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Get Excited For Festival Season!

With the Reading & Leeds festival line-up slowly coming to light and some strong rumours coming from Glastonbury, it’s officially time to get excited for festival season!

Already got your ticket? Lucky you!

Considering getting a ticket? Go for it! You won’t regret it!

There are a lot of things you need to take along to a festival; tent, sleeping bag, water bottles, spare tent pegs, rubbish bags …. The list is long and painful! However, people often forget the little things that make an incredible difference! Our range of glowsticks, paints and novelties are festival MUST TAKES.

Want to be seen on TV?

Our 18” LED flashing baton and 12” mega glowsticks are sure to get you noticed!

Our glow glasses, bracelets and bunny ears will also help you get noticed in the crowds!

UV cosmetics are also essential! Paint your faces, style your hair & even decorate your lips with our awesome UV range… check it out here.

Happy Festival Planning !

TIP: Identify your tent with regular glowsticks to make it easier to locate!

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