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Go Glow for Wimbledon!

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  Ah Wimbledon! There’s nothing more British than stocking up on Strawberries and Pimms, gathering your friends and relatives and getting cosy round the TV to engross yourselves in the competitive ‘Loves’ and ‘Duces’ on centre court!

But have you heard of a Go Glow for Wimbledon party? You’re going to love it! A Pop-up Bar in London are throwing a UV Ping-Pong party in honour!

So why don’t you set up your own at home? Wow your friends and do something out of the ordinary to celebrate a great British Tradition. You can still supply Pimms & Strawberries of course! As soon as it starts to get dark, everyone’s feeling a bit jolly after an overload of daytime Pimms drinking, you can invite everyone outside for a cheeky game of ‘Glow in the Dark Ping-Pong’ (obviously!).

So.. How do you do it?

Ok so, there’s two ways of going about creating your own Glow in the Dark Ping-Pong.. One way is the; UV way. There are specific paints that only light up under a Ultra Violet Light. So if you’re going to go about it this way, you’ll need to be able to change your light bulbs to specific UV light bulbs. This could still take place outside, using the outside lighting or inside. UV Light Bulbs are pretty inexpensive to buy so it won’t blow the budget too much, and pretty easy to source via Ebay or Amazon.

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Once you’ve changed the light bulbs over, the fun starts! Make sure you remove any valuables if you’re doing it inside, you don’t want a rogue flying ping pong ball smashing your precious vase! If you have an actual Table Tennis table then go for it, if not then you’ll need a big table with lots of space around it.

You can either use paper, bits of card or fabric for this next part. Cut out the outline of the Table Tennis table, something like the picture here. Now this may get a little messy. If you’ve opted for the UV version, then you’ll need to grab some UV Paint to start painting your chosen material. If you’re just going for the normal Glow in the Dark option, then you’ll need some normal Glow in the Dark Paint. It’s probably a job better done outside, so if I were you I’d lay some Newspaper down so you don’t make too much of a mess! Now paint over the cut outs you’ve made. Make sure you layer it on quite thick, as you won’t be able to see the paint when it comes out, you’ll only be able to see it working in the dark or under the UV Light.

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Once you’ve left the paint to dry, you’re ready to properly turn an empty, dull, lifeless table into a work of Glowing awesomeness! So grab yourself some sticky tape, and stick down your Table Tennis outline. You don’t have to go and splash out on a fancy Table Tennis net either, just tape down some more Glow in the Dark tape like before, and voila!

Now for the bats, go for the same method as before; cut an outline in your chosen material and paint over it using either the UV Paint or the Glow in the Dark Paint. And as for the Ping Pong Ball, well they come pretty cheap so I’m sure it won’t break the bank if you cover this one in a load of paint. So just pick your colour and coat it in the paint! Simple!

You could go old school and grab a black board and with some funky chalks keep a track of the scores!

How about.. Glow in the Dark Pimms Pong!

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So of course, you’ve all heard of the infamous ‘Beer Pong’. We’ve all seen it, and shamelessly played it but have you tried it with a twist? Well firstly, let’s make it a little classier by changing the name from Beer Pong, to Pimms Pong. Has a ring to it doesn’t it?.. To start with you need to grab a load of plastic cups, you could opt for all the same size, or make it a little trickier and go for a variation in sizes. Now using some of the Glow Bracelets, connect one together using a plastic connector and place them at the bottom of the cups. The tubes of 50 or 100 Bracelets come in a variety of colours so you could make things a little more competitive and colour code the game,  so that different colours mean different points. Now paint your Ping Pong ball in UV Paint, or Glow in the dark paint and Bobs your uncle, Glow in the Dark Beer Pong is underway!

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You could even cheat and save the hassle of connecting Glow Sticks, and just go straight for the glow with some funky Glow in the Dark cups. Just simply push the button and away you go, you’ve got yourself a funky, flashing LED Glow in the Dark Cup. If you want to make it into a full Glow in the Dark Bonanza, why not go the full hog and ensure everybody’s drinking through a Glow in the Dark straw, with a nice cooling LED Ice cube to top it off!

So get your Tennis Whites on (they’ll really glow under a UV light!) and get playing!

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