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Summer Is Here!

We can officially say that Summer is here and the festival season is in full swing. From what I have seen over social media so far that Glastonbury, Camp Bestival and Summer Gathering has been a great experience for many people. I also couldn’t resist noticing all the glow glasses and UV products that everyone was wearing. It was amazing to see so many smiling faces and creative UV body patterns. However, at Glowtopia people think we supply to festivals and party events etc. When actually during the summer holidays we distribute many glow and LED products to families and large groups of people heading on a camping holiday. As the night time draws in glow sticks come out and light up the campsite. In my opinion I think it helps set a chilled out environment. We have recently tested our premium glow sticks that give off a strong color glow and were impressed with how long they remained before dimming down. Each individual wrapped glow stick comes with a Lanyard, which makes it easy to hang off tables, supporting hooks on tents or just use it as a necklace.

So if you are heading on a camping holiday this summer be sure to check us out!


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