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Glowtopia’s Top 5 Best Sellers this week!

Here at Glowtopia, we have been super busy shipping orders, and we thought you might like to see what’s hot for the Summer Holidays.

1. Interactive Glow T-Shirt

Top of the list this week and hot off the shelves are GLOW T-SHIRTS. 
As seen on Dragon’s Den, these smart T-shirts come with an LED keyring to draw a design. The image fades after about 5 mins, so you can start again. Also works with a laser pen or mobile phone light. Adult & Child Sizes Available

From £15.00 



2. Ultimate BEST SELLER!Glow Bracelets

Our 8 inch Glow Bracelets are always our best seller, cevery week, all year!
Available in 8 different colours in bulk tubes, they can be paired with connectors and used in multiple ways, making them excellent value for money.

From £0.04 each



3. Glow StrawsGlow straws, pack of six in mixed colours

With the all this hot weather BBQs and garden parties are big news, and since our GLOW STRAWS have been flying out the warehouse this week, we’re guessing that the entertaining is getting funky and fun when the sun goes down.

From £0.30 per pack



LED crazy hair with dreadlocks and ribbons4. LED Crazy Hair

It seems this week the girls are getting their glow on as the Summer Holidays get underway.
These popular Crazy Hair hairbands make kooky colour and light filled bunches that every girl needs this Summer.

From £2.94 each



child wearing green glow stick glasses - are glow sticks for sensory play5. Glow Glasses

It seems everyone wants to look glow-tastic this Summer with our GLOW GLASSES
These cool accessories are the must have glow accessory for festivals, summer holiday clubs and camping. Your kids will be looking cool and will be easy to spot when the sun goes down!

From £0.37 per pack
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Be Festival Ready This Summer

No Summer is complete without a festival, and with this Summer being set to be the hottest on record, the 2018 Festival Season is going to be bigger and better than ever. Whether you’re planning to hit the best of the British Festivals, or expanding your horizons to sample the vibes in Europe and beyond, we wish all our customers, subscribers and followers a fun and funky festival season.

Nothing says Festivals like the night time. The crowds, big and small, young and old, are highlighted in an array of neon bands in luminescent colours. Each year, new products and techniques inspire festival goers to really get into the spirit of the festival, as the event organisers put together some of the best performers, visuals, laser and light shows. And when the sun goes down, that’s the time to shine your brightest, so check out our top 5 tips to stand out from crowd and go with the glow!


Snap to Activate Glow Sticks

NOTHING ELSE says Festival Fever like the Glorious Glow Stick! This is the most remarkable, eye-catching and utterly famous chemiluminescent product to ever hit mainstream culture. Since its arrival in the public retail sector in the 1980s, the product range has significantly evolved whilst still respecting the original science behind the discovery that originally started life as an essential item of military equipment. So all that’s left to say, simply put, is that no festival kit is complete without a significant stockpile of Glow Sticks – necklaces, bracelets, batons and pendants, earrings, glasses and head wear. If you’re not wearing or waving a glow stick (or 10) at a festival, you’re missing out!!

22 inch glow in the dark necklaces 6 inch 15mm glow in the dark sticks


Light Toys

Whether you are juggling to show off your skills, looking to light up the dancefloor, or are thinking of keeping the kids entertained, there is a glowing toy that has your name on it. The possibilities really are endless, from the Light Poi and LED finger lights popular with dancers at raves and festivals, to glow batons, wands, fibre optics and LED novelty toys for the little folk; light toys are the number 1 people pleaser for all events. Our top tip for this must have festival accompaniment is to buy them in advance and take them with you, and include a few spares and extra batteries just be safe. For the business savvy festival goer, stocking up on bulk toys could see you bring in a tidy profit as an on-foot trader.

 Foam LED Baton Flashing LED Ball Light Up LED Pirate Sword with Sound


Body- Marbling

This craze, which hit the scene in 2016 and has since been big news for festival goers, sees your body and belongings turn into works of art.
Originally created by Black Light Visuals using acrylic paint, there are many DIY alternatives, but the basic principle is easy to replicate. All you need are large containers of salt water, and acrylic or liquid body paint. Add the paint to the water in various colours and swirl around to create patterns of coloured pigments floating on the water. Then dip a limb or thing into the container and the paint pigments will stick to the surface. Allow to air dry naturally and you are good to go. We found that UV body paints work just as well, and gives a FESTIVAL GLOW that is hot on trend this Summer.



Glow in the Dark Clothing

For those who don’t want to decorate their skin or wear glow accessories, the range of hi-tec clothes and accessories is increasing as market trends follow the demand for new and innovative products. With self-glowing fabrics, UV reflective garments and glow in the dark fabric paint becoming more accessible and affordable, you’ll spot many more illuminated bodies amongst the crowds. Our favourite clothing trend by far is the Interactive Glow T-Shirt, which we liked so much we sourced it ourselves to share with our own customers from Illuminated Apparel – as seen on BBC Dragon’s Den. This clever garment gizmo allows you to draw a design or write a message on the glow in the dark canvas using the UV key ring (supplied), mobile phone torch or a laser pen, which will glow for up to 10 minutes before starting to fade, leaving you free to do it over and over again.



Hair and Skin Glow

Check out Pinterest to see the very latest trends in Glow in the Dark makeup techniques, face and body paint designs and UV hair gel and chalk styles. With an extensive range of professional quality products available, it is a cost effective way of lighting up when the lights go down. Most products are neon by day, and under the UV lights they glow with luminousity so you will not blend into the crowd as you dance the night away. And the best bit, is that whist these products are bang on trend, smart and sassy with design ideas that will rock this festival season, you don’t have to rely on stage lights to ensure your glow continues after leaving the light show. Our LED batons are a UV light source, so if your heading back to the tent, or the leader of an entourage, you can light the way by waving your LED baton around, and your hair, make up and UV paints will continue to glow.

. . . . . . .


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Weather conditions update

Many parts of the UK have been affected by snow and ice over the last few days. Down in Poole, Dorset where we’re based, we very rarely see snow, however we are also currently in the grips of ‘the beast from the east’!

Our team are doing their best to ensure orders carry on being dispatched as normal, however many roads are currently un-passable. The local trunk road, the A31, was also subject to military support on the night of Thursday 1st March causing delays to deliveries.

All orders placed on Thursday 1st March and Friday 2nd March will be subject to a 1-2 working day delivery delay as whilst we have been able to get orders to the depots both DPD and Royal Mail’s lorries have been stuck in the yards meaning nothing has been moving forward. We expect to be dispatching all orders on Monday 5th March as normal.

Depending on conditions in your local area there could still be onward delays however conditions appear to be improving across most of the UK.

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Re-Selling Glow Sticks at Events

Glow sticks can be a quick, easy way of making a few bob. You don’t have to necessarily go big either. The local firework display on Bonfire night, Summer Fairs, or even a nearby outdoor concert, these are just a few ideas to get you started up in selling these great, cheap and effective must-have party accessory.

There a few different ways of going about selling such items. Of course, there’s a free-standing stall or trailer, which you can brand and market. Or, another idea which maybe even more effective if you’re just starting out is becoming a vendor on foot.

Do the Research

Make sure you thoroughly research your chosen event, in particular the demographics, and the times of the event. A summer cake sale that runs from 10am – 2pm will have obvious flaws when it comes to selling glow related products – you don’t want to the summer sunlight to outshine you!

Try and get into an event that runs into the early hours, a big chunk of your sales will be pre nightfall, so bear that in mind when planning the vital logistics.

When it comes to glow products, there are some very different customers. In a nutshell you can kind of categorise your consumers into two sections; Kids, and the hardcore ‘ravers’. But saying that, it won’t stop the parents from getting a little glowingly envious, they might end up buying a Glow Stick Candle, Bunny Ears, Ear Rings or Sword! Anyway, the consumers will vary at each event so it should be a consideration as to the types of products you take to each event.  As a suggestion; Glow Stick Tiaras and Glow Stick Caps for the kids, and for the Ravers maybe some LED Sound Reactive Glasses and Glow Batons. Whereas the Glow Sticks, well.. EVERYBODY loves a Glow Stick right?



Also, make sure you work out the logistics, plan everything well in advance. The journey time, driving route, parking, getting the equipment from the vehicle to your stall.. etc etc. Planning ahead will save you a lot of time in the long run, and you could miss out on valuable sales if you’re faffing around trying to park, or build your stall!

Make sure you’ve got a way of logging down your sales, so you don’t loose track of what’s flying out the door, and what isn’t.. Also, bring change! People are bound to show up with £10 or £20 notes and expect a load of change in return.

Marketing your Stall

Glow NecklacesOk, so you’ve opted for your own stall. This is great, it’s a great way of marketing yourself (for future events) and it’s easy to make a Glow Stick stall stand out! So make sure you do. It’s maybe worth just splashing out on one or two banners (they’re pretty inexpensive in all honesty), and get a load of multi-coloured writing on there. Maybe your business name (if you have one), or just a simple ‘Glow Sticks for Sale’ sign.


glow in the dark balloon for hen partyNow to jazz up your stall.. One idea is to snap some of the 6 inch Premium Glow sticks, as they come with a lanyard so you can easily hang them somewhere on the stall. Another idea is blowing up some of our multi-coloured LED Balloons and hanging them from your stall.



Vendor on Foot?

A vendor on foot, refers to a vendor that can be mobile as apposed to being restricted to one area manning a stand or trade stall. Vendors are allowed to branch out and roam free amongst the crowd. It’s often a good idea to have a trade stand/stall as a base, as well as vendors on foot, this way you can cover the whole event. Having people walking around the event, is also more of an incentive for people to buy there and then. With a stall, people may walk past two or three times with the intent of coming back later, whereas a passing vendor may be their only opportunity for a consumer to buy on the spot, encouraging them to buy immediately as opposed to dwelling on a purchase.

Glow in the Dark Fancy Dress Glow Stick
Image source

Vendors on foot is an excellent suggestion specifically when it comes to selling Glow Sticks.

What’s that moving glowing object over there standing out from the crowd so prominently in the distance walking towards us? It’s a Glow Stick Vendor! Well don’t they look glowingly awesome, let’s go buy some Glow sticks! That’s usually how it goes. Just make sure you warn your vendors, they’ll probably have to wear the attire!

Staffing the event

This is kind of a big deal. The more enthusiastic your staff, the better. Look at the beaming smiles and how happy those vendors look, dancing around, it must be the Glow Sticks!

If your staff are vendors on foot, left to roam free, make sure they’re aware of the vital selling areas to linger, such as walkways, near food vendors, entrance gates and near the restrooms.

So there you have it, the basics of selling Glow Novelties at an event, it’s always best to start smaller so you can gauge the kind of sales you can make and then work your way up to a bigger event. And do you know what’s even better? Here at Glowtopia, we offer discounts on bulk orders!

Happy Selling!


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Freshers’ Week 2017 Glow Essentials

Freshers’ Week is a perfect introduction to life on campus at your new university. It is during this week that you are likely to meet the friends that will stick by you during the next three (or more) years, as well as your new flatmates for first year – and possibly beyond. Here, we list all of your Freshers’ Week Glow essentials, because we all know just how wild things can get.

[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=320]

Preparing yourself for Freshers’ Week

If you’re big on the party scene then you have some serious preparation to do if you want to be ready for the parties that Freshers’ Week has to offer. From late night raves to never ending pre-drinks, you’re going to experience it all.
This week is all about settling in and starting your time at university with a bang – and that bang is sure to include at least one UV party. In order to survive this week and the hard partying that comes with it, you are going to need at least one pair of sunglasses (for the inevitable hangover – here at Glowtopia we’re a fan of the classic Wayfarer Sunglasses), paracetamol and caffeine to get you through the next day. Oh, and lots of glow for the nights out!

The Essential Freshers’ Week Glow Products You Need

Club nights and raves are all about the experience, and glowing objects can help make it a night you will never forget. From the classic to the quirky, we have everything you could possibly need, and you can find it all here at Glowtopia.

#1 Classic Glow Sticks

Our 6″ 15mm Premium Glow Sticks, these are the number one glow item you are likely to find anywhere, and they look fantastic. You can get them in a range of colours and in multipacks to share with your friends. Light up the club when your favourite tunes come on, or use them to paint the town neon when you go out for drinks before or after.

#2 UV Body Paint

UV paint is an absolute must for any student that is celebrating Freshers’ Week. Get in touch with your creative side, and turn your face into a masterpiece. Once you hit the UV party, your face (and even body if you’ve painted that) will glow intensely – making you the centre of attention. Go wild and turn yourself into something spectacular.

#3 Glow Hats and Glasses

What better way to liven up the party with glow hats and glow glasses? Ideal for a night spent raving at your local (or campus) club, as well as those spent in your flat drinking and having a good time with new friends, these nifty accessories are a perfect little extra!

#4 UV Fabric Paint

Almost every single University Freshers’ Week will involve a white t-shirt party, and what better way to stand out at these events than with UV fabric paint? Simply apply to a white t-shirt and once under UV light it will light up producing amazing effects!

Make a glowing impression this Freshers’ Week with our Freshers’ Week Glow Pack

Freshers’ Week is going to be amazing, and you are going to have the time of your life. Check out our Freshers’ Glow Pack for our favourite Freshers’ Glow Essentials. Whether you are partying from the comfort of halls, or heading out into the city for a taste of the nightlife, glow products are going to be there with you to bring that little extra something. Party hard and prepare yourself for your university adventure.
Freshers' Week Glow

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Get your Glitter Glow on…

Glitter Glow is a fabulous way of sparkling up any outfit, even if it’s not fancy dress, it’ll give your Festival look that extra Glow! Nowadays, there aren’t many Festivals you can attend without there being an absolute Glitter takeover. Celebrities such as Ellie Goulding have gone mad for the Festival Glitter too! This short guide will give you some inspiration and quick tips on how you can get your Glitter Glow on this Festival season.

What Is UV Glitter Body Gel?

Image Source

Formulated using the finest ingredients, these UV glitter gels can be used to brighten up face painting or add that finishing touch to your fancy dress costume.
This UV reactive Glitter Gel is formulated so as not to dry out or irritate the skin, and can be removed with soap and water. The glitter can be applied sparsely for a subtle effect, or applied in layers for a more intense glitter effect. The glitter can be applied over Neon Face Paint for a truly spectacular UV colour/glitter ensemble. Mixing the colours of the glitter in between layers can also produce magical sparkles of colour that produce an amazing glow under black light.


Preparing For Application

When applying any kind of Glitter or Body Paint, it’s always a good idea to make sure you prepare a ‘Getting Ready Zone’.. this will make sure tables and carpets don’t get ruined. The UV Glitter Gel washes off with soap and water, but it’s always better to be on the safe side, you don’t want to be hoovering up bits of Glitter for the next few days! You could either get ready outside, or place a load of newspaper down on the carpet in case there’s any spillages. Or if you’re going to a Festival, why not embrace the outdoors and in true Festival fashion just get ready outside the tent!

Planning A Look

Image Source

If you want to make sure you’re looking your absolute best for the Festival or Party, make sure you plan how you’re going to do your Glitter make-up in advance, maybe have a little trial run a few days in advance so you know exactly how you’re going to do the application, you don’t want any mishaps on the day, or else you’ll be late for the event!!

Image Source

If you’re going for a more subtle Glitter glow, you could grab some cheap bits of sponge or even use a make-up sponge and cut out a specific shape of your choice, for example a heart. For the next part you have two options, you can either grab some of our UV Glitter Glow, the glitter is mixed in with a sticky substance so it’ll stick straight to your skin. This UV Glitter Glow is cosmetically certified for use on the face & body, these dazzling glitter gels apply smoothly to the skin, are quick drying and long-lasting.


Another option is to grab some pots of Glitter from your local craft shop such as Hobby Craft, cover the intended area of skin with Hair Gel, as Hair Gel will really make sure the Glitter sticks! When you’re ready, you’ve got your Glitter and your Sponge template ready, just cover the Sponge with your chosen glitter and transfer onto the skin, you may want to repeat this a couple of times to build up the layer of Glitter to make sure it stays on all day and night!

With UV Glitter Body Gel you can go really wild, you really do need to just ‘glow for it’! So why not go for something like the picture to the above, it’s pretty out there! Just grab a whole load of UV Glitter Gel, and see what you magically come up with is the best way to GLOW..

To add to the Glow, it’s an idea to combine and complete the look with UV Hair Gel, or UV Hair Chalk, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd that’s a certainty!

Glitter Glow Lipstick

Image Source

If you’ve braved it, and you’re going the full hog, then of course you’ll need to finish off the look with sparkly lips! This is so straight forward you won’t believe it. Just grab one of your daily lipsticks and maybe add a little bit of lip gloss on top this will really help the glitter stick, and when you’re ready, dab on some glitter over the top, apply it quite thickly to make sure you’re really making the most out of that glow. You can either go for the ready mixed UV Glitter Glow or grab a pot of glitter from your crafty shop. You can even combine opt for a dark colour lipstick like a black or deep red, and then use a completely different colour glitter, this will create a really effective two tone effect.

Rainbow Freckling

Image Source

Have you heard of the new craze? Rainbow freckling is set to be the new trend, it’s perfect for that Festival look. Bright colours are dabbed onto your cheeks, nose, around the eyes and forehead to replicate freckles. It’s really simple to do, just grab some UV Glitter Glow, and lightly squeeze a tiny blob (depending on how big you want the freckles to be) onto a cotton bud, and begin dabbing around these areas. It’ll create a really effective Glitter glow look! Mix the colours up a bit, maybe go for some Blues, Greens and Purples, opting for Red may look like you have a case of the measles, so maybe avoid that one!


We’ve attached a Pinterest Glitter Glow Board to get you all inspired.

Now, go get your Glitter Glow on…!


Image Source
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GLOW for Pride!

Image Source

Gay Pride is a world-wide celebrated party of colour, dancing, wacky outfits, and a whole load of fun. Many Gay Prides Parades are now promoted as a Tourist event, towns such as Brighton and London City attract over 300,000 people, with this many people in attendance Pride Parades have evolved from a Parade into a Festival. Some of these Pride Festivals provide a Carnival-like atmosphere, which coincide with Concerts, Beer stands, Food traders, Barbeques, Sports and Games.

But behind all the Glitter and extravagancy lies a deeper reason than just a reason to party

The 1960s were not welcoming times for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender). It was illegal to display ‘homosexuality’ in public, for people of the same sex to dance together and people were forbidden from selling alcohol to gay people.

A Bar in New York City had set itself up as a place for LGBT people to go and completely be themselves without the risk of being arrested! However because the Bar was operating without a liqueur license, in 1969 it was raided by the New York City police. One lady was hit over the head by a police office, in which she cried out for help, the crowd became bigger and eventually turned into a full blown riot, in which 13 people were arrested.

Image Source

Police officers came from all over the city to help control the riot, they managed to disperse the crowd and control the situation. However this wasn’t the end, merely the beginning. The following six days, demonstrations continued to take place outside the Bar, with thousands of people showing up to express their solidarity.

This was a breaking point for the LGBT community, a group of activists plead the Easter Regional Conference of Homophile Organizations (ERCHO) in Philadelphia to allow them to hold a march to commemorate the one year anniversary of the raid. The proposal was for an annual march with no dress code or age restrictions. The plea had been accepted, and the activists began planning their march.

Image Source

Word spread, and San Francisco decided to commemorate the riot, by holding their own march in which 30 people attended. Since then, word has spread worldwide, with not only major cities, but towns now holding their own march. The march has now turned from a walk through the streets to a full blown festival; Pride festival, celebrating, raising awareness and campaigning for the freedom to allow the LGBT community to live their lives on a genuinely equal footing.

In 2016, 1 million people took to the streets of San Francisco to attend the Pride Festival.

For a full summary of the History of Gay Pride have a read; How Activists Plotted the First Gay Pride Parades.

Gay Pride Festivals across the world have become hugely recognised as a great big celebrated party, which usually involves lots of colour, glitter, body paint, outrageous outfits and a whole lot of dancing!

So what are you waiting for, cover yourself in Glitter and body paint, grab a glow stick or two and get yourself down to your next local Gay Pride Festival!

To find out how you can get involved with your local Gay Pride Festival; head on over to Pink UK.

We’ve also created a Pinterest Board to give you some inspiration and ideas on how you can get your bright and colourful Pride Glow this year!

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Glowing Food and Drink Treats

So you’re throwing a Glow in the Dark Party, great news! You’ve sent out the Glow in the Dark themed invitations. You’ve prepped the room and screwed in some UV light bulbs. You’ve been creative and made some awesome Glow in the Dark table decorations. You’ve designed some quirky little Glow in the Dark Games for the kids to play. You’ve bagged up all the Glow in the Dark Party Bags ready to hand out at the end of the party. But there’s just one last thing you need to think about, and it’s quite an important one. You know what hungry and thirsty disco-goers can get like!

Let’s talk Glow in the Dark Food and Drink.. Is there such a thing? But of course! And it’s pretty straightforward too.

Glow in the Dark Jelly

Lets start with every kids party favourite; Glow in the Dark Jelly. It’s as simple as; grabbing a pack of your usual supermarket Jelly, and substituting the water in the recipe for Tonic Water. Bobs your uncle, you’ve got yourself some glowing Jelly! How impressive is that? Tonic contains something called ‘Quinine’, which will make the tonic turn fluorescent under an Ultraviolet light.

Glow in the Dark Jelly
Image source

Glow in the Dark Cupcakes

This is all in the frosting! So get baking your favourite cupcake recipe. When it comes to making the Frosting, use your usual recipe, but with an added little trick, Riboflavin and Neon Food colouring. Riboflavin also known as Vitamin B2 is often found in capsules, so just crush the capsules in your mix. The added Vitamin B2 will actually add some health support in your Cupcakes, so the Cupcakes aren’t all bad! Vitamin B2 helps the body to convert Carbohydrates into fuel, as well as metabolize fats and protein, as well as helping the nervous system function properly. So at least your sweet treats will provide the kids with some sort of health related goodness! Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin is really easy to come across, you can order some capsules online, or by visiting your local health store. Just click here to follow a simple Glow in the Dark Cupcake recipe.

Glow in the Dark Cupcakes
Image source

Glow Candy Floss

So you’re lucky enough to have hired a Candy Floss maker, or you’re going for it and making your own. Fantastic! Well if Candy Floss isn’t bright enough for you already, why not add an extra little glow, and instead of your usual Candy Floss stick, go for a Glow Stick! The Glow Stick will shine through the Candy Floss, giving it an even brighter Glow!

Glow in the Dark Candy Floss
Image source


Gin Cocktails

Now lets not just make this party about the kids! We know you adults like to boogie on down too, so check out this little number. The world’s gone absolutely bonkers for Gin and we are just absolutely mad about this Glow in the Dark Gin & Tonic cocktail. It’s that good old Quinine in the Tonic Water that’ll glow under any UV light!

Glow in the Dark Gin
Image source

Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes

Why not get a little creative and make your own Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes. Just simply, mix water and tonic water in an Ice Cube Tray, stick it in the Freezer until completely frozen. And BAM, you’ve got yourself some fantastically glowing Ice Cubes to refresh and cool your drink. If you’re feeling a little less creative and want something quick, easy and ready to go, you could use some of our Blue Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes. They’re made from food-grade plastic and are totally-waterproof. Just press the button to select the mode; flash, quick-flash or static and then drop one into your drink! You could even take it to the next Glow Level, and enjoy your drink in one of our Flashing LED Cups with a Glow Straw!

Glow in the Dark Ice Cube

So the Glow is now in your hands, it’s up to you how creative you get with your food and drink delights.

It may be one of those trial and error to get the best flavour and glow, but the time and effort is certainly worth it for the effectiveness

Happy creating!

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Go Glow for Wimbledon!

Image source

  Ah Wimbledon! There’s nothing more British than stocking up on Strawberries and Pimms, gathering your friends and relatives and getting cosy round the TV to engross yourselves in the competitive ‘Loves’ and ‘Duces’ on centre court!

But have you heard of a Go Glow for Wimbledon party? You’re going to love it! A Pop-up Bar in London are throwing a UV Ping-Pong party in honour!

So why don’t you set up your own at home? Wow your friends and do something out of the ordinary to celebrate a great British Tradition. You can still supply Pimms & Strawberries of course! As soon as it starts to get dark, everyone’s feeling a bit jolly after an overload of daytime Pimms drinking, you can invite everyone outside for a cheeky game of ‘Glow in the Dark Ping-Pong’ (obviously!).

So.. How do you do it?

Ok so, there’s two ways of going about creating your own Glow in the Dark Ping-Pong.. One way is the; UV way. There are specific paints that only light up under a Ultra Violet Light. So if you’re going to go about it this way, you’ll need to be able to change your light bulbs to specific UV light bulbs. This could still take place outside, using the outside lighting or inside. UV Light Bulbs are pretty inexpensive to buy so it won’t blow the budget too much, and pretty easy to source via Ebay or Amazon.

Image source

Once you’ve changed the light bulbs over, the fun starts! Make sure you remove any valuables if you’re doing it inside, you don’t want a rogue flying ping pong ball smashing your precious vase! If you have an actual Table Tennis table then go for it, if not then you’ll need a big table with lots of space around it.

You can either use paper, bits of card or fabric for this next part. Cut out the outline of the Table Tennis table, something like the picture here. Now this may get a little messy. If you’ve opted for the UV version, then you’ll need to grab some UV Paint to start painting your chosen material. If you’re just going for the normal Glow in the Dark option, then you’ll need some normal Glow in the Dark Paint. It’s probably a job better done outside, so if I were you I’d lay some Newspaper down so you don’t make too much of a mess! Now paint over the cut outs you’ve made. Make sure you layer it on quite thick, as you won’t be able to see the paint when it comes out, you’ll only be able to see it working in the dark or under the UV Light.

Image source

Once you’ve left the paint to dry, you’re ready to properly turn an empty, dull, lifeless table into a work of Glowing awesomeness! So grab yourself some sticky tape, and stick down your Table Tennis outline. You don’t have to go and splash out on a fancy Table Tennis net either, just tape down some more Glow in the Dark tape like before, and voila!

Now for the bats, go for the same method as before; cut an outline in your chosen material and paint over it using either the UV Paint or the Glow in the Dark Paint. And as for the Ping Pong Ball, well they come pretty cheap so I’m sure it won’t break the bank if you cover this one in a load of paint. So just pick your colour and coat it in the paint! Simple!

You could go old school and grab a black board and with some funky chalks keep a track of the scores!

How about.. Glow in the Dark Pimms Pong!

Image source

So of course, you’ve all heard of the infamous ‘Beer Pong’. We’ve all seen it, and shamelessly played it but have you tried it with a twist? Well firstly, let’s make it a little classier by changing the name from Beer Pong, to Pimms Pong. Has a ring to it doesn’t it?.. To start with you need to grab a load of plastic cups, you could opt for all the same size, or make it a little trickier and go for a variation in sizes. Now using some of the Glow Bracelets, connect one together using a plastic connector and place them at the bottom of the cups. The tubes of 50 or 100 Bracelets come in a variety of colours so you could make things a little more competitive and colour code the game,  so that different colours mean different points. Now paint your Ping Pong ball in UV Paint, or Glow in the dark paint and Bobs your uncle, Glow in the Dark Beer Pong is underway!

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You could even cheat and save the hassle of connecting Glow Sticks, and just go straight for the glow with some funky Glow in the Dark cups. Just simply push the button and away you go, you’ve got yourself a funky, flashing LED Glow in the Dark Cup. If you want to make it into a full Glow in the Dark Bonanza, why not go the full hog and ensure everybody’s drinking through a Glow in the Dark straw, with a nice cooling LED Ice cube to top it off!

So get your Tennis Whites on (they’ll really glow under a UV light!) and get playing!

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School Disco: How To

The end of the school year is approaching, the kids are all excitable at the thought of the Summer Hols, and you’re probably looking forward to the break also! But before everybody ventures off on their holidays it’s time to celebrate the end of term with a bang!

Kids School Disco
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All schools will have a Centre for Education and Finance Management license which will cover the school for all of their curricular activities. However, as the disco will be outside of curriculum hours the school will need to hold a Music license, many schools do have this so just do a little check and make sure. This particular license covers the school for all played music outside of the curriculum hours, so for example if you’re planning on holding a school fete, fundraising event, future discos, after-school clubs that run later so if you’re school doesn’t have one of these licenses it may be worth enquiring to get your school one as they’re pretty beneficial.

Booking A Venue

Ideally you’d most likely want to hold the disco on school premises, it will save a lot of time, hassle and expense. So just check the licensing for your school as previously stated. If not, then have a search around your local area for venues, there’s bound to be plenty of sports halls, church halls, community halls in your local area that are available to be booked out for a one-off evening. The price will be reasonably cheap too, most places will offer discount if you state it’s a fundraising event.

Booking A DJ

Make sure you book your DJ well in advance, bare in mind the time of year you’re planning on holding the Disco. If it’s nearing the Christmas period, a lot of DJ’s will be booked up, and for example the summer season, tends to be wedding season, as well there being lots of festivals, and music gigs going on. A good website to check out local DJ’s in your area is Netmums You can select your area, and sift through the hundreds of DJ’s, kids entertainers etc. Finding a DJ specific to the kind of party you want to throw is vital, make sure they specialise in kids parties and kids discos, they’ll know the deal in regards to music, games, and creating a fun, exciting atmosphere for the kids!

Marketing & Tickets

Glow in the Dark Party invites
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Creating marketing material can be a tricky one, especially if you haven’t done it before. A great website to use is Canva It’s really simple and easy to use, they also provide lots of templates and a step-by-step guide on how to use everything. Just make sure the posters are really bright, colourful and to the point, you’ve got an easy target audience who will get excited by anything that looks outrageously bright and appealing! You could encourage the teachers to give mentions about the disco in morning registration, and maybe even get out and speak to the parents when they come to collect their kids for home time. If the kids are too young to handle money, it’s probably an idea to encourage the parents to come in to the Office and purchase a ticket on behalf of their little ones. It’ll save the lose of tickets, money and upset children!

It’s best to get kids to buy their tickets in advance, then you can monitor how many people need to be staffing the event. When tickets are purchased, make sure a parent or guardians contact details are taken. And when the kids arrive at the disco, they’re tickets are collected, and they sign in.

One suggestion is to include something in the ticket price, maybe a free glow stick or glow novelty, food or drink. It’ll make it more value for money, and the kids will get excited at the thought of a ‘free’ Glow Stick!

Decorating the Venue

Light up Balloon Walkway School disco
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The opportunities are endless when it comes to using Glow Sticks to decorate a venue. Start by blackening the room as much as possible; switch off the lights, close all the curtains. (Just make sure you can still see what you’re doing!). You could decorate the room using these flashing LED Balloons, tie a bundle of balloons together to make a cluster of colour to hang in the corners of the room. You could even make a flashing LED Balloon entrance to hang over the doorway, for when all the kids arrive. Or how about making a flashing LED Balloon walkway leading to the hall or venue, just tie some string to the balloons and hang them from the trees leading up the pathway.

Another idea is an old simple favourite. Remember making Paper chains, cutting out the bits of paper, gluing them together and making the longest chain humanly possible. It used to look really effective! What about swapping the paper for Glow Sticks, it’s a much simpler way and far less time-consuming. The Glow bracelets come with little connectors, so all you need to do is link the bracelets, and pop the connectors on to secure them! Hang them around the room to create a really effective glow!

Tuck Shops OR a ‘Healthy Food’ Tuck Shop

Healthy Disco Food and Drink
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Healthy Disco and Party food
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If there’s one thing that’s certain, kids love a Tuck shop, all that fizzy pop and sugar, but you know what that inevitably means? Hyper, crazy kids. Yes it’s a Disco, and if kids can’t run wild at a Disco, then when can they? However, the World is becoming more and more health-conscious than ever so why not set up a ‘Healthy Food’ Tuck Shop. Trying to get the little ones to eat Fruit is a lot harder than getting them to devour a bag of Marsh mellows, however it’s all in the disguising ;).

Healthy Disco and Party food
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Serving fruit on little BBQ style skewers is one option, or you could even arrange some fruit in little cupcake cases. Or how about ice cream cones without the ice cream! Just fill the cones with lots of yummy fresh strawberries, and maybe a teeny tiny sprinkle of chocolate. They won’t even notice the difference! And of course, all that dancing and running around, they’ll certainly be gasping for a nice cool refreshing drink! Cranberry Juice Sangria (non-alcoholic of course) is a great healthy alternative to fizzy, sugar filled drinks. Just throw a load of Cranberry Juice and big chunky bits of fruit into a jug, and there you have it! You could even serve the Sangria with some Glow in the Dark straws or Glow in the Dark Ice Cubes, a novelty the kids will love!

Click here to check out some more healthy treats!


glow in the dark hat for budget party bag fillersglow glassesSo you’ve set up your Tuck shop, be it healthy or not! What about if the kids are too young to handle money? One idea is to include a free drink and snack of their choice from the Tuck shop. You could also include a free Glow novelty or Glow stick when the kids arrive. Just make the cost of the entry fee a little bit more expensive to cover the costs. Glow Sticks are cheap and cheerful, and kids go absolutely crazy for them. If the kids are old enough to handle money, you could have a little Glow novelty stall, selling all kinds of funky, glowing fun; Glow Caps, Glow Tiaras etc..

Glow sticks and Glow novelties are a great way to make a little bit more profit to add to the fundraising.

Lucky Dip

As well as having a Glow Novelty stall, you could include a ‘Lucky Dip’ bucket. So just source a big bucket or container, wrap up various different Glow products in some funky wrapping paper, or you could get savvy and use Newspaper, and then just fill the container full with lots of wrapped up goodies. The kids will love the suspense of not knowing what prize they’re going to get, and then the surprise of getting something awesome like a Glow Cap, Tiara or Glasses!

Dance Competitions

What better way is there to get the kids moving and grooving than a Dance competition? For example; Musical Statues is always a winner, or you could even set up a Dance-off. Just make sure it doesn’t get too competitive, you don’t want unhappy children! You could include glow stick prizes for each children that takes part to keep it fair. If you’ve hired a DJ that specifically hosts kids parties and discos, they’ll know the score in regards to what gets the kids grooving! Take a look at one of our previous blog posts; Glow in the Dark Games, for some more glow in the dark party games and ideas.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about hosting a School Disco. We hope you’ve found it helpful.

Happy Disco Planning!