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Glow Party Games

Thanks to the wonderful resources over at Pinterest, we have put together our top 5 glowing DIY Party games and activities to keep you and your family entertained.

We love anything we can add a bit of glow power to, and we especially love getting creative with the kids, recycling household items and keeping the whole family entertained as we make and play, spending quality time together and using our dexterity and hand-eye coordination skills, giving little minds a much needed break from the digital and technological world.

So if you find yourself with some spare time and a heap of glow sticks, check out the following ideas:

Shout out to for some really wonderful kiddie crafts, and this one is one of our favourites - so simple to do that even toddlers can take part in setting up the game. Its great for parties, and all you need is some 8 inch Glow Stick Bracelets and some empty plastic bottles. Mix it up with a variety of different sized bottles to add a tricky twist to the game. You can add a prize too... maybe pop a sweet next to the bottle as an incentive to hook it, or give a small prize for 3 winning hooks.

Craft Noel Magazine

Who doesn't love Tic Tac Toe? Probably one of the most popular quick games you can play - and yes, you've guessed it.... you can make it glow with glow sticks!

We found a lovely little post on Pinterest - you can use our 22 inch Glow Stick Necklaces to make the grid, or connect 2 or 3 of our 8 inch Bracelets to make a longer stick, and use two different coloured glow stick bracelets to make the counters. Easy Peasy!

Who doesn't love Tic Tac Toe? Probably one of the most popular quick games you can play - and yes, you've guessed it.... you can make it glow with glow sticks!

We found a lovely little post on Pinterest - you can use our 22 inch Glow Stick Necklaces to make the grid, or connect 2 or 3 of our 8 inch Bracelets to make a longer stick, and use two different coloured glow stick bracelets to make the counters. Easy Peasy!

This is a great, novel idea and its a brand new one to us! All you need to take part is a bundle of glow stick bracelets, a large space like a back garden or a park, and the dark (not too dark!). You can either can follow the these guys' tutorial here or you can play the traditional game of tag, with all players wearing 2 or 3 glow stick bracelets - and when the person who is "it" tags a person, they give the person who was tagged one of their bracelets and that person it "it". The winner is the first one to run out of Bracelets. Alternatively you can add your own spin on it and make up your own winning rules and tactics.

With this idea you can create other games and activities to extend the fun. Yes, you can just go all out with an evening water fight (wellies and waterproofs are a good idea if the evenings are still a bit chilly), or how about setting up a stocks for an evening charity fundraiser? If you want to have a bit of good old fashioned fun with the kids, you can make your self a target board, and use the water balloons to hit the target - this is a perfect game for the garden and camping. We are sure there are loads of ways you can have fun with this idea as the sun starts to set on warm Summer evenings.

We hope that this fun, quick and simple glowing crafts will help bring a bit of fun to your evenings and beat the boredom while the kids are of school over Easter and the Summer holidays, or just to bring some family and friends quality time together. These ideas can be adapted for children's parties, adults parties, garden parties and beach parties.

Have fun!!

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Easter Garden Kerplunk Style Game


Spring is here and the sun has just started shining here in Dorset, so it got us thinking of new ways to enjoy our glow sticks in the garden. Being that Easter is just around the corner, we wanted to add an Easter twist on some outdoor family games, after all, who doesn't like a cracking good garden game?

And so we have taken a break from the ordinary office work to build our very own "Kerplunk" style game.... and we are so glad we did!!

It is surprisingly easy to construct, inexpensive (it can be made from general garden materials that you may have stashed in a corner of your shed) and with a quick trip to a local pound store you are ready to go. Obviously, we can't help but add a glowing spin on everything we do, so if like us you still want to play this game when the sun goes down, we have everything you need to show it the glow.

What you will need...

Most of the things you will need you may have lurking in your shed or garage, or can be acquired cheaply from a DIY store or garden centre. Maybe even try a local search on gumtree or freecycle to get a bargain. Here's what to look out for:

Galvanised Wire Mesh (square)  approximately 1 metre length.
Wood - we chopped up some pallets we had in the warehouse and this worked great, but any type of reclaimed wood, paneling, planks or timber off cuts would work.
Some garden sticks OR make it glow with our 22 inch Glow Stick Necklaces!!!! 
A whole heap of fillable plastic eggs (check out your local pound shops and craft shops as well as online)
And if you want to make your eggs glow too, pop some of our best value 1.5 inch Glow Sticks in your Glowtopia shopping basket to fill those eggs.

You'll also need 8 x 50mm nails, pieces of wire or cable ties, wire cutters, a saw, measuring tape, set square or mitre and a hammer.

Reclaimed wood pallets

Mesh Wire & Garden Sticks

22 inch Glow Necklaces

Plastic Easter Eggs

8 inch Glow Bracelets


Take a look at our quick and easy how to picture guide to build this game.

Step 1

Step 3

Step 5

Step 2

Step 4

How to Play

We had such a laugh playing this game, it's great family fun as even the youngest of kiddies can pull out the sticks. We used 30 plastic eggs and 25 glow sticks for this game as a family of 6. The glow sticks were still glowing bright after several hours so you can always come back to the game later, and with our packs of 50 necklaces you would be able to play this game on 2 separate nights.

It would be a great game for adult garden parties if you're having an Easter get together... you could play it for hours, long after the sun first goes down.  If you're going camping this Easter, try and make room for this game too, it is a great game to play by the tent, and will add a cool light feature for your camp, we bet you will draw a crowd and be the most popular campers in the field! And of course not forgetting our friends at all the kids clubs and PTAs!! If you are planning an Easter party, how about including this in your party games? The kids will absolutely love to play and you can make the game last much longer by doubling up the sticks and eggs.

Trust us... this game will be an egg-sploding hit this Easter!

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Mother’s Day Glow Stick Crafts

Mother's Day is fast approaching, so if you're looking for inspiration to brighten up your Mother's Day bouquet, then we have the perfect solution. Replace the standard florist message card and holder with a glowing message stick. All you need is a printer, a hole punch and an 8 inch Glow Stick Bracelet! You could get even more creative.... why not make your mum a candy bouquet instead and use our glowing message sticks in the same way? Or hold a high tea or dinner and display a whole bunch of these in a vase on the table with their connectors so everyone can glow? You can hide one in a box of chocolates or in a gift box, stick it to a card, or simply hand one to your mum with a big hug!

Our free Mother's Day Glow Stick Templates are quick and simple to use - just print them, cut them out, and use a hole punch to make a couple of holes at the top and bottom. Pop an 8 inch glow stick bracelet through the holes and they are ready to go. The templates are pdf files with 4 or 6 cards per sheet. If you are a nursery group, childminder, school or club, these are a great, easy and cost effective craft idea that your children can do themselves so they can make a gift to take home for their mum.


hole punch mothers day glow stick craft
mothers day glow stick craft
mothers day glow stick craft

Click on the links below to download one of 4 free templates.

Perfect for nurseries and play groups, school crafts and children's groups that are making gifts for Mother's Day.

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St. Patrick’s Day Discount

Discount code is applied to the value of the promotional GREEN products and quantities only, excluding delivery costs and is subject to our general Terms and Conditions.   Excluded products will not benefit from the promotional discount.

The Discount code must be entered in to the Coupon Code field on the basket page and applied for the discount to be deducted from the order.

Discount code cannot be combined with any other code, only one offer can be applied to any order. 
Only one discount per customer up to a maximum value of £50.
Discount cannot be redeemed against any other products.
Discount is valid until 17th March 2020.
All promotions are subject to availability and while stocks last. We reserve the right to end a promotion at any time.
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March Madness! Key Dates for the beginning of Spring

Spring is officially here.... though the weather seems to have forgotten...

But at least here at Glowtopia we are not going to let the rain dim our glow! We know that it's hard to keep up with all the What's On events, key dates and special days over Spring and Summer, so we've committed to sharing our very own Calendar Guide each month to keep you guys informed. And not just that.... we've put it in a fun poster style image with our very own Glow Stick Man, bringing you a free to download and print image each month so you won't miss those all important dates again!

Just click on the below image to save it or print it. You're welcome!

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Waiting for Spring….

Scrolling through our posts from this time last year, we find ourselves once again in the thick of stormy weather spells, listening to the wind and rain pelting down on the warehouse and office roof! This year we have kept ourselves entertained with researching and buying in loads of new stock so we are ready for Spring…. now all we have to do is wait….

It may be miserable weather outside, but here inside Glowtopia HQ we are busy looking at the latest trends in LEDs and Party Novelties – it’s one way to brighten up these dreary days! We are super excited to have our new stock arriving every few days, and new orders are coming in constantly. Our International presence is growing fast, recently shipping as far as South Africa, and our Branded and Personalised products are gaining massive momentum. We are proud to say that we have a growing network of PTAs, Charities and Events Management companies that are using are services, and we grateful to all our customers, large and small, who come back time after time!

So if like us, you are thinking about drier days and some long awaited sunshine, and planning on how to spend those longer evenings and sunny weekends, pop on over to our homepage, and check out the latest products on the show case reel at the bottom. We can’t cram all our brand new products into that small space so make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get the latest product news and promotions. Subscribe to our blog or pop back regularly for some fun ideas and games for camping, days out, walks in the park or on the beach… and all with that added glowing touch!

But for now at least, so you don’t miss a thing, we’ve chosen our favourite newbies and shared them below, just click on the pic and check out our latest products.

And don’t forget… we are always happy to hear from our customers! Have an idea you want us to know about? Party and event photos with our products you want to share with the community? Please get in touch!

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Valentine’s Day Glowing Crafts – free downloads

Valentine's Day Glow Stick Crafts

We've put together 2 designs which can be used with our 8 inch Glow Stick Bracelets for Valentine messages which are perfect for children and adults. Each page is A4 size so will print on standard home printers and has 6 images included.

They are a great and inexpensive activity for children to join in, making them ideal for school and nursery craft activities; perhaps the children can make them to take home for their parents or give them to a special friend or relative?

We also have a bright idea for PTAs that are running a Valentine disco:
For young children you could advertise that each ticket includes a small Valentine gift. Make them up in advance (but do not activate, save that bit of fun for the little people), and display them in pretty jars or pots, and give one to each child when they arrive. For older children's parties, you could sell them individually along with your other glow party accessories, so that the children can give them to their Valentine during the party. Cute!! Its also a great way to use up any left over glow stick bracelets that you didn't use for your Christmas parties. Such a quick and easy fundraiser!

Of course we are not forgetting the adults either. These are a really sweet gift to give out to those who are special to you to let them know you are thinking of them. If you normally give your children a little something, then these are perfect. If you're getting together with a group of friends, or maybe you want to send some anonymous love to a few people who could do with feeling special on this day - it doesn't have to be all about romance - again these are quick to make and much less expensive than buying several cards.

Its really simple. Download your preferred design, and print. Each A4 sheet makes 6 labels. For best results print on card stock.
Cut out the designs leaving a white border around each square frame.
For the "Heart Glow" design, make a slit on the lines above the heart and under the scroll on the border.
For the "Light my Life" design, slits are made at the top and bottom of the light bulb.
TIP: To make the slit, vertically fold the paper without creasing and use scissors to cut a small slit.
Thread an 8 inch glow stick Bracelet through the slit and its ready to go.

Valentine's Day LED Light Crafts

Our little Glow Stick crafts got us thinking about how we can make something using LED lights for a brighter glow; you know, if you really want to make an impact! These are good for kids too, but definitely something that is also be a bit more grown up, and the first one "Marry Me", is obviously for adults (and is super romantic!!)

We've come up with 3 designs, each one uses one of our LED Finger Lights to really make these cards stand out and they can be used in so many different ways.

Firstly, you can print them out, assemble, and pop them in an envelope ready to post. If you're buying a bunch of flowers, ask the florist to provide you with a card stick/pick (called a cardette holder) and display one of these cards in the bouquet. If you want to be really romantic you can use them with a single, triple or a dozen red rose bouquet, attach it to a bottle of the finest champagne or luxury spirit, or pop it inside a box of their favourite chocolates. For added wow hand deliver, switching the light on just before you give it.

Personally, I think these are really special when framed and the prints are standard frame sizes for this reason (more details below), you can use a normal frame and attach the LED Finger Light to the outside of the glass. If you are thinking about popping the BIG question then consider choosing a box frame to display the assembled "Marry Me" print. With a box frame, you can attach the print to the inside of the glass, and attach the finger light using hot glue to the back panel in line with the light bulb. Before you present your proposal, switch the light on and put the frame together, then lay it inside a beautiful gift box lined with tissue paper or shred, and tie with a big bow. The effect is BEAUTIFUL! Long after the light runs out on the finger light, this frame will be a perfect keepsake of the magic moment, so the magic glow will last lifetime!

To make, get your printer ready - we recommend good quality card stock, printable greeting card blanks or photo paper.
The "Brighten my Day" Design prints at 4x6 inches and looks best with a white LED Finger Light positioned on the cord of the drawing.
The "Light My World" Design prints at 5x7 inches and looks best with a red LED Finger Light positioned on the red torch with heart glow still visible.
The "Marry Me?" Design prints at 5x7 inches and looks best with a white LED Finger Light. You can position this anywhere on the print pointing the light towards the bulb, or position behind the print as mentioned.

However you decide to share some love this Valentine's Day, we hope that it is, of course, reciprocated.

Wishing all the little people lots of fun at the parties, and to all the big people, lots of Valentine gifts, cards and secret admirers!
Most importantly, if you are asking the big question, we hope the answer is yes, and if you're waiting for a proposal, we hope that you get the most glowing gesture ever.

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Chinese New Year 2020 – Year of the Rat

According to the legend of Jade Emperor’s party, the Rat tricked the Ox into carrying him, and as they arrived the Rat launched himself from the Ox landing in front to make him the first over the finish line, hence the Rat is the first sign in the Chinese Zodiac. In Chinese culture, the Rat is seen as a sign of wealth and abundance, and couples hoping for children are known to pray to the Rat due to their prolific reproduction.

People who are born under the year of the rat are said to be likable, optimistic and energetic. Keen to save and they are also known to hoard, however, they are kind and sensitive, with a clever mind and the ability to adapt to new environments.

This year, the Chinese New Year begins on Saturday 25th January lasting until Saturday 8th February, and is popularly celebrated throughout the world, not just in China, as the Spring Festival brings with it many customs and traditions to bring good luck and prosperity for the year ahead. We like to join in with the celebrations, even adding a little bit of glow to the festivities where we can. Check out our top picks for joining in with our craft ideas and tips below.

Chinese Rat Lantern

Last year we also made the traditional Chinese Lantern and added the Chinese word for the Pig – this year we have upgraded our design – we now have a complete downloadable and printable template to make this smart little Rat Lantern.

This craft is super easy, just click on the download link here or by clicking the image opposite. Download, open and print the 2 page document, and follow the very simple instructions on Page 1 of the template. Aside from the template, all you need is a glow stick (or an LED candle for displaying the lantern standing on a shelf or table), a bit of string (if you want the rat charms to dangle below the lantern), a pair of scissors, and sticky tape. We used one of our 6 inch Regular Glow Sticks.

Help your child to cut out all the pieces and use the sticky tape to assemble. To hang the glow stick inside, we used the included lanyard and attached it to the inside of the lantern. You can even attach the charms to the other end of the lanyard instead of using string. But don’t worry if you have misplaced your lanyards, you can simply sticky tape the glow inside the lantern, the effect works just the same.

Origami Rat (Glow Stick Wand)

Last year we made little Origami Pigs and turned them into wands with our 8 inch Glow Stick Bracelets. This was a really popular craft with schools and children’s groups, and a great way to use up your left over glow sticks from Halloween and Christmas parties.

So we set out to create an Origami Wand for this year, beginning with searching various tutorials from talented paper craft enthusiasts to find an Origami Rat we liked. Our favourite Rat Origami design was found on YouTube – its a little more complex than some others out there, but it is a rat, not the simpler mice origami that populated most of our searches.

So with special thanks to Era Art over at YouTube for this great tutorial. To Transform your paper rat into a glowing wand, you’ll only need a glow stick – either a 8 inch bracelet, or one of the 6 or 12 inch Glow Sticks – and a bit of sticky tape, and attach the stick to the underbelly of the rat. We used a 6 inch Regular Glow Stick to make our wand this year.

So if you’re going to join in with us here at Glowtopia with a little Chinese Spring Festival of your own to celebrate the Rat, we hope you have a lot of fun. If you create any of our craft ideas we would love to see them, so please feel free to share your pictures on our Social Media Pages, or drop us an email to

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Christmas Tree Decoration Competition 2019

Glowtopia is getting into the festive spirit with a Christmas Tree Decorating Competition!
Post a picture in the comments section of our pinned Facebook post of your decorated Christmas tree, to be in with a chance of winning a glowing Glowtopia voucher worth £20!
This Facebook-only competition will be the perfect time to display your lovingly and fabulously decorated Christmas tree, while entering for a chance to win some great vouchers ready for the New Year.
(You need to Like the Page and Share the Post for a valid entry, please read the terms and conditions below)

Entry Rules:

  1. In order to make a valid entry, participants must take a photo of their decorated Christmas tree in their home, office, garden or on their own property.
  2. The photo must be uploaded onto the Glowtopia Facebook page - ONLY on the Christmas Competition post pinned to the top of the page.
  3. Entrants must Like the Glowtopia Facebook page and share the competition post in order to complete the valid entry.
  4. You may not use commercial images of Christmas trees - the tree must be your own.
  5. Competition closes at midnight on 22nd December 2019.
  6. Winning entry will be announced on 23rd December 2019.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Entry is open to residents of the UK except employees of Glowtopia, and any other companies associated with the competition.
  2. Entrants must have a registered account on Facebook.
  3. Entrants do not need to make a purchase to be eligible to enter.
  4. Prizes are subject to Glowtopia's terms and conditions.
  5. The promoters reserve the right to reject entries from entrants and remove posts from the page if they are unsuitable or inappropriate for the audience. Such entries will be disqualified from the competition.
  6. Competition terms may be modified at any time.
  7. The winning entry will be selected at random from all the valid entries submitted on .
  8. Confirmation of the prize will be notified to the winner(s).
  9. The winner(s) must claim their prize by contacting Glowtopia directly by phone or email with their details within 7 days of the announcement.
  10. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact the winner(s). If the winner(s) cannot be contacted, or are unable to comply with these terms and conditions, the Promoter reserves the right to offer the prize to the next eligible entrant drawn at random.
  11. By entering the competition, you agree for your entry details (including name and Christmas photo) to be used by Glowtopia.
  12. By entering the competition, you agree to receive promotional material from Glowtopia.
  13. Where applicable, the decision of the Promoter is final.
  14. The voucher will be sent by email and will be be provided as a single use voucher code to be redeemed online in a single transaction.
  15. The voucher prize will be valid for 6 months from the date of delivery.
  16. Failure to respond and/or provide an address for delivery, or failure to meet the eligibility requirements may result in forfeiture of the prize.


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SAMHAIN – what is it and how is it celebrated?

The Origins of the Halloween Festival

I'm yet to meet anyone or go anywhere where Halloween is not a thing. Certainly in the western world, Halloween is big business, but how many of us actually know what it is or where it came from?

Well, it's origins go all the way back to celtic traditions some 2,000 years ago, with the festival "Samhain", pronounced SOW-IN ("ow" as in "cow") when pagan folklore in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern France governed the beliefs and ceremonies of the people. Celebrated on the 1st November, the pagans believed this to be the most important of the fire festivals as it marked the end of the harvest and the beginning of the dark nights which consumed the winter months.


Interestingly, this is where the dressing up tradition began. The Celts believed that during this time the gateway between this world and the "Otherworld" would be penetrable, thus allowing fairies and creatures to cross over. In an attempt to protect their families from any evil doing or tricks, they would prepare a feast for these creatures and leave it outside the village boundary, and would dress up as animals and monsters so they would not be kidnapped or harmed if they were to encounter the creatures.

However, not only monsters and fairies were able to breach the boundary between worlds, but the Druids also believed that the night before, their ancestors would return to visit them. There would be bonfires and a communion to welcome the dead, and ancestors were invited to the celebration and entertained with children's games and news of the year that had passed.

With the conquering Roman empire and the spread of Christianity in the 9th Century, many Celtic traditions were blended and replaced with Christian celebrations. In 1000AD All Saints Day, or "All-hallowmas" (from Middle English Alholowmesse meaning All Saints’ Day) was moved from 13th May to 1st November and introduced into Celtic culture to celebrate the sacrifice of Saints and Martyrs by continuing the same celebrations of bonfires, feasts and costume parades. However, the Celts continued to celebrate their dead and so the 2nd November became the Christian celebration of All Souls Day. Undeterred, the Celts continued their traditional festival of monsters and fairies on 31st October, thus the name "All Hallows Eve" was adopted and eventually over time, the celebration became known as Halloween as we know it today.

Over time, more traditions began to emerge. Carved pumpkins for example, originated from the Irish Celtic tradition of carving beets and turnips into lanterns filled with coal. At the early celebrations, candles and lanterns were lit to help guide the spirits back the Other World after the festival. As time progressed, fruits of the harvest were carved into scary faces as a deterrent to ward away evil spirits, which eventually became a legendary, Halloween tradition with the story of "Stingy Jack"  and the birth of the iconic "Jack O' Lantern" we all know today.

Since the 1980s, as a revival in pagan and wicca culture and traditions has been resurrected, the original festival is finding its way back into our modern celebrations. Over the 2 days of 31st October to 1st November, there are celebrations which focus on the death of the Summer and gratitude for the harvest. Death is a central theme in the festival as modern pagans celebrate the dead and invite them to join in with the celebration with communal bonfires and feasts. It moves away from the modern ideology as death and spirits are not to be revered, but a welcome and necessary part of life.

So as you celebrate Halloween this year, when you're dressing up and carving out your pumpkins, you now know where the traditions originated hundreds of years before. Maybe you can incorporate some of the pagan traditions and celebrate with family and friends with a feast or bonfire to pay homage to the ancestors of one of the biggest festivals of the year?

We think it's amazing that we continue the Samhain traditions year after year, and have done so for centuries.
Whatever you do and however you celebrate Halloween or Samhain, we hope you have lots of fun. And stay safe.