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Stay Safe This Halloween!

Halloween is one of the most eagerly anticipated nights of the year for children, but with an excess of sugary sweets and excitement it’s a good idea to have a safety plan in place!!

Check out our top tips on how to stay safe this Halloween…

  • Never decorate costumes with fairy lights. These can overheat and can even catch fire. Glow sticks are a safe and fun alternative!
  • Avoid placing candles around your home. These are especially hazardous when you have young children in the home. Try LED candles instead, they are a fun and safe alternative and like our pillar candles, some are very realistic!
  • Make sure costumes are the correct size and opt for short designs instead of long trailing outfits, this will reduce the risk of trips and falls.
  • Be pet aware! Keep anything your pets should not be gnawing on out of their reach and especially be careful of sweets and goodies, and well meaning little monsters who want to share their sweet loot with the moggy or pooch!
  • If you need to pop out in the car after dark DRIVE SLOW and keep your eyes peeled for little witches, warlocks and the like that might run out into the road without looking.

    If you’re trick or treating….

  • Carry torches, glow sticks and wear reflective strips to ensure that children can be seen.
  • Plan your route: choose well lit, familiar streets that are not on busy roads, avoiding alleys and shortcuts that may be potentially dangerous.
  • Only go to houses with the lights on, preferably with Halloween decorations visible, and make sure your children know NEVER to go inside!
  • TOP TIP! Feed your kids before they go so there will be less room to overload on a whole tonne of sweets on the night (yes you’l thank us later for this one!)
  • Wear comfy shoes!
  • Above all ALWAYS always supervise your children when trick or treating.

Stay safe & have a spoooooky Halloween.

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