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Glowstick Workouts – catch up on the latest gym hype!

Who would have thought that glowsticks would be the magic behind the latest gym craze? Up and down the country gyms, healthclubs and dance teachers have turned to glowsticks to add a funky twist to their classes… the result is an incredible glowtastic calorie burning madness!

One of the pioneers behind this is ‘Clubbercise’, three friends dreamed up this incredible new activity that is the biggest dance fitness concept since Zumba! We absolutely love the idea, it combines two of our favourite things; fitness & glowsticks!

Here is how it works…

You attend a class at your local leisure facility where you are given a set of glowsticks! The lights are then darkened and you begin dancing to some of the best pop anthems… whats not to like?!  Whilst dancing in the dark with lights and  funky glowsticks you’ll tone your muscles and burn calories! It sounds great to us! Why not check it out?

Fancy buying your own glowsticks and giving it a go yourself… checkout our product range here!

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