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How To Plan A Glow Run Fundraiser

runners in glow sticks and UV body paint at glow run fundraiser
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We all spend the beginning of the year doing things for ourselves: losing weight, treating ourselves to a new set of clothes, booking summer holidays – usually to get through the doom and gloom that is a UK winter. Now we edge our way towards spring, it’s a really great time to plan to do something for others. What better way to improve yourself this year than by helping to improve the lives of those in need? Good karma and all that right?

A walk or a run as a fundraiser is a pretty great idea, because it is healthy, it makes the event very visible and builds a real sense of achievement. Planning a glow run adds an entirely new element to the run or walk, because it’s unusual and more exciting than a daytime event.

If you’re planning a glow run fundraiser, follow these tips for success:

The Run/ Walk

There are so many different things to think about when you plan your run or walk, especially if it is in the dark.

  • Route: The route impacts everything else, including safety, signage, parking, and enjoyment. Consider the route, and consider if it is suitable for glow in the dark run.
  • Safety: Without even thinking about the glow in the dark aspect of the run, the safety is paramount. Think about things like traffic, construction sites, pedestrians who aren’t in the event. Have a deep think about potential hazards.
  • Resources: You’ll need to think about things like bins, food, drinks, toilets, signage, rope and barriers, sound systems, lighting (specific to this type of event) and staff.

The Legal Side Of Things

When you do a charity walk or run you may need permission to use the area you set up in or use. Insurance, regulations and lots of other red tape may apply so speak to your local council and get advice from the charity you are supporting.

Getting People Involved

Marketing is key if you want anyone to turn up to your event. Clearly you can advertise in local papers and so on, but the best thing to do is get out and about locally, and utilise social media because it is so far reaching.

Getting People Registered

It is so important to make it easy for people to register, otherwise they may be put off. Online registration via your social media and website presence will work best. You might want to think about an incentive to sign up, such as a free glow stick for the run. You will also want to set up emails and communication with them up until the date and afterwards to get them to sign up for next years event, perhaps for a discounted early bird rate.

Glowing Fun Run

As you are doing a glow in the dark run, you have special things to think about. Primarily make sure that you really go to town on the marketing, highlighting how special and cool it is because it is glow in the dark.

You could also integrate a special aspect like ‘warriors’ or 90’s rave to suggest dressing up and using UV paints and accessories. Look at current charity glow in the dark runs like London’s Glow In The Park and RNIB Glow Neon Fun Run. Safety is also so important with an event like this, as there’s nothing fun about people tripping and falling in the dark – the route needs to be clearly outlined, and any potential hazards need cordoning off or lighting up.

The Glow Sticks

Glow Bracelets

And of course, no glow run fundraiser would be complete without a multitude of glow sticks. That’s where we can help. We supply all our items at wholesale pricing with price breaks between various quantities. And if you order before 2pm Mon-Fri we’ll dispatch your order that same day. That’s one less thing to think about when you organise your glow run!

Hopefully you’re feeling super inspired to organise your own glow run fundraiser, we are certain it’s glowing to be a big success!

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  1. The Glow Run fundraiser on Glowtopia’s website looks amazing! It’s a brilliant way to combine fitness, fun, and raising funds for a good cause. The glowing theme adds an exciting twist to traditional runs, and I love how they support various charities. Count me in for the next event; I can’t wait to participate and contribute to the community!”

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