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More great ideas on how you can use your glow sticks!

We love hearing all the great ways our products are being used and what for, including ways that youth groups can use glow sticks for fun & games. We sell a range of glow products to youth groups, such as sport teams, youth clubs, the Scout association & Cadets’ for their outdoor night time activities.

  • Night time Football – Use our 8” Glow Sticks (a.k.a. bracelet style sticks) to mark out a pitch to your size and then assign teams using Bracelets & Necklaces with the remaining 8” sticks that haven’t been used to mark out the pitch. With such a variety of colours to choose from you can have multiple teams to get involved for a tournament.
  • Capture the flag glow stick style – Great fun at night in a woodland or larger open spaces. Our premium 6” Glow Sticks or 12” Glow Sticks are ideal as ‘the flag’, emitting a strong light which can easily be seen from a distance. To identify the two teams for fair play use our 8” Sticks to make Glow Bracelets & Necklaces which can be worn by the players.
  • Night time orienteering with glow sticks – Orienteering at night is a great way to teach or improve navigation skills and our 4” Glow Sticks act as a great companion. Because of the quality of our glow sticks they can last the whole night to mark out different points that teams have to get to as they venture across rough terrain. The sticks can also be used to aid map reading without bright torches ruining your night vision.


If you have a great group game that can be played with Glow Sticks then be sure to let us know!

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