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Key Uses for Glow sticks at a festival

Recently one of our Glowtopia team attended the Reading and Leeds festival. Packed with our festival gear essentials he turned the campsite into a glow hub with our premium glow sticks. As you read on you can see the benefits on taking glow sticks to a festival.

Location- Hundreds of tents and poor visibility makes it difficult to find your tent at night. The 6inch premium glow stick can be spotted from a distance. Simply attaching it to a flag pole or your tent can help you find your way back safer.

No need for a fire- A fire is usually the best way to light up a campsite, however this is dangerous at festivals with such a close proximity to others. By adding bunting or string around the campsite and hanging your glow sticks will light up your site. No mess or burning smell, which makes this ideal.

Stand out- Make sure you stand out from the festival crowed! With thousands of people packed into the main arena glow glasses and glow bunny ears will help point you out to friends and photos.

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