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Scuba Diving Made Easier with Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks are commonly seen in festivals, night clubs, raves, events and other celebrations. At Glowtopia we sell to many customers that love scuba diving. Exploring the vast wonders of the underwater world will make your memories for years to come. Yet night time scuba diving can create safety issues for divers that can easily be avoided with glow sticks!
One of the most popular lightening equipment for divers is the common glow stick. More divers are using glow sticks as they have realized the potential of these affordable and safe products.
Glow sticks are very light and can emit a powerful glow underwater allowing divers to focus on exploring rather than carrying added weight underwater.

Long Lasting
Our glow sticks can emit a light for up to 12 hours, which makes it a great tool for marking up locations and helping with underwater directions.

Unique Colours
During your diving training our multi coloured glow stick bracelets can be given to each diver to assist in communication and coordination.

Emergency Situations
The bright light that glow sticks emit can be used for on-deck emergency situations.

So next time you are heading out on a scuba dive check out Glowtopia’s glow sticks to keep yourself safe.

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