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Fresh Ideas for Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s Week is just around the corner, so if you haven’t started your party planning yet, we’ve got some great ideas to kick start your imagination.
Moving away from home, often across the country, and embarking on the challenges of studying and juggling finances, can be a daunting prospect, but there really is no other experience quite like University life, and it all begins with Fresher’s week. This is a monumental time in your university career, as it will set the scene for the years to come, and offers the opportunity to break the ice with your peers, make lasting friendships and cement the relationships and attitude you will embrace. Being the most significant part of the start to your adventure, it deserves careful planning, unique ideas and a fresh take, so that this week will always be a week you will remember.

Freshers Glow in the Dark Present IdeaWhat better way to break the ice than to be put together in small groups of 4 or 5 to answer clues and partake in a bit of orienting to find the loot? We found that this gave students a great opportunity to make friends, polish up their social and team building skills, and explore the local area and campus. What’s more, instead of the usual evening based events, this one is a great daytime activity, to fill up that empty space while you are waiting for the sun to go down, and you’ll (probably) be sober, so you’ll have more chance of remembering the people you met.

It doesn’t even have to be expensive too. Clues can be written or printed, hidden or hung, and there are lots of cheap and easy ideas on the net to help you. There should always be a prize for the winning team, and depending on how many teams there are, you could have a first prize, second prize…. booby prize? We found the best way to manage this, was at the “X” spot, there would be pretend gold coins or other such token, these can be found cheaply online, in toy stores or home-made, and then the students cash in their tokens for their prize. Prizes don’t need to be expensive either, we offer a range of glow and party products, some come individually packaged, so they’ll be perfect to put together a little prize stash – items such as Glow Stick lanyards, necklaces, glasses and bunny ears, and our prices get cheaper the more you buy – we have even put together a discounted bundle especially for fresher’s week, so you could buy a few packs and split them up to make first second and third prizes.


If the weather permits (or even if it doesn’t…) another great, free, activity for the daytime is a water fight. You can add this to the Fresher’s Week Itinerary, and ask students to come prepared with their own water guns, bottles, water balloons etc…. All you will need to do is make sure that you have a big enough outdoor space, access to water such as an outdoor tap, and plenty of buckets to fill up so that the competitors can reload as and when they need to.

One of our biggest requests this time of year is for tonnes of glow sticks, necklaces, LED sticks and accessories. Glow Parties have been popular for many years, but there’s always room to improve. There is a great selection of UV body paints and make up, and we stock an increasing number of accessories to compliment any outfit and ensure that you’ll be seen. If your Student Union wants to raise some funds, you could mention on the program that you’ll have the stock on the evening to buy, or you could arrange a little market area earlier on that day to encourage sales and make some profit to put back into the expenses incurred. You can use a student hall, hire a local DJ or just the equipment if you have a volunteer, and you just need a plenty of lights to put on a good light show. For decorations, you can hang glow bracelets chains, LED balloons, make a glow stick drinks cooler, and make glow chandeliers. You could even use our LED batons to line the bar area, put out some LED windmills, and fill glasses with our glow sticks as decorations for tables etc. Sites like Pinterest always have loads of fresh ideas, so you can put on a unique Glow Party to remember. Check out out disco packs, we have got lots on offer at discounted prices, as well as our bulk discounts on glow bracelets and pendants to resell at a profit. For further ideas on resale, check out our resale blog or get in touch and we can talk you through it.


Instead of the typical club nights, bar crawls and student bar drink nights, why not add a theme to your evenings? A Carnival or Fun Fair themed party night is a fresh and funky way to add something different to your evening arrangements. If the budget allows, there are lots of companies that hire out traditional funfair games, rides and stalls; such as a bucking bronco/rodeo bull, inflatable obstacle course (think “It’s a knockout”), bungee run, tin can alley and coconut shy. We also offer a Glow Hoopla pack too!

But there’s not just the entertainment to consider. While you’re unpacking or mulling around the student halls, there’s plenty of ways to get breaking the ice, making friends and meeting those all important, potential future flat mates. Coventry University’s blog has some great icebreakers and it just wouldn’t be right not to share it!!

Plus why not check out our Fresher’s Week Glow Essentials Blog too, so you can make sure that you are well prepared to light up and stand out!

From everyone here at Glowtopia, we wish you an absolutely awesome fresher’s week, and a week you’ll always remember… or not!!

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