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Welcome to our new website

Glowtopia has now been in business for 4 years now and we have come a long way. Starting off in a student house bedroom in Swansea Glowtopia sells to thousands of happy customers across the UK and Europe, who would of thought of that? Year on year Glowtopia shows no sign of slowing down as we hit festival season in the UK, distributing glow glasses and glow bunny ears every day.
We are excited to announce our new website is up and running and we hope you enjoy the new layout. As we have previously mentioned before we know glowsticks are great fun and light up your evening where ever you are. However, with the new launch of the website comes two new products added to the line with more to be added soon. You will find under LED Novelties from the home page you come across the flashing LED bowler hat. This new product is that much loved party essential to bring to a party or event and with our quick delivery service it can be with you by the next day. LED Sound reactive glasses is our new favorite product at Glowtopia that beats to the music. We have been testing them out to a variety of music genres and we think this product is perfect for those heading to festivals this year. No snapping or shaking involved, just a simple button click and you’re good to go.

Stay tuned for new products and information about Glowtopia.


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