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Wedding Glow Stick Wonders

How to "Let Love Glow" Glowtopia Style....

Glow Sticks are literally gathering whirlwind momentum at weddings right now. It is big business in the U.S and now it has landed on British soil. This popular craze is largely thanks to the super value of large quantities of glow sticks, the versatility of the product, and the simple fact that they are lots of fun for adults and children - who doesn't love to crack a glow stick? There are so many ways you can incorporate Glow Sticks into the special day, from wedding favours to waving send offs, but whatever you want to with your glow sticks, we think these magical little light sticks deserve their very own space to glow.... "The Glow Stick Bar".

There are so many ideas floating around on the internet, and the best of them can be found on Pinterest. If you decide to do a little bit of research into the idea, take a look at our Pinterest Boards, and check out our favourite Pins in the Illuminated Weddings Board In the meantime, we have put together this blog to give you a bit of inspiration and provide you with some free downloads so you can make the most of your Glow Sticks for a truly wonderous wedding.


8 inch Glow Stick Wedding Favours & Frame

If you're thinking about putting out some glow sticks for your guests and wanted to display them on tables for guest favours, why not dress them in their very own labels and impress your guests with the added detail? For this quick, easy and cost effective table favour, which looks pretty awesome, all you need is a whole bunch of 8 inch glow sticks, a vase or jar, a 6 x 4 inch photo frame and our free Vintage Heart downloads.

If you click on the adjacent image, you will open up a pdf file containing 6 labels, ready for you to personalise with the names of the bridal party and date should you wish, or use them as they are. Simply cut out each design, in the shape of a heart or in a square, and cut 2 slits at the top and bottom. Thread a glow stick through each label, and we recommend popping a connector on one end of stick so they are ready to go,  and then arrange in a vase to display in the centre of the tables.

By clicking on the last image, you will open a 6 x 4 inch jpeg - perfectly sized for ready made frames, and we just love vintage style frames with this design. You can hand write the bridal party names and the date if you wish, and this sign will perfectly match your glow sticks.

If you have Photoshop or another photo editing software, you can add the details in text format, then print onto card stock or photo paper. Position the frame in front of the vase display and it will look amazing. If Glow Stick wedding favours were not what you had in mind, these also look great on the evening buffet table, a candy cart, along the drinks bar or on outside tables on a veranda or garden terrace.

Light up the Night Glow Stick Sign and labels

If you are looking for a presentation idea for your glow sticks, we absolutely love the idea of a Glow Stick Bar! Over the last 5 years, Candy Carts and Candy Buffets have been the biggest thing in wedding and party trends, but an illuminating layout of glowing accessories is now sweeping across weddings everywhere. We anticipate this too will become a favourite fad that will stand the test of time; as they are fun and funky, great value and they delight both adults and children alike. Best kept to the evening reception, get your glow sticks ready for when all the formality of the day is done and everyone is ready to let loose and turn down the lights. Your evening party, dance floor, and even the venue gardens and terraces will be aglow with brightly lit guests. And the best thing is you can coordinate the colours of your glow sticks to match your wedding theme if you didn't want to go with a rainbow coloured selection.

How many jars and labels you will need depends on just how many accessories you want to share with your guests.... less is definitely not more in the realms of Glow Stick Bars - the best bars we have seen online have several jars and vases with a range of options for your guests to choose from. If budget is an issue, you can certainly offer a smaller variety, but always buy bulk packs instead of individually wrapped, as the cost is significantly less and they look more attractive in the display.

After working out your glow novelty quantities (we will give you some guidance below) you will need to get a 5x7 inch frame, and download the adjacent jpeg image to pop inside.

The first glow stick you need on your shopping list is the super versatile Glow Stick Bracelet! You'll need to grab yourself a tube (or a few), we sell ours in tubes of 100, and work out how many you will need. As a general rule of thumb we would suggest that if you had 50 guests going, you would want them to have 2 to 3 bracelets each. You'd need 2 tubes of glow stick bracelets, but fear not, we have plans for the 50 or so that are left over.

You will need to print off our label template by clicking any of the adjacent images. Then stick them on to a selection of vases, jam jars, mason jars, plant pots... or whatever you want to use to display your glow stuff to match your wedding theme. We've seen some really cool, alternative displays such as buckets for beach weddings, baskets and planters for rustic weddings, and jam jars decorated with vintage lace and ribbon for vintage and shabby chic displays. For the bracelets, pop a connector on one end of each stick and present them in the vase.

With your 50 left over glow sticks, you can have 25 pairs of Glow Stick Glasses for your Glow Stick Bar. We assume that not everyone will want to wear glasses so if you have 50 guests, supplying enough glasses for half the guests will be absolutely fine if you are on a budget, alternatively you can adjust the numbers of your Glow Stick Bracelets. You will need 2x Glow Stick Bracelets and 1 x Glow Glasses Connector or 1 x Glow Heart Glasses Connector to make up a single pair of glasses. So if, for example, you wanted 50 pairs of Glow Stick Glasses, you would need 1 x tube of 8inch Glow Stick Bracelets and 50 x Glow Stick Connectors. Arrange them together in a vase or jar and attach our Glow Glasses label. We think having two jars (or multiples of 2 jars) for the glasses, offering both hearts and standard glasses looks the best.

Our Glow Stick Necklaces are a one piece wonder. They are 22 inches long and come complete with their own connector. Just like the bracelets, you just need to pop a connector on one end of the glow stick, and present them in a tall vase. Tall vases or even jars (like the tall pasta ones) are really a must for this one, because these necklaces may crack if knocked and smaller jars may topple over. Again, we've got the labelled covered in our free template.

Our final label is for "Glow Sticks". If you only want to offer one option, we recommend buying the bulk packs of our most popular 6 inch Premium Glow Sticks. These come bagged in 25s and offer the best quality glow. Each glow stick comes fitted with it's own connector to attach the included lanyards. For 50 guests we would recommend getting 2 packs because everyone will want one of these!! However, if you want to offer a selection, we also stock 4 inch Regular Glow Sticks in packs of 25 and 12 inch Premium Mega Glow Sticks in tubes of 10s. Why not buy a selection of all 3 and display in different sized jars or vases? If you are on a budget, we have the perfect cost effective option. Our 6 inch Regular Glow Sticks will offer you a bright glow for the best value, and they also have their own connectors and lanyards, and are also supplied in packs of 25. You could even team up the 6 inch Regular Glow Sticks with the 4 inch Regular Glow Sticks, for example 25 of each for 50 guests, to keep the costs even lower!

Personalise Your Glow Sticks

Whether you go for Glow Stick favours or a Glow Stick Bar, you can give your glow sticks the personal touch with your own special message or dedication uniquely designed and printed for you. Here at Glowtopia, we will work with you to create your own custom made template, and we can either heat press or use our special transfer printing to each glow stick. Not only will your glow sticks be unique to you, but they make a special momento for your wedding memory box, and your guest will be affectionately impressed at the detail and sentiment.

You can find out more about our personalised glow sticks here, or take a quick look here at all our branded products. We recommend the 6 inch Premium Glow Sticks, 12 inch Premium Mega Glow Glow Sticks and our Premium Glow Stick Candles for personalisations - and remember, we will design your message for you, and can match with most themes and typefaces to compliment the rest of your wedding stationary.

Glow Stick Send Off

Our final Glow Stick wedding wonder is the simply stunning send off. Its a wonderful way to wave the wedding party along as they embark on their new life together.... and it looks absolutely amazing in the photos! Don't take our word for it, hop on over to our Pinterest Illuminated Wedding Board and see for yourself.

Probably the most simplest but most effective of all the glow stick ideas - all you need is enough Glow Stick Necklaces for your guests, we supply these in a range of colour options in tubes of 50, a large vase strategically placed near to where the happy couple will be leaving the venue, a 10x8 frame and a print out of our send off template!

Top Tips!!

  1. DO NOT SNAP AND ACTIVATE THE STICKS IN ADVANCE! Half the fun of glow sticks is in the snap, and you will want the glow to last as long as possible so however you intend to use or display your glow sticks, leave that bit for the guests.
  2. When cutting the slits in 8 inch glow stick labels, for best results use a scalpel or craft blade. If you don't have one available, lightly fold the label in half on the vertical, and make a small snip at the fold with scissors.
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