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Full Moon Glow in The Dark Swim

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The Full Moon Party first began on Koh Phangan Island in the early 80’s.

There’s no actual factual proof of how it all began, just word of mouth. It’s been heard through the grapevine that a bunch of hippies gathered around a campfire on Haad Rin Beach, singing, drinking and not really taking life too seriously, this carried on until the early hours.

For some reason, news spread about this ‘meeting of travellers’, and gradually year by year more and more travellers began to surface and gather on Haad Rin Beach.

The local people decided to take advantage of this influx of hungry and thirsty travelers, so they made it a commercialized event, opening up local businesses, such as bars, cafes, shops and restaurants all across the 20km strip.

People now travel from across the globe to Koh Phangan for this multicultural event, as well as other related events; Half Moon, Quarter Moon etc. Nowadays there’s approximately 5,000–30,000 visitors every full moon evening. Many travelers will predominantly base their trip to South-East Asia around this spectacle.

But if you’re not really overly keen on hopping on a flight across the globe just for one evening of celebrations, we’ve come up with a way you and the kids can celebrate the full moon!

So How Can We Celebrate The Full Moon?

The next Full Moon falls on 9th June 2017, and following on from that on 24th June is the New Moon..

So why should the all the party fuelled travellers of Thailand get all the fun,  we want in too!

An Open Air Swimming Pool in Yorkshire is celebrating the New Moon by keeping the pool open until midnight, and offering late night swims! But guess what the added bonus is? There’s Glow Sticks! What a fantastic way to keep fit this summer, keep the kids entertained for hours it’s great for all the family too. It’s okay if they have one late night this summer isn’t it?

We think it’s a great idea, and we hope the word will spread just like the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan!

Glow Stick Pool Party
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But don’t let the kids be too disheartened if you’re local swimming pool hasn’t cottoned on yet. Just take a leap out of Kanye West’s book you can bring the pool to you! Just run the little ones a warm bath , and throw some Glow Sticks in! Perfect! There’s no better way to get them more enthused about Bath time!

Glow Stick Bath
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Glow Stick Bath Time
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If you’re more outdoorsy, and looking forward to spending more time outside this Summer, you could always put that paddling pool that’s been cooped up in the Garage collecting cobwebs to good use! You can even get even more Glow Sticky.. and kit yourself out with all the gear, Glow Necklaces, Glow Bracelets, Glow Ear Rings.. The opportunities are endless!

Happy Splashing!

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