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The Art Of Party Bags

If you have young children in middle school you probably dread birthday parties…it’s understandable! Sugar fuelled madness with competitive parents is not fun for anybody involved. Whether you are hosting or simply taking a young child to a birthday party it can certainly be an almighty headache (unless you are party animals like us)!

Party bags are the key to successful kids birthday parties… they are the item that parents and kids talks about!  We are here to ensure you create awesome party bags that aren’t costly and will provide hours of entertainment for your guests.

Why not throw in…

A glowstraw – a fun and safe way of enjoying party drinks!

Glow in the dark glasses – easy to assemble and provides hours of fun photos and entertainment!

Glow earrings and glow in the dark bunny ears – Girls love them!

Glow stick caps – fun for kids to assemble and allows children to experiment with different colour combinations/patterns

Glow stick swords – great for pirate themed parties!

Glow bracelets – ideal for discos! Can even be made into balls which can be used for fun party games!


There you have it! Birthday party bags can be reasonably priced, creative and fun!

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