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Glowing Easter egg hunt

glow stick easter egg hunt with glow in the dark easter eggs
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For any parents out there despairing about the amount of that brown sugary nectar consumed by their children over the Easter period, why not consider a glow stick Easter egg hunt over the holiday period!

Let’s face it, Easter eggs seem to be appearing in supermarkets earlier and earlier (I think some were spotted as early as the second week of January this year) and you’ll have done well to get to March without giving into temptation. And I’m not even talking about giving in to your children. Bribery? Chocolate? Heaven forbid!

Here’s an easy, low-cost way of entertaining your children over Easter without chocolate.

A glowing Easter egg hunt! What child doesn’t enjoy an Easter egg hunt? And what child doesn’t enjoy glowing things?

It’s simple to set up.

What you need for a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

  • A selection of large, multi-coloured plastic eggs (most supermarket chains sell these cheaply)
  • A selection of multi-coloured glow sticks
  • Roll of sellotape

Here’s how to set up your glow stick Easter egg hunt:

  1. Begin by bending the glow sticks to activate the luminescent liquid
  2. Make two smallish loops by twisting the glow stick around your finger a couple of times (don’t bend too forcibly or they may snap)
  3. Stuff the glowing, looped glow stick into a plastic egg (preferably using coordinating colours to enhance the colours of the eggs)
  4. Seal the egg tight with sellotape
  5. Repeat til you run out!
  6. Hide the eggs around your house, turn the lights off and get searching!

Some extra glow stick Easter ideas:

You could begin your glowing Easter egg hunt by asking the children to find one of each colour, or by asking each child to only find one colour and then re-hide and repeat with a different colour. The beauty of this glowing egg hunt is that they can be re-hidden multiple times and with no melting, sticky mess to clean up!

And they will also enjoy hiding the eggs again and again for their siblings and friends. Once activated these glow sticks will remain glowing for 12+ hours, so you’ve got plenty of playing time!

pink glow stick bunny earsJazz up your glowing Easter egg hunt a little by giving the winner of each round (if you’re happy to keep re-hiding!) a glow in the dark set of bunny ears.


By the time you’ve finished you’ll have a house full of bouncing, glow in the dark Easter bunnies, minus the sugar-induced hyperactivity! A win-win situation for everyone!

Some top tips for older kids

This idea works quite well with older children who might roll their eyes at a ‘normal’ Easter egg hunt. But you can get added fun by taking some creative glow in the dark photos using the night-time mode on a camera. They’ll love posing with their eggs and bunny ears!

Party Delights suggests using some of their free printable clues to make the hunt more interesting. Lastly, why not get a few marker pens and get them to decorate their eggs or draw faces on them. It will add that finishing touch to your glowing Easter egg hunt!

Happy hunting!

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