Unicorn Light Up Bathtime Toy


Add some magic to bathtime with this super cute Unicorn mood light that floats and glows.

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If a plain old bubble bath is getting a bit boring, and you’re looking for something new to add some wonder and awe to a long soak in the tub, then look no further…. we have the answer!

This special Unicorn is more than just a bath toy; its a glowing, mood enhancing, floating bit of wonderment, guaranteed to delight the Unicorn fan in your home, and make bathtime a whole lot more enticing for any little people who are a bit reluctant. We think they are a great aid to swimming too, helping your child focus on a target to reach, and we would even shake up the traditional hook a duck game with a catch a unicorn alternative. They make an excellent sensory aid for water play as they give a gentle colour changing glow whilst still being tactile, and since they are only activated by contact with water, they really do seem to light up like magic.

This toy is activated by two nodes on the underneath when in contact with water.
Not suitable for children under 3.
Dimensions: 6cm x 6cm x 6cm

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