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Re-Selling Glow Sticks at Events

Glow sticks can be a quick, easy way of making a few bob. You don’t have to necessarily go big either. The local firework display on Bonfire night, Summer Fairs, or even a nearby outdoor concert, these are just a few ideas to get you started up in selling these great, cheap and effective must-have party accessory.

There a few different ways of going about selling such items. Of course, there’s a free-standing stall or trailer, which you can brand and market. Or, another idea which maybe even more effective if you’re just starting out is becoming a vendor on foot.

Do the Research

Make sure you thoroughly research your chosen event, in particular the demographics, and the times of the event. A summer cake sale that runs from 10am – 2pm will have obvious flaws when it comes to selling glow related products – you don’t want to the summer sunlight to outshine you!

Try and get into an event that runs into the early hours, a big chunk of your sales will be pre nightfall, so bear that in mind when planning the vital logistics.

When it comes to glow products, there are some very different customers. In a nutshell you can kind of categorise your consumers into two sections; Kids, and the hardcore ‘ravers’. But saying that, it won’t stop the parents from getting a little glowingly envious, they might end up buying a Glow Stick Candle, Bunny Ears, Ear Rings or Sword! Anyway, the consumers will vary at each event so it should be a consideration as to the types of products you take to each event.  As a suggestion; Glow Stick Tiaras and Glow Stick Caps for the kids, and for the Ravers maybe some LED Sound Reactive Glasses and Glow Batons. Whereas the Glow Sticks, well.. EVERYBODY loves a Glow Stick right?



Also, make sure you work out the logistics, plan everything well in advance. The journey time, driving route, parking, getting the equipment from the vehicle to your stall.. etc etc. Planning ahead will save you a lot of time in the long run, and you could miss out on valuable sales if you’re faffing around trying to park, or build your stall!

Make sure you’ve got a way of logging down your sales, so you don’t loose track of what’s flying out the door, and what isn’t.. Also, bring change! People are bound to show up with £10 or £20 notes and expect a load of change in return.

Marketing your Stall

Glow NecklacesOk, so you’ve opted for your own stall. This is great, it’s a great way of marketing yourself (for future events) and it’s easy to make a Glow Stick stall stand out! So make sure you do. It’s maybe worth just splashing out on one or two banners (they’re pretty inexpensive in all honesty), and get a load of multi-coloured writing on there. Maybe your business name (if you have one), or just a simple ‘Glow Sticks for Sale’ sign.


glow in the dark balloon for hen partyNow to jazz up your stall.. One idea is to snap some of the 6 inch Premium Glow sticks, as they come with a lanyard so you can easily hang them somewhere on the stall. Another idea is blowing up some of our multi-coloured LED Balloons and hanging them from your stall.



Vendor on Foot?

A vendor on foot, refers to a vendor that can be mobile as apposed to being restricted to one area manning a stand or trade stall. Vendors are allowed to branch out and roam free amongst the crowd. It’s often a good idea to have a trade stand/stall as a base, as well as vendors on foot, this way you can cover the whole event. Having people walking around the event, is also more of an incentive for people to buy there and then. With a stall, people may walk past two or three times with the intent of coming back later, whereas a passing vendor may be their only opportunity for a consumer to buy on the spot, encouraging them to buy immediately as opposed to dwelling on a purchase.

Glow in the Dark Fancy Dress Glow Stick
Image source

Vendors on foot is an excellent suggestion specifically when it comes to selling Glow Sticks.

What’s that moving glowing object over there standing out from the crowd so prominently in the distance walking towards us? It’s a Glow Stick Vendor! Well don’t they look glowingly awesome, let’s go buy some Glow sticks! That’s usually how it goes. Just make sure you warn your vendors, they’ll probably have to wear the attire!

Staffing the event

This is kind of a big deal. The more enthusiastic your staff, the better. Look at the beaming smiles and how happy those vendors look, dancing around, it must be the Glow Sticks!

If your staff are vendors on foot, left to roam free, make sure they’re aware of the vital selling areas to linger, such as walkways, near food vendors, entrance gates and near the restrooms.

So there you have it, the basics of selling Glow Novelties at an event, it’s always best to start smaller so you can gauge the kind of sales you can make and then work your way up to a bigger event. And do you know what’s even better? Here at Glowtopia, we offer discounts on bulk orders!

Happy Selling!


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