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Budget party bag fillers for a glow in the dark party

Kids party bag fillers don’t need to break the bank. Shove a few glow sticks in a bag and you’ll have some happy customers. In fact, you could make the whole party glow-in-the-dark themed – it’s unique, easy to pull off and popular with kids and teens of all ages. Combine it with a space theme, fairy theme or spooky theme for extra brownie points. Here are some great budget party bag fillers for a glow-in-the-dark themed party.

Glow sticks

glow stick budget party bag fillers
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Obviously, as retailers of glow sticks, this was always going to be our first suggestion! But placing bias aside for a second, you can’t go wrong with a few glow sticks. They cost pennies, and I don’t know a child (or adult) that can resist snapping a glow stick and waving it around in the air. Even better, get hold of some glow stick connectors and your guests can enjoy making their own glow bracelets and glow necklaces

Party cupcakes that glow in the dark!

Glow in the dark cupcakes by
Glow in the dark cupcakes by

You might not want the mess of cutting the main birthday cake and wrapping individual pieces in tissue paper. In which case, cupcakes in individual boxes or fairy cakes wrapped in foil are perfect. You can make glow in the dark cupcakes to match the party theme. All you need to do is put tonic water in the mix – it contains quinine, which glows under a blacklight.

Glow In The Dark Hats and Glasses

glow in the dark hat made from glow sticks for budget party bag fillers

Every child loves dressing up, especially if their costume glows in the dark. These glow stick glasses and glow stick hats are always crowd pleasers. Or if you have any princess fairies amongst your guests, they’ll be over the moon with this glow stick tiara.


A Secret Ink ‘Thanks For Coming’ Letter

Although not glow in the dark, a secret writing letter fits nicely into the party theme because it is a novelty. Plus, you can make them for next to nothing. Simply mix some lemon juice with a bit of water then write your message with a cotton bud and wait for it to dry. You can label the letter ‘get mum or dad to iron me to read me’ so their parents know to iron the letter for the child to reveal the writing.

Glowing Spooky Eyes

glowing spooky eyes made from glow sticks

Glowing spooky eyes are certainly budget party bag fillers because they cost so little. And yet, they bring so much fun to the child that receives them because they can be hidden in all sorts of places to creep-out passers-by. They’re especially good if you’re throwing a Halloween party.

Glow In The Dark Stickers

Most kids are pretty excited about the concept of stickers, let alone stickers that glow-in-the-dark. Save money by getting a large packet like this one and sticking an individual sheet in each party bag.

Glowing body art

Tube of Glow Dark Body Paint To continue the fun of face painting when they get home, why not give each child a small tube of glow paint? No child can resist face-painting, especially when the paint they use glows in the dark. Include some glittery temporary tattoos to complete the look.

We hope these budget party bag filler suggestions have helped you feel inspired about planning your next kids’ party. Please do remember that age appropriate gifts should always be given, and supervision is advised.

Happy party planning! The kids are gonna glow wild!

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