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Get your Glitter Glow on…

Glitter Glow is a fabulous way of sparkling up any outfit, even if it’s not fancy dress, it’ll give your Festival look that extra Glow! Nowadays, there aren’t many Festivals you can attend without there being an absolute Glitter takeover. Celebrities such as Ellie Goulding have gone mad for the Festival Glitter too! This short guide will give you some inspiration and quick tips on how you can get your Glitter Glow on this Festival season.

What Is UV Glitter Body Gel?

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Formulated using the finest ingredients, these UV glitter gels can be used to brighten up face painting or add that finishing touch to your fancy dress costume.
This UV reactive Glitter Gel is formulated so as not to dry out or irritate the skin, and can be removed with soap and water. The glitter can be applied sparsely for a subtle effect, or applied in layers for a more intense glitter effect. The glitter can be applied over Neon Face Paint for a truly spectacular UV colour/glitter ensemble. Mixing the colours of the glitter in between layers can also produce magical sparkles of colour that produce an amazing glow under black light.


Preparing For Application

When applying any kind of Glitter or Body Paint, it’s always a good idea to make sure you prepare a ‘Getting Ready Zone’.. this will make sure tables and carpets don’t get ruined. The UV Glitter Gel washes off with soap and water, but it’s always better to be on the safe side, you don’t want to be hoovering up bits of Glitter for the next few days! You could either get ready outside, or place a load of newspaper down on the carpet in case there’s any spillages. Or if you’re going to a Festival, why not embrace the outdoors and in true Festival fashion just get ready outside the tent!

Planning A Look

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If you want to make sure you’re looking your absolute best for the Festival or Party, make sure you plan how you’re going to do your Glitter make-up in advance, maybe have a little trial run a few days in advance so you know exactly how you’re going to do the application, you don’t want any mishaps on the day, or else you’ll be late for the event!!

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If you’re going for a more subtle Glitter glow, you could grab some cheap bits of sponge or even use a make-up sponge and cut out a specific shape of your choice, for example a heart. For the next part you have two options, you can either grab some of our UV Glitter Glow, the glitter is mixed in with a sticky substance so it’ll stick straight to your skin. This UV Glitter Glow is cosmetically certified for use on the face & body, these dazzling glitter gels apply smoothly to the skin, are quick drying and long-lasting.


Another option is to grab some pots of Glitter from your local craft shop such as Hobby Craft, cover the intended area of skin with Hair Gel, as Hair Gel will really make sure the Glitter sticks! When you’re ready, you’ve got your Glitter and your Sponge template ready, just cover the Sponge with your chosen glitter and transfer onto the skin, you may want to repeat this a couple of times to build up the layer of Glitter to make sure it stays on all day and night!

With UV Glitter Body Gel you can go really wild, you really do need to just ‘glow for it’! So why not go for something like the picture to the above, it’s pretty out there! Just grab a whole load of UV Glitter Gel, and see what you magically come up with is the best way to GLOW..

To add to the Glow, it’s an idea to combine and complete the look with UV Hair Gel, or UV Hair Chalk, you’ll certainly stand out from the crowd that’s a certainty!

Glitter Glow Lipstick

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If you’ve braved it, and you’re going the full hog, then of course you’ll need to finish off the look with sparkly lips! This is so straight forward you won’t believe it. Just grab one of your daily lipsticks and maybe add a little bit of lip gloss on top this will really help the glitter stick, and when you’re ready, dab on some glitter over the top, apply it quite thickly to make sure you’re really making the most out of that glow. You can either go for the ready mixed UV Glitter Glow or grab a pot of glitter from your crafty shop. You can even combine opt for a dark colour lipstick like a black or deep red, and then use a completely different colour glitter, this will create a really effective two tone effect.

Rainbow Freckling

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Have you heard of the new craze? Rainbow freckling is set to be the new trend, it’s perfect for that Festival look. Bright colours are dabbed onto your cheeks, nose, around the eyes and forehead to replicate freckles. It’s really simple to do, just grab some UV Glitter Glow, and lightly squeeze a tiny blob (depending on how big you want the freckles to be) onto a cotton bud, and begin dabbing around these areas. It’ll create a really effective Glitter glow look! Mix the colours up a bit, maybe go for some Blues, Greens and Purples, opting for Red may look like you have a case of the measles, so maybe avoid that one!


We’ve attached a Pinterest Glitter Glow Board to get you all inspired.

Now, go get your Glitter Glow on…!


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