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Welcome to Freshers’ Week

Like many universities around the UK Freshers’ Week is by far the most anticipated event. With so many different events happening, UV themes are the most popular. Trying to organise an outfit and pick up the essentials is always a tricky situation. When it comes to UV cosmetics there are so many options. Below is a list of some products that Glowtopia have and what they do;

  • UV Face & Body Paint– Our most popular cosmetic to date, easy to apply to the face and body with no worry about irritation to the skin as each product contains Vitamin E and organic beeswax.
  • UV Hair Streaks– Let your hair glow bright with this product under UV light. Vibrant and versatile this hair cosmetic product is easy to apply and wash out. Along with 6 colours to choose from you won’t want to miss out on this.
  • UV Lipstick– A stunning UV reactive lipstick provides that added touch to your night. Easy to apply to the lips and can last for hours under UV light.

Happy Freshers’ Week!

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Key Uses for Glow sticks at a festival

Recently one of our Glowtopia team attended the Reading and Leeds festival. Packed with our festival gear essentials he turned the campsite into a glow hub with our premium glow sticks. As you read on you can see the benefits on taking glow sticks to a festival.

Location- Hundreds of tents and poor visibility makes it difficult to find your tent at night. The 6inch premium glow stick can be spotted from a distance. Simply attaching it to a flag pole or your tent can help you find your way back safer.

No need for a fire- A fire is usually the best way to light up a campsite, however this is dangerous at festivals with such a close proximity to others. By adding bunting or string around the campsite and hanging your glow sticks will light up your site. No mess or burning smell, which makes this ideal.

Stand out- Make sure you stand out from the festival crowed! With thousands of people packed into the main arena glow glasses and glow bunny ears will help point you out to friends and photos.

Got an idea you can add? Let us know!Festival picture for Instagram

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Kids Parties

At Glowtopia we regularly sell glow sticks and glow in the dark body paint for children’s parties. Seems like everything gets better when it’s glowing and a children’s party is perfect. Carry on reading to find out three top glow stick and body paint ideas that will make a children’s party.

Party Bag- Glow sticks are ideal for the goody bag at the end, Children love them!

Fancy Dress- Glow Earrings are so much fun at the party for children, especially a girly party. Glow stick swords are an ideal party essential for a boy’s birthday. Easy to use and can last up to 12 hours.

Glow in the dark- By applying glow in the dark paint to children’s faces, which is safe and easy to use. Children will love seeing their cool face paint designs light up!

Can you add to the list? We would love to hear from you!uv white body paint

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More great ideas on how you can use your glow sticks!

We love hearing all the great ways our products are being used and what for, including ways that youth groups can use glow sticks for fun & games. We sell a range of glow products to youth groups, such as sport teams, youth clubs, the Scout association & Cadets’ for their outdoor night time activities.

  • Night time Football – Use our 8” Glow Sticks (a.k.a. bracelet style sticks) to mark out a pitch to your size and then assign teams using Bracelets & Necklaces with the remaining 8” sticks that haven’t been used to mark out the pitch. With such a variety of colours to choose from you can have multiple teams to get involved for a tournament.
  • Capture the flag glow stick style – Great fun at night in a woodland or larger open spaces. Our premium 6” Glow Sticks or 12” Glow Sticks are ideal as ‘the flag’, emitting a strong light which can easily be seen from a distance. To identify the two teams for fair play use our 8” Sticks to make Glow Bracelets & Necklaces which can be worn by the players.
  • Night time orienteering with glow sticks – Orienteering at night is a great way to teach or improve navigation skills and our 4” Glow Sticks act as a great companion. Because of the quality of our glow sticks they can last the whole night to mark out different points that teams have to get to as they venture across rough terrain. The sticks can also be used to aid map reading without bright torches ruining your night vision.


If you have a great group game that can be played with Glow Sticks then be sure to let us know!

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Scuba Diving Made Easier with Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks are commonly seen in festivals, night clubs, raves, events and other celebrations. At Glowtopia we sell to many customers that love scuba diving. Exploring the vast wonders of the underwater world will make your memories for years to come. Yet night time scuba diving can create safety issues for divers that can easily be avoided with glow sticks!
One of the most popular lightening equipment for divers is the common glow stick. More divers are using glow sticks as they have realized the potential of these affordable and safe products.
Glow sticks are very light and can emit a powerful glow underwater allowing divers to focus on exploring rather than carrying added weight underwater.

Long Lasting
Our glow sticks can emit a light for up to 12 hours, which makes it a great tool for marking up locations and helping with underwater directions.

Unique Colours
During your diving training our multi coloured glow stick bracelets can be given to each diver to assist in communication and coordination.

Emergency Situations
The bright light that glow sticks emit can be used for on-deck emergency situations.

So next time you are heading out on a scuba dive check out Glowtopia’s glow sticks to keep yourself safe.

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3 Cool Glow Stick Ideas for you to try!

Glowsticks are more than just a UV party accessory. They have so many uses that can brighten up your evening, and the team at Glowtopia would love to share with you some ideas that we think are essential.

Having a summer party? The lovely weather we have been having gives you no excuse to not have a garden party or gathering down the beach. If you are planning or have an event soon then make sure you try this neat trick. Place a good amount of glow sticks at the bottom of a large glass or plastic bowl, fill with ice and use it to chill and light up your drinks.

Glow Stick Ring Toss As the night draws in it doesn’t mean we have to end the party outside. The game ring toss is perfect for the children and adults to play but the only thing that could possibly make ring toss more fun, is playing it in the dark with our necklace glow sticks. The necklace glow stick is ideal as you can make the rings different sizes with the connecters.

Glow Stick Chandelier Fancy being creative? We got sent a great photo by a customer who created a glow stick chandelier. If you have a plant hanger that is not being put to good use, then you must try this. Hang the plant hanger upside down, and then hang the glow sticks from it to create this glowing chandelier.

Got a glowtastic idea? Let us know!

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Here is a neat trick for the camp site!

At Glowtopia we are always receiving customer feedback about our products and how they made their night. Best of all we love hearing innovative ways on how our customers use our products. One idea we absolutely love is glowing water, this mysterious, glowing neon liquid is a mood changer without the burden or cost of electricity & batteries. Very simple to put together, all you need is a bottle with regular or tonic water in for and two premium glow sticks to create this great effect.

  1. Open the bottle of water (ideally a 500ml+ bottle).
  2. Have a cheeky swig or give a bit to your favourite plant pot so when glow sticks are added there is enough space.
  3. Snap the premium glow stick and give it a good shake, repeat again for the other.
  4. Add the glow sticks to the bottle and screw the cap on and give it a shake.

Within minutes the water will light up and give off an impressive glow which can be used for a long period of time. Very easy to put together and within minutes you can add that special something to your next camping trip, festival, school disco or just a simple chilled out evening with friends and family in the garden.

Give this a go, if you have any other ideas you wish to send us we would love to hear them. Give us a follow and like on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and we hope you enjoy your summer whatever you do.




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Summer Is Here!

We can officially say that Summer is here and the festival season is in full swing. From what I have seen over social media so far that Glastonbury, Camp Bestival and Summer Gathering has been a great experience for many people. I also couldn’t resist noticing all the glow glasses and UV products that everyone was wearing. It was amazing to see so many smiling faces and creative UV body patterns. However, at Glowtopia people think we supply to festivals and party events etc. When actually during the summer holidays we distribute many glow and LED products to families and large groups of people heading on a camping holiday. As the night time draws in glow sticks come out and light up the campsite. In my opinion I think it helps set a chilled out environment. We have recently tested our premium glow sticks that give off a strong color glow and were impressed with how long they remained before dimming down. Each individual wrapped glow stick comes with a Lanyard, which makes it easy to hang off tables, supporting hooks on tents or just use it as a necklace.

So if you are heading on a camping holiday this summer be sure to check us out!


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Welcome to our new website

Glowtopia has now been in business for 4 years now and we have come a long way. Starting off in a student house bedroom in Swansea Glowtopia sells to thousands of happy customers across the UK and Europe, who would of thought of that? Year on year Glowtopia shows no sign of slowing down as we hit festival season in the UK, distributing glow glasses and glow bunny ears every day.
We are excited to announce our new website is up and running and we hope you enjoy the new layout. As we have previously mentioned before we know glowsticks are great fun and light up your evening where ever you are. However, with the new launch of the website comes two new products added to the line with more to be added soon. You will find under LED Novelties from the home page you come across the flashing LED bowler hat. This new product is that much loved party essential to bring to a party or event and with our quick delivery service it can be with you by the next day. LED Sound reactive glasses is our new favorite product at Glowtopia that beats to the music. We have been testing them out to a variety of music genres and we think this product is perfect for those heading to festivals this year. No snapping or shaking involved, just a simple button click and you’re good to go.

Stay tuned for new products and information about Glowtopia.