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Neon UV Hair Inspiration for festival season

UV hair streaks, UV hair chalk and glow in the dark hair gel are a great way to instantly brighten-up your look. With a bit of creativity you can easily achieve a temporary look that is guaranteed to turn heads on a night-out. And with festival season fast approaching, now is a great time to start seeking-out some UV hair inspiration for the summer.

To whet your appetite, here’s some of the best UV hair inspiration and ideas we’ve found on Instagram:

Neon UV Hair Streaks

Sometimes simple is best. Just a few streaks of UV hair mascara are all you need to make a statement. You can go for a single colour, or a blend of two or three different colours, like this hairstyle by @alkmista_

All over colour

If you really want to turn heads, go all out and commit to some all over UV colour. This UV hair by @hairbyjennanoel looks amazing and makes a bold statement when combined with UV make-up.

Rainbow streaks

Rainbow streaks are massive at the moment. And the best way to achieve that bright, neon look is with hair chalk. Take it a step further with some UV hair chalk to get a pretty night-time glow.

neon uv hair rainbow streaks
Image source

The Ombre

The dip-dyed Ombre look is going to be huge this festival season. And it’s all about using bright colours you wouldn’t expect. Think pastel pink, purple or mermaid blue. You can achieve a UV ombre effect by using some UV hair mascara or hair chalk to add highlights and colour to the tips of your hair. This festival look by @sarahlovenfestivalstyle is a great place to start for inspiration

Glow in the dark plaits

This is an easy way to spice up some simple UV hair streaks. Carefully plait the coloured sections of hair so that they stand-out from the rest of your hair. This look reminds me of those braids you get on the beach when you’re on holiday!

UV Mermaid

Mermaid hair is about using bright pastel shades to create a magical, flowing, almost fantastical look. You might need a pro to achieve something like this amazing do by @shelleygregoryhair, but imagine adding a bit of UV colour to these locks. The effect would be spectacular.

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For the guys…

Some of you fellas may be well into the mermaid look, or pretty rainbow curls. But if you’re after something for short hair, go for some glow hair gel. It’s invisible, so you can’t see it in the light of day, but under a UV light it glows brightly. Use one colour, all over, or separate your hair into different sections of colour.

Glow in the dark hair gel

We’d love to see some of your festival looks. Use #glowtopia to share your photos with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Glowing Easter egg hunt

glow stick easter egg hunt with glow in the dark easter eggs
Image Source

For any parents out there despairing about the amount of that brown sugary nectar consumed by their children over the Easter period, why not consider a glow stick Easter egg hunt over the holiday period!

Let’s face it, Easter eggs seem to be appearing in supermarkets earlier and earlier (I think some were spotted as early as the second week of January this year) and you’ll have done well to get to March without giving into temptation. And I’m not even talking about giving in to your children. Bribery? Chocolate? Heaven forbid!

Here’s an easy, low-cost way of entertaining your children over Easter without chocolate.

A glowing Easter egg hunt! What child doesn’t enjoy an Easter egg hunt? And what child doesn’t enjoy glowing things?

It’s simple to set up.

What you need for a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

  • A selection of large, multi-coloured plastic eggs (most supermarket chains sell these cheaply)
  • A selection of multi-coloured glow sticks
  • Roll of sellotape

Here’s how to set up your glow stick Easter egg hunt:

  1. Begin by bending the glow sticks to activate the luminescent liquid
  2. Make two smallish loops by twisting the glow stick around your finger a couple of times (don’t bend too forcibly or they may snap)
  3. Stuff the glowing, looped glow stick into a plastic egg (preferably using coordinating colours to enhance the colours of the eggs)
  4. Seal the egg tight with sellotape
  5. Repeat til you run out!
  6. Hide the eggs around your house, turn the lights off and get searching!

Some extra glow stick Easter ideas:

You could begin your glowing Easter egg hunt by asking the children to find one of each colour, or by asking each child to only find one colour and then re-hide and repeat with a different colour. The beauty of this glowing egg hunt is that they can be re-hidden multiple times and with no melting, sticky mess to clean up!

And they will also enjoy hiding the eggs again and again for their siblings and friends. Once activated these glow sticks will remain glowing for 12+ hours, so you’ve got plenty of playing time!

pink glow stick bunny earsJazz up your glowing Easter egg hunt a little by giving the winner of each round (if you’re happy to keep re-hiding!) a glow in the dark set of bunny ears.


By the time you’ve finished you’ll have a house full of bouncing, glow in the dark Easter bunnies, minus the sugar-induced hyperactivity! A win-win situation for everyone!

Some top tips for older kids

This idea works quite well with older children who might roll their eyes at a ‘normal’ Easter egg hunt. But you can get added fun by taking some creative glow in the dark photos using the night-time mode on a camera. They’ll love posing with their eggs and bunny ears!

Party Delights suggests using some of their free printable clues to make the hunt more interesting. Lastly, why not get a few marker pens and get them to decorate their eggs or draw faces on them. It will add that finishing touch to your glowing Easter egg hunt!

Happy hunting!

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Glow stick wedding ideas!

glow stick wedding ideas

Ever thought about using glow sticks for wedding decorations? Planning a wedding can be great fun. Using your creativity to plan an event that celebrates everything unique and special about your relationship is exciting. Glow stick wedding decorations add something magical to a venue, and an element of fun for your guests. They’re also not going to make a huge dent on the wedding budget.

So we’ve scoured the internet for some of the most memorable glow stick wedding ideas to light-up your wedding day – here’s the best of the best.

Glow stick Wedding Favours

The cost of wedding favours can easily add-up to be surprisingly expensive. Not ideal when more often than not guests forget to take them home at the end of the day. This glow stick idea would work well re-worked as wedding favours to lay next to place settings. Glow sticks are cheap to buy in bulk and your guests will enjoy activating them as part of the celebrations. You could even incorporate them into a grand wedding exit.

“Welcome to our wedding” sign

Glow stick word art

This sign made from glow sticks looks really effective and is so simple to create. It would work really well as décor at an evening venue, or even as a sign directing guests to the party. You could personalise it with your own names, or with a word or quote that holds particular meaning for your relationship.

Glow stick place settings

OK, so lots of these ideas are for kids’ parties, but how amazing would it look spruced-up a bit at a wedding? Alongside some sliver tableware or vibrant flower arrangements it could look stunning. You can probably buy all sorts of glow-in-the-dark party accessories, but if you wanted to keep it simple, all you’d need would be a few glow necklaces to place on plates and some glow bracelets to place under glasses.

Glow stick chandelier

No one throws a party like @nicoleasmall No one. #happybirthday #glowstickchandelier

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This is a budget centrepiece that could really pack some wow factor into a wedding venue. Use full-size hula-hoops instead of embroidery hoops and get heaps of cheap glow sticks on wholesale to make a real impact.

Glow stick party chains

glow stick wedding decoration idea

Another cheap, simple décor idea, glow stick party chains add a kitsch feel to a celebration. All you need to do is link a load of glow stick bracelets together.

Glow-in-the-dark candyfloss

Candyfloss is becoming increasingly popular as an after-party treat at weddings. Take this sweet snack to another level by wrapping the cotton candy around a glow stick. Glowing candyfloss will look amazing displayed on a table, and as your guests wander around eating it.

Glowing ice

#ledicecube #glowice #party_glow #glowstick #party #glow

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If you’re stocking your own bar at the wedding reception, glowing ice is an easy win. Place a glow bracelet at the bottom of an ice-bucket and you have instant glow-in-the-dark ice. Blue glow sticks give a cool, stylish vibe.

Glow straws

Whilst we’re on the drinking theme, check out these glow stick straws. Just bend and snap them to activate the glow and they’ll last for 6+ hours. You could put a load of activated glow straws in jam jars on the bar. Along with your glowing ice, they’ll add some ambience to your bar area.

Glowing balloons

Glowing balloons are easy to make. Just blow-up a regular balloon and pop an activated glow stick through the opening before you tie it up. Or you could use some LED balloons instead. String the balloons together using needle and thread to create an effective, yet easy decorative feature. Or fill the balloons with helium and release them for a spectacular, glowing balloon ceiling.

Keep your guests entertained

Everyone knows that attending a wedding can involve a bit of waiting around, making polite conversation to distant family members. Lots of weddings these days go beyond a glass of bucks fizz and hors d’ouevres to keep guests entertained.

Lawn games are particularly popular for summer weddings. Go one step further and add a touch of glow to your lawn games.

Glow in the dark hoopla is a great way to get guests interacting and break the ice. Plant some large glow sticks into the ground and use glow necklaces and glow bracelets as the hoops. It’s easy to make yourself, or get hold of our glow hoopla pack to save yourself a bit of money.

Other glow in the dark lawn games include giant tic-tac-toe using glow sticks as your pieces, or glow bowling. Pop some glow sticks into clear bottles of water as your skittles and guests can use a glow in the dark ball to knock them over.

Glow stick grand exit

A glow stick send-off is a great alternative to using sparklers if your venue isn’t keen on the use of fireworks in enclosed spaces. Ask your guests to take some glow sticks and gather either side of the exit as you leave. With a talented photographer you’ll be able to get some beautiful photos to remember the day. But with or without photos it’ll be a vibrant, colourful send-off to mark the end of a special day.

We’d love to hear your glow stick decoration ideas and see your photos. Tag @glowtopia_uk on Instagram to share your inspiration!

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DIY Mother’s Day Glow Stick Craft

It’s that time of year where we celebrate those special ladies in our lives. Yes, Mother’s Day is this weekend folks. THIS WEEKEND. And if you haven’t had a chance to get hold of a card or a bunch of flowers yet, then have no fear. We’ve put together this simple Mother’s Day glow stick craft to help you show her how much you care.

mothers day glow stick craft

Mum, you make my heart glow

All you need to do is to get hold of a template and print it out. You could design your own by hand, on the computer or you’re welcome to download our free printable template.

Dig out a hole punch and make a hole in the top and the bottom. Then pop a glow stick through the holes. Don’t forget to write your message on the back. And there it is! A simple, original Mother’s Day glow stick craft that anyone can make.

We recommend presenting it to her along side a big pile of cake, a steaming cup-of-tea or even a full English breakfast-in-bed.

Share your Mother’s Day glow stick craft makes with us

We’d love to see any Mother’s Day glow stick crafts that you make. Send us a photo, or use #glowtopia and we’ll share it on Social Media with a shout-out to the special lady in your life.

P.S. Did we mention that we can arrange same-day dispatch if you order some glow sticks before 2pm? No order is too big or too small.

mother's day glow stick craft printable

hole punch mothers day glow stick craft

mothers day glow stick craft

mothers day glow stick

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Glow stick Fundraising for Schools and PTAs

child with idea for glow stick fundraising for schools and PTAs

Fundraising for schools and PTAs can be tricky, especially when existing funds to plough into events or initiatives are so tight.  That’s where glow sticks come in… Glow stick fundraising for schools and PTAs is particularly effective for a number of reasons. They’re cheap to buy, have high markup value and kids absolutely love them.

Some glow stick fundraising ideas for schools and PTAs include:

Easy, time-effective fundraising

As with any charity, time is a valuable commodity for PTAs. More often than not, members of the PTA may not have time to make cakes for a bake sale, or make any items to sell on, so the perfect products for selling are the most convenient. And it doesn’t get any more convenient than a glow stick. Simply order the products you need online and you’re all set to go – order before 2pm and we’ll dispatch your glow sticks the same day.

Buy wholesale glow sticks for higher fundraising profits

Our pricing structures allow you to buy glow sticks in bulk at wholesale prices. This leaves plenty of room for a high mark-up resale, providing great profit for school fundraising. Buy glow sticks for as little as 21p each and mark-up value can easily be as high as 500% or more.

Appeal to the fad side of children with glow stick fundraising

Children love a harmless fad, and glow sticks are an ideal way to appeal to that side of them. Once one child has seen their friend wearing one and waving one around, they will want one as well, and so, the fad begins… Parents can join in to if they want to with glow accessories, and those selling on the stall will stand out a mile adorned in glow tiaras and earrings. Who needs signage when you’ve got glow sticks?!

Glow sticks are a cost effective way for your PTA to fundraise

Glow stick fundraising for schools and PTAs is the cheapest and most effective way to raise money at school events. Whether you boogie on down at a glow in the dark disco, or you cheer on the kids in a glow in the dark obstacle course, glow sticks bought at wholesale prices, will be a sure hit with customers, and with your charity bank balance.

We’ve provided glow sticks at wholesale prices for many school events, so if you’d like to find out more about how we can best support your PTA fundraiser, get in touch. Or go ahead and order your glow sticks online. Order before 2pm and we’ll arrange same-day dispatch.

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Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

multicoloured bunting

The magic of luminescence never grows old. Switching the lights off and watching multi-coloured objects glowing in the dark is a total win for most children! If you can’t get past ‘musical bumps’ or ‘pass the parcel’ and need some fresh ideas, then look no further. Below are some innovative suggestions for hosting your very own glow in the dark party.

Glow stick Invitations

Start as you mean to go on and set the tone with some neon invitations! Using black card, use UV paint to include the details of your glow in the dark party and include a dress-code – neon or white work best. Charge the paint under normal light, turn the lights off and hey presto! So much excitement and suspense before the party has even started! 

Alternatively, this great Valentine’s idea by Delia Creates could easily be adapted into a party invite.

Glow stick party invitation idea

Glow in the dark party decorations

glow stick party chain made from glow bracelets linked togetherThe possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating the space for your glow in the dark party. Blacken out the windows if it’s not dark outside already and replace any normal bulbs with black bulbs- even your teeth will be illuminated in this light!

Try these flashing LED balloons to make clusters of colour appear all around your party space. Each balloon features a multi-coloured LED that lasts 15 hours. You could even hand one out to each of your guests at the end of the party to take the magic back home.

Use a selection of those UV glow paint sticks again with black card to make a birthday banner for your entrance. Alternatively use these UV paints especially designed to use on fabric. When the lights are turned off, the painted letters will glow and appear to be suspended mid-air.

For the wow-factor, try crafting this simple but high-impact glow stick chandelier to utilise ceiling space. It will add a little more lighting if you’re feeling it’s too dark and …well… it just looks pretty impressive. Or link a few glow stick bracelets to make a glow stick party chain to hang on the walls.

Set up the snack or party food table with glow sticks indicating each place setting like here. Alternatively, just stick a handful of multicoloured glow sticks in a couple of glass jam jars for an immediate flash of light. The children will be mesmerised while eating their sausage rolls and chocolate fingers!

Don’t forget to set up a drinks table- partying is hot work! For added neon fun, line up a few rows of cups and put a glow in the dark straw in each one. 

Get creative!

glow in the dark party face paint ideaTake advantage of some amazing products and get the kids glowing themselves. Your glow in the dark party will really kick off once everyone is looking the part.

Set up a station for face-painting, nail-painting and hair-chalking. Choose a range of colours from a selection of glow paint sticks, glow nail varnish and these professional quality UV hair chalks and let your creative juices flow!

Word to the wise- the glow paints and cosmetics don’t need a UV light to glow (although they will glow under UV light), but are ‘charged’ with natural light and then glow in the dark. The UV paints and cosmetics will appear as a bright colour in daylights and will glow brightly under a UV light or ‘blacklight’.

Glow in the dark party games

Pretty much everything gets better when it’s glow in the dark! For a really glow-tacular party setting, why not try some classic games with a neon twist?

Take indoor bowling. Normally a firm favourite amongst kids, but make it glow in the dark and they won’t want to do it any other way! Our kids glow sticks  are waterproof, so get hold of 10 water bottles, tip some water out (depending on how heavy you want them), add the activated glow sticks to make the bottles glow and roll a football to see if you can get a strike!

Hoopla is another classic game. The twist? Aim and throw with a selection of multi-coloured glow sticks! The winner gets to wear them. Each necklace is made up of three different colours and will glow for up to 12 hours. What’s not to love? Here’s our glow stick hoopla party pack to get you started.

When they’ve danced ’til they’ve dropped, get your guests to try mini noughts and crosses- perfect for tired feet. Set up little grids with kids glow sticks and then start placing your ‘naughts and ‘crosses’ to win three in a row.

Why not try out some fabric paint and get designing and decorating some pre-bought plain white T-shirts. Don’t forget you need to fix the design with a hot iron on the reverse once it has dried. The pop of colour on a white T-shirt will look really striking under the black light!

For the more creative among your guests, you could choose to get crafty with the UV paints and design some murals, greetings cards, or canvasses.

Glow Stick Party bags

You can’t have a glow in the dark party without a glow in the dark party-bag! Start off with a few staple glow sticks, necklaces or bracelets and a few extra connectors so they can experiment. Try some of these glow stick party bag filler ideas.

For a twist, try setting up a lucky dip for your guests on their way out. As they plunge their hands into a deep filled box, they could take home the ultimate party bag gift. Anything from LED sound reactive glasses glow bunny ears, a stylish glow stick cap, a glow tiara, an LED sword or light sabre (for any Star Wars fans) or a glow ball that you just have to bounce hard on the floor to activate. Your guests will leave on a real high with a great gift they can take home. The magic doesn’t have to end there!

(Don’t forget to hand out any balloons, unless you want a glowing living room when the party’s over.)

A glow in the dark party is guaranteed to be a hit with children of all ages! And there are a myriad of ways to get creative and make sure this is a party to remember. It’s time to get glo-ing!

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Budget party bag fillers for a glow in the dark party

Kids party bag fillers don’t need to break the bank. Shove a few glow sticks in a bag and you’ll have some happy customers. In fact, you could make the whole party glow-in-the-dark themed – it’s unique, easy to pull off and popular with kids and teens of all ages. Combine it with a space theme, fairy theme or spooky theme for extra brownie points. Here are some great budget party bag fillers for a glow-in-the-dark themed party.

Glow sticks

glow stick budget party bag fillers
Image Source

Obviously, as retailers of glow sticks, this was always going to be our first suggestion! But placing bias aside for a second, you can’t go wrong with a few glow sticks. They cost pennies, and I don’t know a child (or adult) that can resist snapping a glow stick and waving it around in the air. Even better, get hold of some glow stick connectors and your guests can enjoy making their own glow bracelets and glow necklaces

Party cupcakes that glow in the dark!

Glow in the dark cupcakes by
Glow in the dark cupcakes by

You might not want the mess of cutting the main birthday cake and wrapping individual pieces in tissue paper. In which case, cupcakes in individual boxes or fairy cakes wrapped in foil are perfect. You can make glow in the dark cupcakes to match the party theme. All you need to do is put tonic water in the mix – it contains quinine, which glows under a blacklight.

Glow In The Dark Hats and Glasses

glow in the dark hat made from glow sticks for budget party bag fillers

Every child loves dressing up, especially if their costume glows in the dark. These glow stick glasses and glow stick hats are always crowd pleasers. Or if you have any princess fairies amongst your guests, they’ll be over the moon with this glow stick tiara.


A Secret Ink ‘Thanks For Coming’ Letter

Although not glow in the dark, a secret writing letter fits nicely into the party theme because it is a novelty. Plus, you can make them for next to nothing. Simply mix some lemon juice with a bit of water then write your message with a cotton bud and wait for it to dry. You can label the letter ‘get mum or dad to iron me to read me’ so their parents know to iron the letter for the child to reveal the writing.

Glowing Spooky Eyes

glowing spooky eyes made from glow sticks

Glowing spooky eyes are certainly budget party bag fillers because they cost so little. And yet, they bring so much fun to the child that receives them because they can be hidden in all sorts of places to creep-out passers-by. They’re especially good if you’re throwing a Halloween party.

Glow In The Dark Stickers

Most kids are pretty excited about the concept of stickers, let alone stickers that glow-in-the-dark. Save money by getting a large packet like this one and sticking an individual sheet in each party bag.

Glowing body art

Tube of Glow Dark Body Paint To continue the fun of face painting when they get home, why not give each child a small tube of glow paint? No child can resist face-painting, especially when the paint they use glows in the dark. Include some glittery temporary tattoos to complete the look.

We hope these budget party bag filler suggestions have helped you feel inspired about planning your next kids’ party. Please do remember that age appropriate gifts should always be given, and supervision is advised.

Happy party planning! The kids are gonna glow wild!

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Can you recharge a glow stick?

can you recharge a glow stick
Image Source

We are fully aware that glow stick fans love their glow stick products so much, they want them to last as long as possible. We completely understand not wanting the fun to end! Plus, it saves money and time if you can use the same product more than once, especially if you run a kids club or sports club that uses glow sticks all the time.

When it comes to using glow sticks, one of the most common questions asked is “can you recharge a glow stick?”, to which the standard answer is no. But don’t despair just yet!

Why you can’t recharge a glow stick

Glow sticks are designed and made to be used as a single use item, to be immediately disposed of after they have stopped glowing. They get their glow from a chemical reaction called chemiluminescence. When you crack a glow stick two chemicals are mixed together to produce light. There’s no way to reverse the chemical reaction, so you can’t recharge the glow in your glow stick.


Whatever you use glow sticks for, whether it is for weekend festivals, clubbing, kids clubs or fashion statements, the fun doesn’t have to end after one single use.

Yes, glow sticks are single use items, but you can extend that single use with a few tricks. They can’t exactly be recharged, but their use can be prolonged, here’s how;

How to make your glow stick last longer

Using glow sticks as they are, they will last from a few hours to a few days. Heat speeds-up the chemical reaction that produces the glow. So the more heat they are exposed to, the brighter they will glow but the faster they will fade and ‘go out’.

To keep your glow stick going for longer, the trick is to keep putting them in the freezer. When you freeze a glow stick, the chemical reaction that keeps them glowing is slowed right down, and although there hasn’t been a study done, the sticks seem to be recharged to a point after they have been frozen.

To make your glow stick last longer you need to freeze the stick after activating it and whilst it still glows. If the glow stick has completely gone out, freezing it will not recharge it at all.

When you want to enjoy the stick again, just get it out of the freezer, let it thaw a little, then shake it to help it glow again. This is a process you can repeat over and over again but the glow stick will keep fading, eventually losing its glow completely.

So, can you recharge a glow stick?

Glow sticks are made to be used and then disposed of, but you can prolong the fun using your trusty freezer. The process is more like prolonging than recharging, but it is pretty awesome that you can get more than one use out of your glow stick, right? In terms of survival situations or camping with glow sticks, clearly this method isn’t appropriate and it is a good idea to have back-up glow sticks with you.

With kids parties and kids clubs this is a great process to try out, for the sake of saving money and the convenience of reusing the same products over and over again. That being said, glow sticks aren’t expensive. So if you need to buy a truck-load of glow sticks for a big event, checkout our wholesale glow stick pricing to save a few pounds.

Happy glowing, and freezing, and glowing, and freezing, and glowing, and freezing….

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Are glow sticks safe for children?

child wearing green glow stick glasses - are glow sticks safe for children
Image Source

As with many things in life, adhering to instructions keeps you safe. Follow the precautions accompanying your glow sticks and you’ll find that they most certainly are safe for children.

Not all glow sticks are exactly the same, so it is important to read the package instructions detailing how to activate them and whether they are safe for children. Check if the products you have purchased;

* carry the CE mark – the manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation…’ Find out more here

* conform to the British EN71 standard – a standard which applies to all toys sold in the EU. It guarantees that all toys meet certain minimum safety standards.

Glowtopia products conform to the above standards

Individual products come with safety guidance on either the product packaging or the product information pages. Make sure you read these guidelines about activation and their recommended minimum age guide.

Keep the chemicals contained.

Keep the chemicals contained and you have a safe activity! Glow sticks are not designed to be cut open or used in any way other than as intended by the manufacturer. Keep them sealed as they’re designed to be. 

When you activate glow sticks, the chemicals inside mix together to cause the luminescence. These chemicals are low in toxicity and not dangerous, but should be treated with caution and respect. If swallowed or squirted on to the skin or into eyes, the liquid can cause irritation.

Word to the wise- if any of the luminescent fluid comes into contact with the skin or eyes, simply rinse with water. Any symptoms from ingestion shouldn’t last very long, but if you are concerned, contact your GP.

Are glow sticks safe for all children?

Our glow sticks are not suitable for those under 3 years of age. Babies pretty much put everything in their mouths. And once teeth have made an appearance, well, suffice to say you don’t want to be finding bite marks anywhere on these products!

Our glow sticks are safe for children over 3 years old with adult supervision. Generally speaking, the older the child, the less likely they are to chew or suck random objects, but also the more unpredictable they can be. Make sure they don’t start attacking them with scissors or try to overbend them or snap them in half. Some glow sticks keep one of the chemicals separate from the other in a glass vial inside the plastic glow stick tube. Once the glow stick has been activated, if it is continually re-bent or folded, the tiny shards of that glass vial may puncture the plastic.

Don’t be tempted to cut them open for any science-y experiments you might have found on Pinterest.

The magic of luminescence means these novelties will always have a place in the lives of children and young adults- think parties, firework night, Halloween, and festivals to name but a few. Their versatile and effortless nature guarantee lasting popularity. So if you’re asking the question are glow sticks safe for children, our answer would be yes they are, if handled responsibly and with supervision where necessary.

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How To Plan A Glow Run Fundraiser

runners in glow sticks and UV body paint at glow run fundraiser
Image Source

We all spend the beginning of the year doing things for ourselves: losing weight, treating ourselves to a new set of clothes, booking summer holidays – usually to get through the doom and gloom that is a UK winter. Now we edge our way towards spring, it’s a really great time to plan to do something for others. What better way to improve yourself this year than by helping to improve the lives of those in need? Good karma and all that right?

A walk or a run as a fundraiser is a pretty great idea, because it is healthy, it makes the event very visible and builds a real sense of achievement. Planning a glow run adds an entirely new element to the run or walk, because it’s unusual and more exciting than a daytime event.

If you’re planning a glow run fundraiser, follow these tips for success:

The Run/ Walk

There are so many different things to think about when you plan your run or walk, especially if it is in the dark.

  • Route: The route impacts everything else, including safety, signage, parking, and enjoyment. Consider the route, and consider if it is suitable for glow in the dark run.
  • Safety: Without even thinking about the glow in the dark aspect of the run, the safety is paramount. Think about things like traffic, construction sites, pedestrians who aren’t in the event. Have a deep think about potential hazards.
  • Resources: You’ll need to think about things like bins, food, drinks, toilets, signage, rope and barriers, sound systems, lighting (specific to this type of event) and staff.

The Legal Side Of Things

When you do a charity walk or run you may need permission to use the area you set up in or use. Insurance, regulations and lots of other red tape may apply so speak to your local council and get advice from the charity you are supporting.

Getting People Involved

Marketing is key if you want anyone to turn up to your event. Clearly you can advertise in local papers and so on, but the best thing to do is get out and about locally, and utilise social media because it is so far reaching.

Getting People Registered

It is so important to make it easy for people to register, otherwise they may be put off. Online registration via your social media and website presence will work best. You might want to think about an incentive to sign up, such as a free glow stick for the run. You will also want to set up emails and communication with them up until the date and afterwards to get them to sign up for next years event, perhaps for a discounted early bird rate.

Glowing Fun Run

As you are doing a glow in the dark run, you have special things to think about. Primarily make sure that you really go to town on the marketing, highlighting how special and cool it is because it is glow in the dark.

You could also integrate a special aspect like ‘warriors’ or 90’s rave to suggest dressing up and using UV paints and accessories. Look at current charity glow in the dark runs like London’s Glow In The Park and RNIB Glow Neon Fun Run. Safety is also so important with an event like this, as there’s nothing fun about people tripping and falling in the dark – the route needs to be clearly outlined, and any potential hazards need cordoning off or lighting up.

The Glow Sticks

Glow Bracelets

And of course, no glow run fundraiser would be complete without a multitude of glow sticks. That’s where we can help. We supply all our items at wholesale pricing with price breaks between various quantities. And if you order before 2pm Mon-Fri we’ll dispatch your order that same day. That’s one less thing to think about when you organise your glow run!

Hopefully you’re feeling super inspired to organise your own glow run fundraiser, we are certain it’s glowing to be a big success!