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How To Wear Festival Body Paint

Festival body paint idea using uv body paint

Festival body paint is always fun to use, and it looks great as well. These days you can’t go to a festival without seeing all kinds of creative looks using glow in the dark body paint. People covered in pretty pink UV flowers, animal prints, multicoloured tribal looks and everything weird and wonderful in between.

If you’ve always been curious about blinging up your skin with UV festival paint, then this short guide on how to wear it will have you well prepared to ‘glow wild’ with glow in the dark body paint at your next festival.

What Is UV Body Paint?

UV body paint is paint containing skin-friendly ingredients, so it is safe for use on the skin, although you should always eyes and broken skin. The body paint is also made to be sweat-resistant and to remain durable whilst you dance the night away.

Although it is durable, you should expect to be able to wash the festival body paint off easily when you want to take it off your skin. Warm water, or a moist wet wipe should remove it effectively.

UV body paint will often come in a wide range of colours, and of course it is designed to glow in the dark, or glow under UV lighting. The most common UV paint colours are yellow, pink, green, blue and orange.

Preparing For Application

It’s a good idea to create an area for application where things like soft furnishings are protected. Most UV body paint does wash out of clothing but, it might be trickier to get out of things you can’t wash, like the sofa. Ideally, you’ll be in a lovely field alongside your tent and friends, sun shining, epic lineup beckoning… (can we come?!).

Planning A Look

You could of course, get a mirror and get creative with your UV body paint application. Or, you could even paint each other if you’re with friends. If they paint something on you you don’t want, you can easily wet wipe their ‘art’ off and reapply. You might also want to do a bit of research and plan a ‘look’ for the group. Ideas for glow in the dark body paint could be:

You might be tempted to match your UV body paint with an outfit, which is a great idea, just remember that in the dark the only parts of your ‘look’ that will be visible will be the glow in the dark bits. So if you want your rabbit ears to go with your UV body paint, you need to make sure those ears are glow in the dark as well. With UV body paint, you can go really wild, as subtle just doesn’t work with this kind of body art, you really do need to just ‘glow for it’!.

Now It’s Time To Have Fun!

Now you’ve prepped your application area, and planned your look, you can enjoy applying your UV body paint!

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