LED Rainbow Sword

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Join the adventure and let the light of the rainbow lead the way! Grab your LED Rainbow Sword and prepare for a journey filled with wonder and imagination!

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Introducing the ultimate accessory for thrilling play and exciting adventures – our LED Rainbow Swords. Brace yourself for a kaleidoscope of colours as these enchanting swords illuminate your imagination and light up your world!

Key Features:

Dazzling Rainbow Glow: Watch in awe as our LED Rainbow Swords come alive with a brilliant display of colours. The vibrant LED lights create a mesmerizing rainbow glow that will capture the hearts of kids and adults alike.

Sturdy and Safe: Crafted from quality materials, these swords are built to withstand epic play battles. The plastic material of the sword ensures safety while providing an immersive role-playing experience.

Ergonomic Design: The handle of our LED Rainbow Swords is designed for a comfortable grip, making it easy to wield and perfect for extended imaginative play.

Adventure-Ready: Whether you’re on a quest to save the kingdom or exploring uncharted lands, our LED Rainbow Swords will be your trusty companions, adding an extra dose of excitement to every adventure.

Perfect for All Ages: Embrace the spirit of play, no matter your age! Our LED Rainbow Swords are loved by kids, teens, and adults, making them fantastic gifts for birthdays, parties, and cosplay events.

Create Magical Memories: Spark your creativity and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. These swords are perfect for imaginative role-play, costume parties, and enchanting gatherings.

Ignite the magic of the rainbow and immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colours with our LED Rainbow Swords. Whether you’re embarking on daring quests or engaging in epic duels, these swords will add a dash of brilliance and excitement to your every escapade.

Our LED Light up swords (72cm long) with a dazzling array of colours!


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