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3 Cool Glow Stick Ideas for you to try!

Glowsticks are more than just a UV party accessory. They have so many uses that can brighten up your evening, and the team at Glowtopia would love to share with you some ideas that we think are essential.

Having a summer party? The lovely weather we have been having gives you no excuse to not have a garden party or gathering down the beach. If you are planning or have an event soon then make sure you try this neat trick. Place a good amount of glow sticks at the bottom of a large glass or plastic bowl, fill with ice and use it to chill and light up your drinks.

Glow Stick Ring Toss As the night draws in it doesn’t mean we have to end the party outside. The game ring toss is perfect for the children and adults to play but the only thing that could possibly make ring toss more fun, is playing it in the dark with our necklace glow sticks. The necklace glow stick is ideal as you can make the rings different sizes with the connecters.

Glow Stick Chandelier Fancy being creative? We got sent a great photo by a customer who created a glow stick chandelier. If you have a plant hanger that is not being put to good use, then you must try this. Hang the plant hanger upside down, and then hang the glow sticks from it to create this glowing chandelier.

Got a glowtastic idea? Let us know!

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