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Are glow sticks safe for children?

child wearing green glow stick glasses - are glow sticks safe for children
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As with many things in life, adhering to instructions keeps you safe. Follow the precautions accompanying your glow sticks and you’ll find that they most certainly are safe for children.

Not all glow sticks are exactly the same, so it is important to read the package instructions detailing how to activate them and whether they are safe for children. Check if the products you have purchased;

* carry the CE mark – the manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation…’ Find out more here

* conform to the British EN71 standard – a standard which applies to all toys sold in the EU. It guarantees that all toys meet certain minimum safety standards.

Glowtopia products conform to the above standards

Individual products come with safety guidance on either the product packaging or the product information pages. Make sure you read these guidelines about activation and their recommended minimum age guide.

Keep the chemicals contained.

Keep the chemicals contained and you have a safe activity! Glow sticks are not designed to be cut open or used in any way other than as intended by the manufacturer. Keep them sealed as they’re designed to be. 

When you activate glow sticks, the chemicals inside mix together to cause the luminescence. These chemicals are low in toxicity and not dangerous, but should be treated with caution and respect. If swallowed or squirted on to the skin or into eyes, the liquid can cause irritation.

Word to the wise- if any of the luminescent fluid comes into contact with the skin or eyes, simply rinse with water. Any symptoms from ingestion shouldn’t last very long, but if you are concerned, contact your GP.

Are glow sticks safe for all children?

Our glow sticks are not suitable for those under 3 years of age. Babies pretty much put everything in their mouths. And once teeth have made an appearance, well, suffice to say you don’t want to be finding bite marks anywhere on these products!

Our glow sticks are safe for children over 3 years old with adult supervision. Generally speaking, the older the child, the less likely they are to chew or suck random objects, but also the more unpredictable they can be. Make sure they don’t start attacking them with scissors or try to overbend them or snap them in half. Some glow sticks keep one of the chemicals separate from the other in a glass vial inside the plastic glow stick tube. Once the glow stick has been activated, if it is continually re-bent or folded, the tiny shards of that glass vial may puncture the plastic.

Don’t be tempted to cut them open for any science-y experiments you might have found on Pinterest.

The magic of luminescence means these novelties will always have a place in the lives of children and young adults- think parties, firework night, Halloween, and festivals to name but a few. Their versatile and effortless nature guarantee lasting popularity. So if you’re asking the question are glow sticks safe for children, our answer would be yes they are, if handled responsibly and with supervision where necessary.

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