Downloadable Resources

Free Downloadable and Printable Resources - From Fact Sheets to Craft Templates and everything in between!

Please feel free to use our collection of downloadable and printable images, craft templates and illustrated guides. We want you to get the most from your products so we have put together lots of resource material, free to download, to help you with the glow stick basics, and offering interesting child friendly fact sheets, fundraising opportunities and craft ideas suitable for adults and children; especially helpful for PTAs and organisations.

If you have any queries with these sheets, or you need some advice that you do not find here, please contact us. We will be more than happy to help!

Invitations & Flyers

Our free invitations are formatted to A5 size and are ready to download as a jpeg image, simply click on the image and save it. Some of the designs can be filled in with the details by hand after printing (white boxes), and all designs can be opened in Photoshop so you can edit them to add the details. You can either send them to a printing company or you can print them from the home or office. (If printing yourself you can either print directly onto A5 paper stock, or on A4 paper by selecting 2 images per page in the printer settings.)

Valentine's Day Craft Downloads

Take a look at our Valentine's Day Glowing Craft Blog and find out how to use these free crafty templates and bring a bit of Glow to your love messages!

Mother's Day Craft Downloads

Pop over to our blog Mother's Day Glow Stick Crafts and see how we use these free crafty templates to brighten up your Mother's Day bouquet.