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Be Festival Ready This Summer

No Summer is complete without a festival, and with this Summer being set to be the hottest on record, the 2018 Festival Season is going to be bigger and better than ever. Whether you’re planning to hit the best of the British Festivals, or expanding your horizons to sample the vibes in Europe and beyond, we wish all our customers, subscribers and followers a fun and funky festival season.

Nothing says Festivals like the night time. The crowds, big and small, young and old, are highlighted in an array of neon bands in luminescent colours. Each year, new products and techniques inspire festival goers to really get into the spirit of the festival, as the event organisers put together some of the best performers, visuals, laser and light shows. And when the sun goes down, that’s the time to shine your brightest, so check out our top 5 tips to stand out from crowd and go with the glow!


Snap to Activate Glow Sticks

NOTHING ELSE says Festival Fever like the Glorious Glow Stick! This is the most remarkable, eye-catching and utterly famous chemiluminescent product to ever hit mainstream culture. Since its arrival in the public retail sector in the 1980s, the product range has significantly evolved whilst still respecting the original science behind the discovery that originally started life as an essential item of military equipment. So all that’s left to say, simply put, is that no festival kit is complete without a significant stockpile of Glow Sticks – necklaces, bracelets, batons and pendants, earrings, glasses and head wear. If you’re not wearing or waving a glow stick (or 10) at a festival, you’re missing out!!

22 inch glow in the dark necklaces 6 inch 15mm glow in the dark sticks


Light Toys

Whether you are juggling to show off your skills, looking to light up the dancefloor, or are thinking of keeping the kids entertained, there is a glowing toy that has your name on it. The possibilities really are endless, from the Light Poi and LED finger lights popular with dancers at raves and festivals, to glow batons, wands, fibre optics and LED novelty toys for the little folk; light toys are the number 1 people pleaser for all events. Our top tip for this must have festival accompaniment is to buy them in advance and take them with you, and include a few spares and extra batteries just be safe. For the business savvy festival goer, stocking up on bulk toys could see you bring in a tidy profit as an on-foot trader.

 Foam LED Baton Flashing LED Ball Light Up LED Pirate Sword with Sound


Body- Marbling

This craze, which hit the scene in 2016 and has since been big news for festival goers, sees your body and belongings turn into works of art.
Originally created by Black Light Visuals using acrylic paint, there are many DIY alternatives, but the basic principle is easy to replicate. All you need are large containers of salt water, and acrylic or liquid body paint. Add the paint to the water in various colours and swirl around to create patterns of coloured pigments floating on the water. Then dip a limb or thing into the container and the paint pigments will stick to the surface. Allow to air dry naturally and you are good to go. We found that UV body paints work just as well, and gives a FESTIVAL GLOW that is hot on trend this Summer.



Glow in the Dark Clothing

For those who don’t want to decorate their skin or wear glow accessories, the range of hi-tec clothes and accessories is increasing as market trends follow the demand for new and innovative products. With self-glowing fabrics, UV reflective garments and glow in the dark fabric paint becoming more accessible and affordable, you’ll spot many more illuminated bodies amongst the crowds. Our favourite clothing trend by far is the Interactive Glow T-Shirt, which we liked so much we sourced it ourselves to share with our own customers from Illuminated Apparel – as seen on BBC Dragon’s Den. This clever garment gizmo allows you to draw a design or write a message on the glow in the dark canvas using the UV key ring (supplied), mobile phone torch or a laser pen, which will glow for up to 10 minutes before starting to fade, leaving you free to do it over and over again.



Hair and Skin Glow

Check out Pinterest to see the very latest trends in Glow in the Dark makeup techniques, face and body paint designs and UV hair gel and chalk styles. With an extensive range of professional quality products available, it is a cost effective way of lighting up when the lights go down. Most products are neon by day, and under the UV lights they glow with luminousity so you will not blend into the crowd as you dance the night away. And the best bit, is that whist these products are bang on trend, smart and sassy with design ideas that will rock this festival season, you don’t have to rely on stage lights to ensure your glow continues after leaving the light show. Our LED batons are a UV light source, so if your heading back to the tent, or the leader of an entourage, you can light the way by waving your LED baton around, and your hair, make up and UV paints will continue to glow.

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