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Get set for summer: Camping!

The weather in the UK seems to have taken a shock turn towards sunshine and clear skies! Time seems to be shooting past and we are well on our way to Spring & Summer. The team have taken advantage of the better weather and have been cycling to the office… long may it last!  The better weather caused quite a stir in the office this morning as we started discussing our favourite summer activities; boat trips, cycling, hikes, BBQs and much more! However, one thing stuck out as our all-time summer favourite … camping!

The UK boasts some incredible camping spots! Whether you are keen to pitch up on a site in Cornwall or go wild-camping in the Scottish Highlands, camping offers great fun for everyone (even if you do get caught in the occasional rain shower)! Regardless of who you are and where you are camping…we have some great tips for you

Are you a serious walker? Taking on a challenging expedition! Be sure to take a few glowsticks in your pack! They are an ideal source of light for night nav, identifying yourself or marking a path. We have a wide range of products available, be sure to check them out here!

Taking your dog with you on a camping trip?  Glowing dog collars are a must have! Make sure you can identify your pet when its dark!

Going on a short break with family and friends? Camping is great fun for children and adults alike! Why not take along some glowsticks for a game of glow rounders or just use them for dazzling fun around the campfire!

Got a fun idea? Get in touch & let us know!

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