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Neon UV Hair Inspiration for festival season

UV hair streaks, UV hair chalk and glow in the dark hair gel are a great way to instantly brighten-up your look. With a bit of creativity you can easily achieve a temporary look that is guaranteed to turn heads on a night-out. And with festival season fast approaching, now is a great time to start seeking-out some UV hair inspiration for the summer.

To whet your appetite, here’s some of the best UV hair inspiration and ideas we’ve found on Instagram:

Neon UV Hair Streaks

Sometimes simple is best. Just a few streaks of UV hair mascara are all you need to make a statement. You can go for a single colour, or a blend of two or three different colours, like this hairstyle by @alkmista_

All over colour

If you really want to turn heads, go all out and commit to some all over UV colour. This UV hair by @hairbyjennanoel looks amazing and makes a bold statement when combined with UV make-up.

Rainbow streaks

Rainbow streaks are massive at the moment. And the best way to achieve that bright, neon look is with hair chalk. Take it a step further with some UV hair chalk to get a pretty night-time glow.

neon uv hair rainbow streaks
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The Ombre

The dip-dyed Ombre look is going to be huge this festival season. And it’s all about using bright colours you wouldn’t expect. Think pastel pink, purple or mermaid blue. You can achieve a UV ombre effect by using some UV hair mascara or hair chalk to add highlights and colour to the tips of your hair. This festival look by @sarahlovenfestivalstyle is a great place to start for inspiration

Glow in the dark plaits

This is an easy way to spice up some simple UV hair streaks. Carefully plait the coloured sections of hair so that they stand-out from the rest of your hair. This look reminds me of those braids you get on the beach when you’re on holiday!

UV Mermaid

Mermaid hair is about using bright pastel shades to create a magical, flowing, almost fantastical look. You might need a pro to achieve something like this amazing do by @shelleygregoryhair, but imagine adding a bit of UV colour to these locks. The effect would be spectacular.

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For the guys…

Some of you fellas may be well into the mermaid look, or pretty rainbow curls. But if you’re after something for short hair, go for some glow hair gel. It’s invisible, so you can’t see it in the light of day, but under a UV light it glows brightly. Use one colour, all over, or separate your hair into different sections of colour.

Glow in the dark hair gel

We’d love to see some of your festival looks. Use #glowtopia to share your photos with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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