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UV Henna Paint: 2017’s First Beauty Trend

Like many of us, you may have assumed one of the Kardashians would start 2017’s first big beauty trend. But forget Kim and her quirky style trends, the thing that everyone’s talking about at the moment is UV henna paint.

The UV henna trend emerged from the middle-east where fashionistas have been embracing the typical henna culture with a twist, and wearing the same traditional trends with white ink instead of the orange effect that comes from traditional henna. This was noticed by fashionistas in the west, embraced and elaborated, into rainbow henna, monochrome henna, and of course, UV henna paint.

All Henna’s Style, Without The Waiting

To be clear, this new beauty trend only involves the style of traditional henna, not the ingredients needed to dye the skin. Traditional henna is made from the ground up henna plant, and bridal henna nights are still an important custom in many cultures. The problem is, dying the skin this way takes a long time (anything from an hour to overnight), doesn’t always show up that well on certain skin tones, and some people are allergic to it. UV henna paint, doesn’t cause those issues.

How To Enjoy UV Body Art Inspired By Henna

UV henna paint is really just UV body paint but you create the same patterns you would with henna. You prepare one piping cone, or multiple if you’re using many colours, and the thin applicator enables you to make intricate and beautiful henna designs. Traditional henna lasts a few weeks, white henna lasts a few days, and UV body paint used to create henna like patterns is simply wash off, so it’s extremely convenient, with no worry about signs of a weekend of partying showing on your hands at work on a Monday morning.

Where To Wear UV Henna Paint

As UV henna looks stunning in both daylight and at night, it has multiple applications such as:

Woman's face with orange UV henna paint design
UV henna art by
  • Hen Parties – It’s great fun for hen parties who want to stand out, and who love to be original on the town.
  • Children’s Parties – It is a great idea for a children’s party where children can enjoy special ‘tattooes’ which are simply wash-off if the henna is created using body paint.
  • Nights Out – Where a night out can become a bit of a standard affair, UV henna paint brings some colour and creativity to a run of the mill Saturday!
  • Parties – Halloween parties, birthday parties, or specially themed glow in the dark parties are calling out for UV henna!
  • Festivals – Millions of people attend festivals every single year, and there’s a lot of fun to be had with colourful wellies, denim shorts, flowery mac’s, braided hair and of course body paint! UV henna paint is set to be the big ‘thing’ at festivals this year.

Stand Out From The Crowd With UV Henna Paint

Ready to get on board with 2017’s UV Henna paint beauty craze? Download some free henna patterns for inspiration, make yourself a henna cone and order some Glowtopia UV henna paint to get started.

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