Blue Numbered LED Birthday Candle and Holder – 50% off!

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Make your birthday cakes light up with more than just a candle with our LED numbered candle holders.

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1 £1.99 Now: £0.99Out of stock
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2 £1.99 Now: £0.99 3 in stock
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3 £1.99 Now: £0.99 4 in stock
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4 £1.99 Now: £0.99Out of stock
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5 £1.99 Now: £0.99Out of stock
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6 £1.99 Now: £0.99Out of stock
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7 £1.99 Now: £0.99Out of stock
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8 £1.99 Now: £0.99Out of stock
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9 £1.99 Now: £0.99Out of stock
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WEEE LogoBattery Information
This product comes with batteries supplied (3 x LR41/AG3). You can order additional batteries here.


We have got the perfect candle for your birthday or anniversary cake.

We have combined the traditional slim single birthday candles with the large number candles to bring you the ultimate birthday cake candle and holder set. Our pack contains one large numbered candle holder, with the added glow factor of being illuminated by LEDs, and a single traditional candle to blow out.

These candles are ready to use straight from the pack as it comes complete with 3 x AG3 batteries, simply pop it straight onto the cake!
What’s more you can reuse them again and again, so if ever there was an excuse for more birthday cake, we’ve got it right here!

Single packs of individually numbered candle sets.
BLUE Candle & Holder in numbers 0-9
(Pink sets are also available)
Pick your number 0-9 from the drop down selection box.


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