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Glow Stick Yoga

students at a glow stick yoga class
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Yoga is fabulous for you, which is why the practice gets recreated in so many different ways. You can do hot yoga, aerial yoga, goat yoga (yes really!) and of course, glow stick yoga. Operating just like normal yoga, but with a touch of glow in the dark fun, this practise will have you positively desperate to do your vinyasa in combination with the latest yoga trend.

First Things First, Why Is Yoga Good For You?

Yoga comes in many forms, and there are many different yoga practises, all of which are great for your body in different ways. In the past, a person would dedicate themselves to becoming a yogi, learning the lifestyle and culture of a yogi and committing to the philosophy. As a general rule, each yoga pose has a different name and will include things like twists, backbends, postures and movements. Every posture and movement is said to have a benefit, and the practise is always related to breathing techniques and meditation.

There are many benefits to yoga. Here are just some of them:

Calms The Mind & Boosts The Mood

Yoga is deeply related to meditation and breathing, and is known to lower your stress levels and boost your mood. During a yoga session you should be able to dull a busy mind. Deep stretch yoga leaves you feeling like you have had a deep tissue massage, of both the body and the soul.

Improves Confidence

Meditation improves the connection you have with your mind and body, boosting your mood and your confidence. The idea relates to a deeper connection with yourself and others which in turn gives you a higher appreciation of yourself and others.

Low Risk For Injuries

Yoga is all about building strength and lengthening the muscles, it isn’t designed to be high impact so performing yoga isn’t high risk for most people. It also builds strength so it builds your ability to avoid injury in everyday life.

Improves Muscle Tone & Strength

Yoga is designed to strengthen and lengthen all the muscles in your body. Throughout each pose and vinyasa you are encouraged to always keep every single part of your body engaged in your practise.

The Benefits Of Glow Stick Yoga

Now you know why yoga is so good for you, you can get excited about glow in the dark yoga! Aptly named ‘Glowga’, the practice involves a yoga class being taken under neon and black lights with participants and teachers wearing UV body paint, and glow stick bracelets and accessories, not to mention awesome glow in the dark leggings.

Take a look at #glowga on IG and you will instantly see why it is such a hit (and probably find yourself searching for the nearest class where you are). Some classes even put on music to enhance the atmosphere.

The benefits of doing yoga this way (apart from the fact it looks super cool) are far reaching. You get all the benefits of yoga plus, there’s the extra sensory stimulation of practising in the dark, so your awareness of your surroundings change. All of your senses are heightened and the glow from the bracelets and glow in the dark paint adds an extra surreal and almost dream like element to the practice, as well as a connection with the meditative theme of the flow.

Add Glow To Your Flow

Why not give glow stick yoga a go? At the very least you’ll get to experience a brand new way of enjoying yoga, and at the most, you’ll have a revitalised love for the practise. Namaste! 

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