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Let The Festivities Begin!

With Christmas party season right around the corner it is time to make sure you are prepared to get rockin’ around that Christmas tree. Regardless of if you are just celebrating with family and friends or with colleagues, we have got all you need to get into the festive spirit!

Santa Hats are a Christmas must have! Don your plush hat and light up the festive message at the push of a button! It’s a brilliant way to spread Christmas cheer.

Are you looking to go the extra mile with your festive celebrations? Get yourself an inflatable Sumo Santa Suit. It’s lightweight, easy to wear and features a battery operated fan which ensures you sport the traditional Santa belly! Our Santa suit also includes a beard and Santa hat to complete the festive style.

DISCLAIMER: The Glowtopia Team are not responsible if people mistake you for the real Father Christmas!!!!

Don’t Forget …

Glow Straws:  Brighten up a festive poinsettia cocktail with our glow straws

Glow bracelets and earrings:  Another great way to create an awesome party atmosphere this Christmas!


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