Flashing LED Hat

Flashing LED Bowler Hat

As low as £3.25 each

Get the 1930s look with the flashing LED Bowler hat that can make your outfit complete. A simple button press and the hat comes alive with a variety of colour.

Pack Size PriceQuantityStock
80 Hats £260.00 3 in stock
40 Hats £160.00 7 in stock
10 Hats £45.00 30 in stock
6 Hats £28.50 50 in stock
3 Hats £15.00 101 in stock
1 Hat £6.49 304 in stock


Product Description

The flashing LED bowler hat matches the 1930’s gangster image but with a modern twist simply pressing a button and flashing red, blue and green LED’s come alive! This product is perfect for party accessories, school discos, theatre performances and Hen do’s. Batteries included and are ready to use.


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