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The Ultimate List Of Glow Stick Ideas

From night time charity runs, to 90’s raves, and everything in between, there’s a place for glow sticks in everybody’s life and at every event no matter what. To prove it, we’ve created the most essential, substantial, glowtastic article you will ever see to tell you every single glow stick idea there is.

Got one we haven’t listed? We’ve been waiting for you! Get in touch and let us know and we will add it to the list, lets make this a team effort!

So, drum roll please….

Sit back and enjoy the most essential list of glow stick ideas you will ever find:

Accessories & Costumes

Just about any outfit can be improved with a bit of glow. Check out these ideas for using glow sticks to make yourself stand out from the crowd…

1. Glow stick jewellery

Bring a bit of glow to your bling with glow stick bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, head bands… In fact you can stick a glow stick on just about any appendage on your body…

glowing necklace and earrings
Image source

2. Glow in the dark glasses

Get serious about your glow and snap on a pair of glow stick glasses

glow glasses

3. Glow stick cap

Top off the whole look with a glow in the dark cap

Glow in the Dark Party Glowstick Hats

4. Glow stick flip flops

And so your feet don’t feel left out, use zip locks to attach some glow sticks to a pair of flip flops. Check out this great tutorial from dollar store crafts


5. Glow in the dark stick man costume

This simple costume idea is so effective. Dress in black and attach glow sticks to your clothes in the shape of a stick man.

Or get really clever and see what other great effects you can create

Image source

Parties & Decorations

Glow sticks were made for parties. Well, actually, they were first invented and used by the military, but glow sticks found their true calling when it came to making a good party.

6. Halloween Jack O’Lantern

Safer than candles, but just as effective. Pop a glow stick inside your Halloween Jack O’Lantern for a spooky glow.

Image source

7. Glowing jar of spiders

Creepy but effective. All you need is an empty jar, some cotton buds, plastic spiders and a few glow sticks.

8. Spooky eyes

Make your own by cutting eye shapes into an empty toilet roll and popping a glow stick inside, or go wild and get some ready made.

Glow Stick Spooky Eyes

9. Party chain

Link a few glow stick bracelets together for some really eye-catching party chain decorations

glow stick party chain

10. Table settings

Love this place setting idea by

glow stick wedding decorations

11. Chandelier

Give the palace at Versailles a run for its money with a chandelier made from glow sticks

12. Glowing ice bucket

Put some glow sticks in a bucket of ice to keep your drinks cold and classy

13. Glow stick candy floss

It’s all the rage at weddings now don’t you know?

14. Garden path lighting

15. Garden tree and shrub party lighting

16. Glow stick signage

Stick glow sticks to the wall and make signs with them – like this one by smileandwave

Glow stick word art

17. Glow ceiling fan

Secure some glow sticks to a ceiling fan, switch it on and VOILA

18. Glow stick balloons

Crack a glow stick and pop it inside a balloon for additional party lighting.


Games and Activities

Just about any activity can be made more exciting with glow sticks. Here are some of our favourites:

19. Photo art

Get your camera on slow shutter and make some glow stick art. It’s the obvious thing to do.

Image source

20. Glow in the dark Easter Egg hunt

A twist on the traditional easter egg hunt. Here’s how: plan your own glow in the dark easter egg hunt

glow stick easter egg hunt with glow in the dark easter eggs
Image Source

21. Diving lighting

Glow sticks are waterproof – that’s why they’re ideal for lighting the way when deep sea diving

22. Garden festival or rave

No need to brave the portaloos at Glastonbury – throw your own festival in your back garden with some loud music, a few hay bales, and a lot of glow sticks

23. Glow in the dark bowling

Put glow sticks in bottles of water to act as the skittle and light the bowling alley with glow sticks. Use a glow in the dark ball to knock dem skittles down!

24. Glow stick skipping rope

Attach glow sticks to a skipping rope for an INSANE skipping experience

25. Glow in the dark noughts and crosses game

Perfect for a summer’s evening

26. Glow stick hopscotch

Once you’ve had enough of tic-tac-toe, rearrange your glow sticks for a glow in the dark game of hopscotch

27. Glow in the dark musical instruments

Attach glow sticks to drum sticks or around the outside of a guitar for some truly rock and roll moments

28. Hoopla

12 inch glow sticks and a few glow necklaces are all you need for this simple lawn game. You can get it all in a handy pack here.

multicoloured glow in the dark hoopla game

29. Sensory play

Glow sticks are great for sensory play. Find out more here.

30. Glow stick bath

Kanye West lets his kids play with glow sticks in the bath. You should too.

31. Glow stick jacuzzi

But if we’re going to be all celebrity about it, you really should be putting glow sticks in your jacuzzi

32. Glow stick pool party

Is this taking it too far?

33. Glowsticking

Ever heard of Glowsticking? Well now you have:

34. Glow stick yoga

If you’re after something a bit more Zen, how about incorporating glow sticks with a spot of yoga? Or glowga, as we like to call it.

glow yoga
Image source

35. Glow stick fitness

Perhaps you’re after something to get your blood pumping. Get your glow sticks out and slap on some neon paint for a glow stick fitness class

36. Glow stick war

Get rid of some pent-up aggression and start a glow stick war

Insane festival light stick moment at phish gig
Image Source

37. Fundraisers

If you buy them wholesale, glow sticks have excellent mark-up value which is great for fundraising for charity events or school PTAs.

runners in glow sticks and UV body paint at glow run fundraiser
Image Source


38.Pop bottle firefly

Onelittleproject have come-up with this kid-friendly craft using empty bottles and glow sticks

39. Mushroom decorations

Not sure where you’d use them, but these DIY mushroom decorations look pretty good

DIY glowing mushroom craft
Image Source

40. Valentine’s or Mother’s day gifts

Make someone’s heart glow with this cute little craft. It could also work well as wedding favours

mothers day glow stick craft

41. Night light

Use glow sticks to create a comforting glow for little ones who don’t like the dark.

Have we missed anything?

Get in touch and let us know. Share your glow stick ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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