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Glow stick wedding ideas!

glow stick wedding ideas

Ever thought about using glow sticks for wedding decorations? Planning a wedding can be great fun. Using your creativity to plan an event that celebrates everything unique and special about your relationship is exciting. Glow stick wedding decorations add something magical to a venue, and an element of fun for your guests. They’re also not going to make a huge dent on the wedding budget.

So we’ve scoured the internet for some of the most memorable glow stick wedding ideas to light-up your wedding day – here’s the best of the best.

Glow stick Wedding Favours

The cost of wedding favours can easily add-up to be surprisingly expensive. Not ideal when more often than not guests forget to take them home at the end of the day. This glow stick idea would work well re-worked as wedding favours to lay next to place settings. Glow sticks are cheap to buy in bulk and your guests will enjoy activating them as part of the celebrations. You could even incorporate them into a grand wedding exit.

“Welcome to our wedding” sign

Glow stick word art

This sign made from glow sticks looks really effective and is so simple to create. It would work really well as décor at an evening venue, or even as a sign directing guests to the party. You could personalise it with your own names, or with a word or quote that holds particular meaning for your relationship.

Glow stick place settings

OK, so lots of these ideas are for kids’ parties, but how amazing would it look spruced-up a bit at a wedding? Alongside some sliver tableware or vibrant flower arrangements it could look stunning. You can probably buy all sorts of glow-in-the-dark party accessories, but if you wanted to keep it simple, all you’d need would be a few glow necklaces to place on plates and some glow bracelets to place under glasses.

Glow stick chandelier

This is a budget centrepiece that could really pack some wow factor into a wedding venue. Use full-size hula-hoops instead of embroidery hoops and get heaps of cheap glow sticks on wholesale to make a real impact.

Glow stick party chains

glow stick wedding decoration idea

Another cheap, simple décor idea, glow stick party chains add a kitsch feel to a celebration. All you need to do is link a load of glow stick bracelets together.

Glow-in-the-dark candyfloss

Candyfloss is becoming increasingly popular as an after-party treat at weddings. Take this sweet snack to another level by wrapping the cotton candy around a glow stick. Glowing candyfloss will look amazing displayed on a table, and as your guests wander around eating it.

Glowing ice

If you’re stocking your own bar at the wedding reception, glowing ice is an easy win. Place a glow bracelet at the bottom of an ice-bucket and you have instant glow-in-the-dark ice. Blue glow sticks give a cool, stylish vibe.

Glow straws

Whilst we’re on the drinking theme, check out these glow stick straws. Just bend and snap them to activate the glow and they’ll last for 6+ hours. You could put a load of activated glow straws in jam jars on the bar. Along with your glowing ice, they’ll add some ambience to your bar area.

Glowing balloons

Glowing balloons are easy to make. Just blow-up a regular balloon and pop an activated glow stick through the opening before you tie it up. Or you could use some LED balloons instead. String the balloons together using needle and thread to create an effective, yet easy decorative feature. Or fill the balloons with helium and release them for a spectacular, glowing balloon ceiling.

Keep your guests entertained

Everyone knows that attending a wedding can involve a bit of waiting around, making polite conversation to distant family members. Lots of weddings these days go beyond a glass of bucks fizz and hors d’ouevres to keep guests entertained.

Lawn games are particularly popular for summer weddings. Go one step further and add a touch of glow to your lawn games.

Glow in the dark hoopla is a great way to get guests interacting and break the ice. Plant some large glow sticks into the ground and use glow necklaces and glow bracelets as the hoops. It’s easy to make yourself, or get hold of our glow hoopla pack to save yourself a bit of money.

Other glow in the dark lawn games include giant tic-tac-toe using glow sticks as your pieces, or glow bowling. Pop some glow sticks into clear bottles of water as your skittles and guests can use a glow in the dark ball to knock them over.

Glow stick grand exit

A glow stick send-off is a great alternative to using sparklers if your venue isn’t keen on the use of fireworks in enclosed spaces. Ask your guests to take some glow sticks and gather either side of the exit as you leave. With a talented photographer you’ll be able to get some beautiful photos to remember the day. But with or without photos it’ll be a vibrant, colourful send-off to mark the end of a special day.

We’d love to hear your glow stick decoration ideas and see your photos. Tag @glowtopia_uk on Instagram to share your inspiration!

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