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Welcome to Freshers’ Week

Like many universities around the UK Freshers’ Week is by far the most anticipated event. With so many different events happening, UV themes are the most popular. Trying to organise an outfit and pick up the essentials is always a tricky situation. When it comes to UV cosmetics there are so many options. Below is a list of some products that Glowtopia have and what they do;

  • UV Face & Body Paint– Our most popular cosmetic to date, easy to apply to the face and body with no worry about irritation to the skin as each product contains Vitamin E and organic beeswax.
  • UV Hair Streaks– Let your hair glow bright with this product under UV light. Vibrant and versatile this hair cosmetic product is easy to apply and wash out. Along with 6 colours to choose from you won’t want to miss out on this.
  • UV Lipstick– A stunning UV reactive lipstick provides that added touch to your night. Easy to apply to the lips and can last for hours under UV light.

Happy Freshers’ Week!

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