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Our Favourite Festival Accessories, For A Bigger, Better, Glowier Festival Experience

Here at Glowtopia, we’re all about that festival glow stick fun, and we know you are as well. To make sure that you feel a constant flow of glow in the dark inspiration wafting through your pleasure centre, we’re here to flood you with the most epic inspiration, so that your festival experience this year, can be bigger, better, and glowier! Bet you never knew that was a word….

So now you’re totally stoked about your upcoming bigger, better and glowier festival experience this year, we’d better tell you how to make that happen!

Here are Glowtopia’s favourite festival accessories…

Glow stick bracelets

glow bracelets for hen party in pink, purple, yellow, greenIf there’s one thing that is a priority at festivals, it’s holding one, two or five drinks (lemonade of course) at a time, and keeping them safe until you drink them. Your hands are so important, for this exact reason. So that means that there isn’t necessarily a hand free for a fun glow in the dark accessory. The solution? Glow stick bracelets! They’ll hang around your wrist looking super cool so you can do what you want with your hands! Awesome right?

Glow candles

Mixed Colour Glow Stick CandlesReal life candles just don’t have it in them to survive the glorious British summer weather (all of the rain) that usually blesses festivals. That makes finding your way around a dark campsite at night, or fumbling around for those all important wet wipes in your tent, really tricky. Sure there’s torches, but they cost a ton of money and they’re not nearly as fun as glow stick candles!

Glow necklaces

22 inch Mixed Colour Glow Stick NecklaceIf there’s one thing you need at festivals, it’s your head. Right? To talk, and laugh and sing and all that jazz. So, why not give that whole neck/ face area a bit of bling and wear loads of glow stick necklaces? Your head deserves it really.



Glow in the dark glasses

Glow GlassesPlanning a ‘school’ themed night out at the festival? You can’t be a geek without glasses! And only the best geeks wear glow in the dark glasses! Alternatively, wear them to help you see the acts better. We can’t in any way guarantee this will work but, you’ll look great while you’re trying!



Glow straws

multicoloured glow strawsWhen the pre-party or after party begins back at the tent, your priority is being able to see your drinks, above anything else. What better way to do that than with glow straws!



Glow in the dark ball

orange glow in the dark bouncy ballGlow in the dark bowling, football, catch and of course down on one knee – perfect festival games for you and your friends to enjoy to make the most of the fun nighttime atmosphere.



LED Sound Reactive Glases

led sound activated glasses greenIf there’s one place that LED sound reactive glasses are going to work perfectly, it is at a festival. They flash along to any music beat, so whether you’re bopping to Beyonce or twerking to Tinie Tempah, your glasses are guaranteed to be dancing right there with you.



LED Flashing Tambourine

LED Flashing TambourineClearly, festivals are all about getting back to your ancestral roots, being at one with the earth, knitting your own happiness etc etc. So, get involved with the rhythm of life with an LED flashing tambourine, just like your ancestors did (honestly they did).



LED Mini Fan

LED mini fanWe don’t want to get your hopes up and suggest it might be a dry hot summer full of festivals where, short shorts are justified and you might even… get too hot (optimism guys!) but it might happen. If it does, and you’re standing there sweating between other festival goers waiting for your favourite act to come on, then how are you going to find your mini fan to cool you down? There’s no way you could find it with your hands, but if its LED…. you can see it! This is total adulting. Hi five!



UV Paints

Festival body paint idea using uv body paintIf you’re going to a festival that has a ton of black lights, then you kind of have to wear UV paints. It’s, kind of festival law. So, you’ll want to stock up on some good quality UV paints to get yourself ready to light up the tent under those black lights.



We have:

UV face and body paint

UV hair streaks

UV fabric paint

UV lipstick

UV glitter body gel

UV mascara

UV nail paint

UV hair chalk

And more…. So your look can be completely UV ready if you want it to be. Maybe you’ll go tribal, perhaps animal is more your thing, or maybe even UV zombie! Whatever UV look you choose, we’ve absolutely got you covered with our UV paints and festival accessories.

Glow Paints

Glow in the dark paint stick modelGlow paints glow without UV lights and react under UV lights as well, so there’s no black light needed for you to stand out with our glow paints. We have glow paint, glow nail polish and glow hair gel, so you can light up the exciting dark festival nights in whatever way you want to! It will easily wet wipe off the next day as well, if you want it to that is!



Festival Glow Pack

Glow Stick and UV Glow Paint festival party packIf you want all your glow in the dark fun ready and set up for you, and you want it at a crazy low price for four people, then you need to take advantage of our festival glow pack. You get:

10 X 12 inch mega glow batons

4 X glow caps

4 X glow glasses

50 X glow bracelets

2 X glow paint sticks

2 X glow hair gel

If that isn’t enough to get you and your friends completely set up for a festival, then nothing ever will be. This is the ultimate pack for a bigger, better, glowier festival experience guys, don’t miss out!

Hopefully you are feeling totally inspired by our incredible list of some of our favourite festival accessories. From UV glasses, to brilliant glow bracelets, there’s loads of choice to help make your festival bigger, better and glowier! You just have to glow for it now!

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