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Glow stick Fundraising for Schools and PTAs

child with idea for glow stick fundraising for schools and PTAs

Fundraising for schools and PTAs can be tricky, especially when existing funds to plough into events or initiatives are so tight.  That’s where glow sticks come in… Glow stick fundraising for schools and PTAs is particularly effective for a number of reasons. They’re cheap to buy, have high markup value and kids absolutely love them.

Some glow stick fundraising ideas for schools and PTAs include:

Easy, time-effective fundraising

As with any charity, time is a valuable commodity for PTAs. More often than not, members of the PTA may not have time to make cakes for a bake sale, or make any items to sell on, so the perfect products for selling are the most convenient. And it doesn’t get any more convenient than a glow stick. Simply order the products you need online and you’re all set to go – order before 2pm and we’ll dispatch your glow sticks the same day.

Buy wholesale glow sticks for higher fundraising profits

Our pricing structures allow you to buy glow sticks in bulk at wholesale prices. This leaves plenty of room for a high mark-up resale, providing great profit for school fundraising. Buy glow sticks for as little as 22p each and mark-up value can easily be as high as 500% or more.

Appeal to the fad side of children with glow stick fundraising

Children love a harmless fad, and glow sticks are an ideal way to appeal to that side of them. Once one child has seen their friend wearing one and waving one around, they will want one as well, and so, the fad begins… Parents can join in to if they want to with glow accessories, and those selling on the stall will stand out a mile adorned in glow tiaras and earrings. Who needs signage when you’ve got glow sticks?!

Glow sticks are a cost effective way for your PTA to fundraise

Glow stick fundraising for schools and PTAs is the cheapest and most effective way to raise money at school events. Whether you boogie on down at a glow in the dark disco, or you cheer on the kids in a glow in the dark obstacle course, glow sticks bought at wholesale prices, will be a sure hit with customers, and with your charity bank balance.

We’ve provided glow sticks at wholesale prices for many school events, so if you’d like to find out more about how we can best support your PTA fundraiser, get in touch. Or go ahead and order your glow sticks online. Order before 2pm and we’ll arrange same-day dispatch.

3 thoughts on “Glow stick Fundraising for Schools and PTAs

  1. We are looking to buy 100 glow sticks to sell for a fundraiser. You buy a glow stick for a chance to win something and the person with the off color glow stick wins. Do you sell that?
    For example there would be one pink glow stick and the rest would all be green.

  2. Hi
    I’m looking for cost effective glow toys for a school disco so safety is paramount!

    It’s a valentines themed one and need glow items for boys and girls aged 4-11 years


    1. Hi Louise, thanks for your query. If you are able to give us a call or drop us an email we will be happy to run through our suggestions with you. Right now we are currently compiling content for a Valentine’s Day Craft / PTA blog and newsletter, so by next week we will also have resources online that you can review. We would like to stay in touch with you to forward these links so please do get in touch.
      Best Regards, Tanya

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