Glow Hair Gel – 80% off!

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13ml Glow Hair Gel

Colour PriceQuantityStock
Blue £2.49 Now: £0.50 Out of stock
Yellow £2.49 Now: £0.50 Out of stock
Violet £2.49 Now: £0.50 Out of stock
Green £2.49 Now: £0.50 Out of stock
Red £2.49 Now: £0.50 1 in stock
Neon Invisible/White £2.49 Now: £0.50 Out of stock


Express yourself with our Glow in The Dark Hair Gel, an invisible hair gel that glows brightly and really makes a statement. Available in 7 bright neon colours – Blue, Yellow, Violet, Green, Orange, Pink, Red & Neon/Invisible White.

Provides long-lasting hold but is easily washed out with ordinary shampoo. Easy to use pocket sized tube.

13ml. Professional quality. Made in the UK. Not tested on animals.


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