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The Glowtopia Glow Stick Guide to Camping

We are MASSIVE fans of the GLOW STICK… but did you know just how cool they actually are for camping?
From lanterns to games, we give you our very own guide to the best hacks for GLOW STICKS when CAMPING.


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Quick, safe and easy, this DIY lantern hack is a cheap and effective way of lighting up your camping space. Use an old mason or jam jar, or even use an empty bottle. We found that bracelets and necklaces produce the effect in these examples. The glass amplifies the glow, they will last for up to 12 hours, and they are perfect for inside a tent or outdoors.


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Always spot your drinks in the dark with this clever and simple hack. Just snap to activate, and shake up a few GLOW STICKS before throwing them in your cooler box or drinks bucket with lots of ice. And the best thing is that ice will keep your sticks lasting longer, so you’ll have no trouble finding your drinks from dusk to dawn.



Dark campsites with guy ropes and awnings staked into the ground pose a tonne of trips and mishaps just waiting to happen! We have the solution… simply attach glow sticks and bracelets to your guy lines, and stake our long lasting 4″ or 6″ Glow sticks into the ground with the pegs to light up those hazards and prevent accidents!


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DIY glowing mushroom craft
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In fact, you can light up the whole tent and surrounding space with Glow Sticks! Our favourite Glow Stick decorations for your tent include chandeliers, bracelet link chains, tent zip pulls, pathway stakes, walkways and boundaries, ensuring your tent will be lit up like a beacon so you won’t be wandering around for hours trying to find your pitch in the dark. Why not hide some spooky eyes around your tent too to scare away the things that go bump in the night!


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We love the fact that ordinary daytime games can be transformed into night time activities using various sized Glow Sticks. Turn that daytime Frisbee into a glowing disk by simply attaching a glow stick necklace with strips of tape, and customise your hoola hoop with glow stick necklaces in the same way. You can make your own bowling game by filling empty plastic bottles with water and our regular 6″ glow sticks glow sticks. But our favourite camp games to play at night have to be Hoopla, with glow stick stakes and bracelet hoops; Glow in the Dark Limbo using a chain of glow stick necklaces; and Glow Stick Croquet or Golf, using premium sticks as stakes, and bracelets and necklaces to make putting holes or hoops embedded in the grass.

Outdoor Games Glow Stick Pack multicoloured glow in the dark hoopla game

Tip! Why not try our prepared packs for your party games? Our ready to go Hoopla Set contains everything you need, and our Outdoor Glow Pack would make the perfect glow in the dark golf or croquet kit.

Keep an eye out for our next camping blog featuring other glow products and ideas – coming soon!!

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