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Glow In The Dark Party Ideas

multicoloured bunting

The magic of luminescence never grows old. Switching the lights off and watching multi-coloured objects glowing in the dark is a total win for most children! If you can’t get past ‘musical bumps’ or ‘pass the parcel’ and need some fresh ideas, then look no further. Below are some innovative suggestions for hosting your very own glow in the dark party.

Glow stick Invitations

Start as you mean to go on and set the tone with some neon invitations! Using black card, use UV paint to include the details of your glow in the dark party and include a dress-code – neon or white work best. Charge the paint under normal light, turn the lights off and hey presto! So much excitement and suspense before the party has even started! 

Alternatively, this great Valentine’s idea by Delia Creates could easily be adapted into a party invite.

Glow stick party invitation idea

Glow in the dark party decorations

glow stick party chain made from glow bracelets linked togetherThe possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating the space for your glow in the dark party. Blacken out the windows if it’s not dark outside already and replace any normal bulbs with black bulbs- even your teeth will be illuminated in this light!

Try these flashing LED balloons to make clusters of colour appear all around your party space. Each balloon features a multi-coloured LED that lasts 15 hours. You could even hand one out to each of your guests at the end of the party to take the magic back home.

Use a selection of those UV glow paint sticks again with black card to make a birthday banner for your entrance. Alternatively use these UV paints especially designed to use on fabric. When the lights are turned off, the painted letters will glow and appear to be suspended mid-air.

For the wow-factor, try crafting this simple but high-impact glow stick chandelier to utilise ceiling space. It will add a little more lighting if you’re feeling it’s too dark and …well… it just looks pretty impressive. Or link a few glow stick bracelets to make a glow stick party chain to hang on the walls.

Set up the snack or party food table with glow sticks indicating each place setting like here. Alternatively, just stick a handful of multicoloured glow sticks in a couple of glass jam jars for an immediate flash of light. The children will be mesmerised while eating their sausage rolls and chocolate fingers!

Don’t forget to set up a drinks table- partying is hot work! For added neon fun, line up a few rows of cups and put a glow in the dark straw in each one. 

Get creative!

glow in the dark party face paint ideaTake advantage of some amazing products and get the kids glowing themselves. Your glow in the dark party will really kick off once everyone is looking the part.

Set up a station for face-painting, nail-painting and hair-chalking. Choose a range of colours from a selection of glow paint sticks, glow nail varnish and these professional quality UV hair chalks and let your creative juices flow!

Word to the wise- the glow paints and cosmetics don’t need a UV light to glow (although they will glow under UV light), but are ‘charged’ with natural light and then glow in the dark. The UV paints and cosmetics will appear as a bright colour in daylights and will glow brightly under a UV light or ‘blacklight’.

Glow in the dark party games

Pretty much everything gets better when it’s glow in the dark! For a really glow-tacular party setting, why not try some classic games with a neon twist?

Take indoor bowling. Normally a firm favourite amongst kids, but make it glow in the dark and they won’t want to do it any other way! Our kids glow sticks  are waterproof, so get hold of 10 water bottles, tip some water out (depending on how heavy you want them), add the activated glow sticks to make the bottles glow and roll a football to see if you can get a strike!

Hoopla is another classic game. The twist? Aim and throw with a selection of multi-coloured glow sticks! The winner gets to wear them. Each necklace is made up of three different colours and will glow for up to 12 hours. What’s not to love? Here’s our glow stick hoopla party pack to get you started.

When they’ve danced ’til they’ve dropped, get your guests to try mini noughts and crosses- perfect for tired feet. Set up little grids with kids glow sticks and then start placing your ‘naughts and ‘crosses’ to win three in a row.

Why not try out some fabric paint and get designing and decorating some pre-bought plain white T-shirts. Don’t forget you need to fix the design with a hot iron on the reverse once it has dried. The pop of colour on a white T-shirt will look really striking under the black light!

For the more creative among your guests, you could choose to get crafty with the UV paints and design some murals, greetings cards, or canvasses.

Glow Stick Party bags

You can’t have a glow in the dark party without a glow in the dark party-bag! Start off with a few staple glow sticks, necklaces or bracelets and a few extra connectors so they can experiment. Try some of these glow stick party bag filler ideas.

For a twist, try setting up a lucky dip for your guests on their way out. As they plunge their hands into a deep filled box, they could take home the ultimate party bag gift. Anything from LED sound reactive glasses glow bunny ears, a stylish glow stick cap, a glow tiara, an LED sword or light sabre (for any Star Wars fans) or a glow ball that you just have to bounce hard on the floor to activate. Your guests will leave on a real high with a great gift they can take home. The magic doesn’t have to end there!

(Don’t forget to hand out any balloons, unless you want a glowing living room when the party’s over.)

A glow in the dark party is guaranteed to be a hit with children of all ages! And there are a myriad of ways to get creative and make sure this is a party to remember. It’s time to get glo-ing!

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