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How to wear Neon – funk up your look for the ultimate fashion trend and party wear guide

In case you missed it, early 2019 fashion trends saw a massive revival of the 1980s Neon fashion statement with high street clothing retailers adding bright bold accessories and clothing lines to liven up the winter days and long nights. Of all the 80s fashion trends, it is undoubtedly the neon craze which left an unrivaled imprint on us back in the day, and throughout the decades as seen in all our 80s style cos play and themed dress ups. It has remained a staple statement for all rave wear, hen parties and charity dress ups and has continued to make an appearance in sportswear ever since, but this year it has made a come back on the catwalk and on the streets and doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon.

So, we wanted to get a head as we move into Autumn with our brand new neon range of clothing accessories – and what better way to launch the range then with some top tips on how to wear neon to rock your look with a fresh new vibe.

Our Top 5 Tips to a contemporary Neon Style

  1. Add a Splash of Colour!

    If you’re looking to follow the bright and bold neon trend but don’t know where to start, or you are a bit reluctant to incorporate a dramatic overhaul of your core wardrobe, we recommend adding a little bit of neon drama with a striking accessory (or 5)!  Go with a neon accessory for a bright statement piece to stand out against your neutral outfit. We love a neon oversized bag, clutch or purse to compliment your look whether you’re adding a pop to your daytime outfit or going for the wow factor on your evening attire. And when you’re feeling a bit braver, pair it with some chunky neon costume jewellery, a hot wide neon belt and either killer heels or funky pumps in matching neon shades against your monochrome or neutral outfit.

2. Suit Up with Sass!

Whether you are looking to stand out at work or you want to liven up your formal occasion with the neon edge, we think that a neon suit will be making waves. An oversized blazer, or a wide leg pant suit in stunning pink, blue or orange will get you noticed combining chic with sass for a striking combination. Worn with a simple white vest or blouse will not over-complicate the look, but if you’re not quite ready for such a dramatic statement, you can add a little bit of drama to your white, black or grey two piece with a bright neon blouse or vest, a neon scarf and neon stilettos or block heels.


3. Be Bold with block colours

Your neon wardrobe will have a more dominating feel when you go for block colours without patterns. If you’re feeling bold treat yourself to blazers, blouses and bottoms in single neon colours that can be mixed together with other neon shades for a colour blocked look, or wear with muted and neutral colours in your closet to add a punch of colour to your look.

We love neon wide leg trousers, cosy coats, and bright blouses paired with black for a chic, polished look which is ideal for the office or a night out on the town.

4. Inject colour in your make up routine.

The Makeup Look of 2019 trending on Instagram is neon green eye shadow. Until earlier this year, the “no makeup makeup” was the hottest trend but now we are ready to inject some colour, and inspired by the neon dress code a range of hot neon photos and tutorials are filling up our news feeds.

To really get the look right, you need to focus on your eyes. Keep your skin dewy and natural, and give your eyes the attention they deserve with blended neon shading on the eyelids fanning out with a fading glow across the brow and even framing the cheekbones, complimented with a striking eyeliner in contrasting colour. We have found that a lot of the neon eyeshadow shades are just not strong enough to give the bold colour we like, so we have opted for UV neon paint sticks. These apply in dense, bold colours that can also be blended to a fade giving the perfect cosmetic design that is streaming right now, and not only do they give an intense look in normal light, when you’re out in clubs and bars with UV and black lights the effect is outstanding.

For a daytime look, swap the big bold eye makeup for a simple neon lipstick in pink or orange shades, and for a big night out where only the hottest look to get your noticed is called for, combine both neon eyes and lips in coordinating colours which compliment or contrast with your neon outfit.

5. Party like an 80s throwback!

No top tip list for how to wear neon would be complete if we didn’t include how to rock your neon party look. Whether you are rocking the rave scene, pumping the party, hustling the hen night or funking up a “Flashdance” fancy dress outfit, and you’re wondering what to wear then read on. Neon is the perfect get up for a glow party, black light party, or when you just want to stand out under the nightclub UVs. Generally, the more colour you can add to your outfit the better, and a multitude of accessories are a must – less is definitely not more! If you can, go for a bright neon background colour to your outfit, like fluorescent yellow or green and then pile on the accessories from there. If you can’t find a hot outfit in those colours, go for white – it will give you an all over glow so you can bust out some shapes that will still be seen in the dark. For the accessories, think bold. Boys look great with a sharp neon hat, braces and neon socks and pumps, and the ultimate get up for girls has got to be a neon tutu with fishnets and legwarmers. For girls, if you’re not brave enough to team up your tiny tutu with fishnet tights, opt for leggings and wear fishnet gloves instead. Depending on the occasion you can team your tutu with neon block heels and legwarmers. If a group of you are hitting the town try to coordinate your outfits together for a polished group ensemble.

However you decide to get your neon on this Autumn/Fall, we hope you find our tips helpful to ensure your look radiates wherever you are.

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