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UV Hair Mascara: How To

UV hair mascara in all colours

Never used UV hair mascara? Here are some top tips to create a great new look with some colourful hair streaks. But first…

Why use UV hair mascara?

UV hair mascara is a quick way to update your look. It works in the same way as eye mascara (warning: do not use hair mascara on your eye lashes!), with a mascara wand that gently combs colour through strands of hair.

Neon pink UV hair mascara

Unlike hair extensions, or professional dyes, it’s easy to use, instant and won’t break the bank. And because it washes out, it’s a great way to try out bold, new looks without committing to a permanent change.

After all, neon pink UV hair streaks might be a great shout for a festival weekend but may not be so appropriate in the office the week after…

Does hair mascara work on dark hair?

To some extent, the lighter your hair, the brighter the hair mascara will look.

However, that’s not to say people with dark hair can’t create a great look with it. Paint Glow hair mascara comes in really vibrant colours that do stand out on dark hair. It’s also UV, so under a black light, it really doesn’t matter what your natural hair colour is. The UV colour will shine just as bright.

Rather than changing the colour of hair figments like hair dye does, hair mascara works by creating a coating that sits on top of the hair. So, yes, if you have dark hair you can still use UV hair mascara.

Here’s how the different colours show-up on medium brown hair:

How Neon UV hair mascara shows up on dark hair

As you can see all of the colours show up pretty well on brown hair, but the neon orange, pink and yellow are the most vivid.

How to use UV hair mascara

What you need:

  1. Wash and style your hair as usual


  1. Give your hair a thorough brush so that it’s smooth and easy to run the mascara wand through without tangling


  1. Use your comb to gather 1-2 inch sections of hair


  1. Start with under-layers first and work up to the top layer. This helps you achieve an even spread of colour, as well as giving you a chance to get the hang of using the hair mascara on hair that is less visible


  1. Starting at the roots, comb the hair mascara through to the tips. Avoid clumps by ensuring there is not too much product on the mascara wand when applying to your hair – use less and build it up gradually.


  1. Build-up the intensity of colour by applying more layers of hair mascara


  1. Leave to dry for 1 minute and use your comb to lightly brush the mascara through your hair


  1. Leave to dry for an additional 3-4 minutes. Once dry, use your hairbrush to thoroughly brush the product through your hair. This prevents the product from becoming brittle and blends it more naturally with the rest of your hair.


The colour will wash out easily with your usual shampoo. Top tip: If you want to ‘undo’ some hair mascara without washing your hair, use a make-up wipe to quickly remove any unwanted product from your hair. Great for touch-ups and perfecting the ultimate look.

Now you know how to use UV hair mascara, all you need to do is decide how you’re going to style it! Check out these neon UV hair ideas for some inspiration.

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