with thousands in the crowd waving them to join in. These days, smoking is very much on the way out and many people don’t have a lighter on them anymore, and as you can hardly wave an e-cigarette around for visual effect, the band created Xylobands so that the crowd could continue to join in and enjoy being part of their set.

The sea of lights waving and darting around to Chris Martin’s beautiful voice, was certainly enough to warm up anyone in what was otherwise quite a wet and miserable muddy Glastonbury. Check out the complete Coldplay 2016 Glastonbury set here.

5. Bassnectar, Glow Stick War 2010

festival light sticks in crowd at bassnectar gig

During an epic performance in 2010, Bassnectar made history by playing his hit ‘All Good’ to what was, one of the most incredible glow stick wars ever seen. Covered in UV green paint himself, Bassnectar (US DJ Lorin Ashley), he turns the decks, as the crowd wave their sticks in the air, hands splattered in UV paint, and as the bass drops, the glow sticks start getting thrown, thousands of them. Along with the heavy bass, the flashing stage lighting, the UV painted bodies and faces of the crowd, and the highly electric atmosphere, the glow sticks flying about are like an explosion of heightened emotion and excitement. Take a look at the full performance here, we challenge you not to move to the beat!

Get Festival Ready With Glowtopia

If you want to be part of the next epic glow stick war, get hold of our glow festival pack so that you can help the next gig you go to, get well and truly lit!

Glow Stick and UV Glow Paint festival party pack

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Epic Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor Games for Youth Groups

glow-in-the-dark outdoor games multicoloured hoopla game

Outdoor games for youth groups can be tricky to pull off in these dark winter months. But playing outside doesn’t have to be done in the daytime. Once the sun has gone down and the dark sky dominates, there are still tons of great glow-in-the-dark outdoor games and activities that can be enjoyed by all ages.

The thought of competing in a glow-in-the-dark game, with no floodlights, sunlight or even torches to keep the shadows away, is a pretty cool thought for most people. And when there’s no strong light to guide you, you have to rely on other skills, like confidence, leadership, creativity, strategy and teamwork. Of course, a few light-up accessories will definitely help and add plenty of fun too.

If you’re a scout/guide group leader, youth club leader, or anyone in the care of a group of kids that might benefit from night sports and light-up outdoor games, the following suggestions will give you plenty of inspiration to get started:

Hide & Seek Glow-in-the-dark Paint

Hide and seek in the dark is fun, but it gets a bit trickier when you’re covered in glow-in-the-dark paint! In the light, children or adults can paint themselves with glow in the dark paint, to then play an epic game of hide and seek when it gets dark. The trick is to make sure all of your body is concealed and no glow in the dark paint is showing!

Glow-in-the-Dark Hoopla

This is an easy to organise game that’s ideal for parties. All you need to do is push some 12” glow sticks into your lawn (it’ll need to be slightly soft), and use glow bracelets to make the hoops. Use the glow bracelet connectors to connect several glow sticks together. Then you can adjust the size of the hoops to make it easier or more difficult. Our glow in the dark hoopla pack has everything you need to get started.

Glow-In-The-Dark Charades

Give your group a large box, full of glow in the dark accessories like glow sticks, glasses, hats, bunny ears and crowns. Get each person to act out a sport or activity with the accessories whilst everyone guesses what the activity or sport is. The person who guesses right gets a turn.

Glow-In-The-Dark Obstacle Course

A glow in the dark obstacle course will be challenging, but if it is done in a safe way, it will also be a lot of fun and completely different to anything your group will have done before. Use glow sticks to mark out sections, and include fun visual sections of the course, like raving with glow sticks for 30 seconds. To make it into a race, have two different colours of glow-in-the-dark paint, one for each team and have them paint their faces with it.

UV Easter Egg Hunt

This is the perfect game for little children, and works well as a daytime activity as well. During the day, little ones can paint eggs with UV paint, and then in a safe area at night after the adults have hidden them, can find them. Introduce a bit of healthy competition by offering a prize for the most eggs found. Remember, you’ll need a UV torch for the paint to show-up.

Glow In The Dark Tag

Tag in the dark is challenging, but easy to organise. Simply have one team wear glow bracelets of one colour, then the other team wear glow in the dark bracelets of another colour. Then, when the whistle is blown, one team has to tag the other team out.

Get organising some Glow-in-the-Dark Outdoor games with your Youth Group

Hopefully these ideas will help you feel inspired for your next evening session with your youth group. Remember, when it comes to glow in the dark accessories and sports, the limits are only held by your imagination. Get started by ordering our outdoor glow pack, which has everything you’ll need to glow have fun!

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6 Hen Party Glow Stick Essentials

Table of hen party glow stick essentials, pink cake, party hats, confetti, glow sticks

Apparently more and more people are getting married. Yay! (Cue confetti explosion).

Marriage is great because of the romance and the get together of friends and family, the dress, the food, the party! It is also great because of all the fun events leading up to it, like the hen party. We don’t want to glow over the top telling you how to glow about planning an amazing hen party of course… but if you do want to glow for it and have the most amazing time, you might appreciate our subtle nudge at the idea of using hen party glow sticks….

When has there ever been a hen party that doesn’t appreciate more sticks?

Here are six of our favourite hen party glow stick ideas for the ultimate lit hen party:

Bunny Boilers

pink glow stick hen party bunny earsWhether you’re looking to jazz up a playboy bunny look, or simply look cute as you hop around town, glow in the dark bunny ears are your number 1 accessory. Available in a wide variety of colours, you girls can boing around in the dark to your hearts content!

Glow Earring Bling

glow stick hen party earringsIt’s not an 80’s themed hen party unless you have some epic accessories, and what better way to stand out than with glow in the dark hooped earrings? Pull those leg warmers up, fluff up your tutu and get ready to belt out ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ in style!

A Royal Affair

pink glow stick tiara for hen partyYou might not be planning on acting like princesses by the end of the night, but you can at least start off regal with a glow in the dark tiara! The princes about town will be dazzled by your colourful royal adornments, putting their crown jewels to shame. Get that royal wave ready ladies. You’re so fancy.

Flashing Rabbits

pink flashing bunny ears for hen partyIt’s always best to keep flashing legal, so why not try it with some flashing LED bunny ears? Fluffy, sparkling and flashing with fun, these cute little accessories are ideal for a rabbit themed hen do, or just as an extra cute accessory for the group. They’re perfect for finding each other as well, should you all hop so enthusiastically on the dance floor you get separated!

Raving Balloonies

glow in the dark balloon for hen partyIf you’re keeping your hen party antics indoors, but you still want to bring some raving fun to your party, LED balloons are the way to get glow in the dark fun in any room. Dance with them, put them up your t shirt, play games with them, these balloons are lit up for your entertainment! You could of course tie them to the bride to be and go out with them as well, just to subtly let people know she’s the hen!

Children Of The Night

young woman with glow in the dark face paint for hen partyIf you’re the kind of group who likes to be subtle, to quietly celebrate, to shy away from the crowds and keep things ‘low key’ then you’re not going to appreciate these products at all! Loud and proud hens listen up, it’s time to decorate yourselves to stand out on your night out with some UV glow body paint! There’s paint for your face, your body, your clothes, your hair, nails, lips – there’s even UV glitter gel for the wannabe unicorns of the group. You could do 80’s style, tribal body patterns, you could even do a Trolls themed hen party and let your ‘true colours’ shine through (if you do can we come?!). Or check out these UV henna paint ideas for some inspiration.

Perfect for hen parties that really want to stand out!

Glow Crazy With Hen Party Glow Stick Products From Glowtopia

We hope we’ve given you the inspiration to glow forth and have the best hen party ever. Have fun!

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UV Henna Paint: 2017’s First Beauty Trend

Like many of us, you may have assumed one of the Kardashians would start 2017’s first big beauty trend. But forget Kim and her quirky style trends, the thing that everyone’s talking about at the moment is UV henna paint.

The UV henna trend emerged from the middle-east where fashionistas have been embracing the typical henna culture with a twist, and wearing the same traditional trends with white ink instead of the orange effect that comes from traditional henna. This was noticed by fashionistas in the west, embraced and elaborated, into rainbow henna, monochrome henna, and of course, UV henna paint.

All Henna’s Style, Without The Waiting

To be clear, this new beauty trend only involves the style of traditional henna, not the ingredients needed to dye the skin. Traditional henna is made from the ground up henna plant, and bridal henna nights are still an important custom in many cultures. The problem is, dying the skin this way takes a long time (anything from an hour to overnight), doesn’t always show up that well on certain skin tones, and some people are allergic to it. UV henna paint, doesn’t cause those issues.

How To Enjoy UV Body Art Inspired By Henna

UV henna paint is really just UV body paint but you create the same patterns you would with henna. You prepare one piping cone, or multiple if you’re using many colours, and the thin applicator enables you to make intricate and beautiful henna designs. Traditional henna lasts a few weeks, white henna lasts a few days, and UV body paint used to create henna like patterns is simply wash off, so it’s extremely convenient, with no worry about signs of a weekend of partying showing on your hands at work on a Monday morning.

Where To Wear UV Henna Paint

As UV henna looks stunning in both daylight and at night, it has multiple applications such as:

Woman's face with orange UV henna paint design
UV henna art by
  • Hen Parties – It’s great fun for hen parties who want to stand out, and who love to be original on the town.
  • Children’s Parties – It is a great idea for a children’s party where children can enjoy special ‘tattooes’ which are simply wash-off if the henna is created using body paint.
  • Nights Out – Where a night out can become a bit of a standard affair, UV henna paint brings some colour and creativity to a run of the mill Saturday!
  • Parties – Halloween parties, birthday parties, or specially themed glow in the dark parties are calling out for UV henna!
  • Festivals – Millions of people attend festivals every single year, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with colourful wellies, denim shorts, flowery mac’s, braided hair and of course body paint! UV henna paint is set to be the big ‘thing’ at festivals this year.

Stand Out From The Crowd With UV Henna Paint

Ready to get on board with 2017’s UV Henna paint beauty craze? Download some free henna patterns for inspiration, make yourself a henna cone and order some Glowtopia UV henna paint to get started.

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Christmas and New Year Deliveries 2016

Here at Glowtopia we’re remaining open over Christmas and New Year, giving you plenty of time to get orders in for any celebrations!

Please remember the following key information:

  • Our same day dispatch cut off is 2pm. Any orders placed after 2pm will be sent out the next working day (Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays).
  • We are open on all working days over the festive period and our phone lines are open during office hours.
  • All delivery times are estimated – we always recommend getting orders placed as early as possible to allow for any possible disruption to delivery services, the postal system and couriers are very busy this time of year which can lead to unforeseen delays outside of our control!

Last delivery dates before Christmas

Next Day Courier: Order by Thursday 22nd December before 2pm for delivery on Friday 23rd December.
Saturday Courier: Order by Friday 23rd December before 2pm for delivery on Saturday 24th December.

Any orders placed after 2pm on Friday 23rd December will be dispatched on Wednesday 28th December.

Last delivery dates before New Year

Next Day Courier: Order by Thursday 29th December before 2pm for delivery on Friday 30th December.
Saturday Courier: Order by Friday 30th December before 2pm for delivery on Saturday 31st December.

Any orders placed after 2pm on Friday 30th December will be dispatched on Tuesday 3rd January.

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Glow sticks at the ready for fitness!

Forget toiling away at a sweaty treadmill for half an hour each day whilst you try not to think about that chocolate bar you left in the bottom of your gym bag. It’s time to get your glow sticks out and slap on some neon paint. Glow stick raves are the latest fitness craze!

People dancing in dark room with brightly coloured glow sticks as part of glow stick fitness class
A glow stick fitness class. Image shared by @clubbercise on Twitter

What is glow stick fitness?

Think 90’s club minus the Alcopops. Glow stick fitness classes are energetic dance aerobic workouts to (mainly) club hits from the 90’s in a darkened room with disco lights. And the best bit… everyone gets glow-sticks.

It’s an exercise class that feels more like a night out. Or as one glow stick fitness enthusiast described it: “You know on a night out when your favourite song comes on and you think it’s the BEST THING EVER. It was like that, but for a whole hour”.

Sign me up!

And if that’s not enough to get you sprinting down to your nearest gym, check out these reasons why glow fitness is better than a night out clubbing.

What’s so appealing about these classes is not just the way they make exercising fun (you can burn up to 500 calories in an hour-long class), but also they way they allow people to really go for it. Exercising in the dark makes you feel a lot less self-conscious than being surrounded by Elle MacPherson lookalikes in a brightly-lit room.

Plus you can take it at your own pace. Whether you do all the moves full-out like a sweaty rave junkie hyped-up on caffeine, or take it easy, it’s up to you… No one will see you; you’re in a dark room.

Launching your own glow stick fitness class?

Glow stick fitness classes are popping up all over the country. And they’re insanely popular. If you’re starting your own glow fitness class, take a look at some of our most popular glow stick fitness products:

Premium 6” Glow Sticks – Our premium glow sticks provide an ultra-bright glow, which makes them perfect for when the lights go out, and the music starts going. Each glow stick comes with a lanyard so it can hang around your neck and cost as low as 28p each (when ordering a 2000 pack).

8” Glow Stick Bracelet – Our quality glow bracelet is easy to assemble and wrap around your wrist. It’s a great excuse to wave-your-hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don’t-care.

22” Glow stick necklace – Get your head round this. Or rather, get this around your head. Our glow necklaces are made-up of three colours and come in packs of 50+. People have also been known to wrap these around their thighs, but it’s totally up to you.

Neon UV and Glow Body Paints – make sure your class can see you. Get creative with some glow-in-the-dark face paint or run some UV streaks through your hair. Our UV cosmetics glow intensely under a blacklight, and our glow paints are charged by natural light to glow in the dark.


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Welcome to Freshers’ Week

Like many universities around the UK Freshers’ Week is by far the most anticipated event. With so many different events happening, UV themes are the most popular. Trying to organise an outfit and pick up the essentials is always a tricky situation. When it comes to UV cosmetics there are so many options. Below is a list of some products that Glowtopia have and what they do;

  • UV Face & Body Paint– Our most popular cosmetic to date, easy to apply to the face and body with no worry about irritation to the skin as each product contains Vitamin E and organic beeswax.
  • UV Hair Streaks– Let your hair glow bright with this product under UV light. Vibrant and versatile this hair cosmetic product is easy to apply and wash out. Along with 6 colours to choose from you won’t want to miss out on this.
  • UV Lipstick– A stunning UV reactive lipstick provides that added touch to your night. Easy to apply to the lips and can last for hours under UV light.

Happy Freshers’ Week!