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Here is a neat trick for the camp site!

At Glowtopia we are always receiving customer feedback about our products and how they made their night. Best of all we love hearing innovative ways on how our customers use our products. One idea we absolutely love is glowing water, this mysterious, glowing neon liquid is a mood changer without the burden or cost of electricity & batteries. Very simple to put together, all you need is a bottle with regular or tonic water in for and two premium glow sticks to create this great effect.

  1. Open the bottle of water (ideally a 500ml+ bottle).
  2. Have a cheeky swig or give a bit to your favourite plant pot so when glow sticks are added there is enough space.
  3. Snap the premium glow stick and give it a good shake, repeat again for the other.
  4. Add the glow sticks to the bottle and screw the cap on and give it a shake.

Within minutes the water will light up and give off an impressive glow which can be used for a long period of time. Very easy to put together and within minutes you can add that special something to your next camping trip, festival, school disco or just a simple chilled out evening with friends and family in the garden.

Give this a go, if you have any other ideas you wish to send us we would love to hear them. Give us a follow and like on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and we hope you enjoy your summer whatever you do.




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