18″ Foam LED Baton

As low as £0.90 each

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Our 18” Foam LED flashing Batons are a fun accessory, perfect for any concert, gig or festival. Available in a multi coloured baton of Red, Green and Blue or as single colours (Red, Green, Blue, Pink or White).

Colour PriceQuantityStock
Multi (Green, Red, Blue) £1.99 5210 in stock
White £1.99 726 in stock
Red £1.99 667 in stock
Blue £1.99 631 in stock
Green £1.99 565 in stock
Pink £1.99 1 in stock


The foam LED baton is a popular alternative to glow sticks as they are much bigger (18″) and are reusable with replaceable batteries and on/off switch. Each light up glow baton has several flash modes giving you a range of flashing options.

LED Baton Product Demonstration Video


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